Friday: Eastern Canada & Boston

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It's your blog admin Ryan filling in for Jack today. Jack wanted me to tell you all that he is denouncing his love of the Blackhawks and the Ducks. He also wanted me to tell you, Lets Go Red Wings clap clap clap-clap-clap. I think that's what he said.

I posted my favourite looking Stanley Cup Final back on Saturday. It was Boston versus Edmonton, in Edmonton. For something different, today I will choose my favourite looking Stanley Cup Final while letting my bias totally come into play here.

1967 Stanley Cup Final
Photo: HHoF Archive
I wasn't even alive and I was still 16 years away from being born, but this is a great looking matchup. The Habs will wear nearly this same jersey for this coming season and the Leafs could easily sport these again as road alternates. I'd love to see them 4-6 times a year, lets say for road Saturday games against Original Six opponents. Of course the Leafs won this series 4 games to 2 and as everyone knows it was their last Cup win and even their last Cup Final appearance. Go Leafs Go?

Just based on things happening in life I won't be able to get the Golden Blades entries posted today. One of my fellow writers may jump in and save the day, but if not then the final group of entries will be posted tomorrow.

COTW Sept 20-26 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
 NY Golden Blades entries (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern) 
Ottawa Senators (Ryan C.)
If I had to hand out a most improved award of 2015 or a top prospects award, Ryan would be one of the recipients. His execution and attention to detail is stellar. I like his logo choices and striping for this set of concepts. The number font also goes quite well with the Sens' brand. The coloured triceps aren't horrible but I really don't think they help these jerseys. Remove them and this would get bumped up by a full point
Toronto Maple Leafs (Brooks F.)
Brooks would be the other recipient of a most improved award for 2015. Especially within the last month or two his execution has really stepped up. He's well versed at using multiple templates, which demonstrates a good understanding of the program he is using. Over time we'll see Brooks' name appear on the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page. This concept is executed well, but I personally do not like the silver, the TML patch (never did), or the outline on the logo.
2016 Winter Classic (Jack S.)
I like the Habs concept as that lighter blue really helps with the retro feel. I think the numbers on the back should be white though. The Bruins concept is a little plain. It doesn't have enough of a presence to match the magnitude of the Winter Classic. This concept has several execution errors which should be addressed on future concepts. Lots of colours bleeding outside the lines. Both concepts have collar laces washed out by the jersey colour. The Winter Classic patch should and will only appear once on each jersey. Loose pixels around the Habs logo and chest stripe. Price's number is 31, but your TV numbers read 13. There are other execution errors, but lets start with those for now.
Montreal Canadiens (Lucas D.)
Nothing wrong with this concept and it's executed well. The stripes make sense and remain classy, which suits the Habs. Other than the branding, what makes this an Adidas ReDesign? Why is the manufacturer of the jersey important if nothing about the construction or look of the jersey changes. The same effect would be achieved if you removed any Reebok branding and threw the Lacoste crocodile on there. Not changing anything about the jersey construction makes the Adidas portion of this concept irrelevant.
Montreal Canadiens (Taylor R.)
You could say the same thing about this concept as I mentioned above, but Taylor is not drawing our attention to Adidas. He has simply changed the branding to reflect how he perceives Adidas will change the jerseys. I like the collar alteration on the red jersey and he didn't mess with what works. Nicely done. The white concept has chest stripes, hem stripes, and a yoke with a double outline. For my tastes there's just too much going on there. I would liked to have seen a simple red yoke or a squared off red yoke. Taylor's execution is second to none and always helps the ratings he gets!
Nothing today garnered my COTW nomination, but you guys have the power to send one or more of these concepts into the vote. Help these artists out and let them know what you think of their work. Good and bad.
The season is right around the corner. Before you know it, the All Star Game will be here and then you'll blink and it'll be April. Get your Golden Blades entry in tonight before the 11:59pm Eastern deadline. Talk to you guys tomorrow! 
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Unknown said...

My vote is for Taylor Roy's Montreal concept.

Unknown said...

Ryan C.for COTW.

Unknown said...

My vote goes to Jack S.

Lucas Daitchman said...

The point wasn't the jersey construction, it was the changes made to the current Montreal away.

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