Friday: Choo Choo The hype train has left the station

Good afternoon folks! It's another edition of the Friday episode of the Hockey Jersey Concepts website!

Today is a very special day, because it means that I am writing this post. That should mean everything. Not too much in the way of hockey news. The games are going, everything's been playing out. It's gonna be a good season. I think either this year is going to be a great display of the next team to come through as the next NHL dynasty, if not the Hawks still holding onto theirs. It's hard to say, as we're not that far in. 


I think I know what you guys know what's up here.

Grey Jersey Competition (entries due Friday @ 10:59pm Eastern)
COTY-September vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Oct 4-10 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)


Phil B - Chicago Cougars (WHA)

Execution: One little thing, the NHL logo isn't necessary. (.75/1)
Striping: Gorgeous. It's got that modern flair. It's simple, it's beautiful. The colors used here are absolutely gorgeous, and really help accentuate the lines. I actually LIKE the piping on this, something I never say. Those shorts too, just beautiful. (2/2)
Effectiveness: Very strong. (1/1)
 Genius using this color scheme for the Cougars. I just don't know if the changes to the logo were the best. A little tacky. (1.25/2)
Other: I never expected to see this color scheme for the Cougars, and damn is it surprisingly strong. Kudos for taking a leap like that. The alt patch is simple yet works. The other items are also fantastic here as well. (3.5/4)

Overall: A few tiny changes to the logo, and this is a stellar jersey. (8.5/10) and a COTW nom

Ryan G - New Republic (Star Wars)

Execution: I don't know if this is stylistic, but it's just really weird. The collar is missing a chunk at the bottom. (.5/1)
Striping: It's a little plain, but I really do like seeing the Republic logo in those sleeves. Other than that, not much to talk about. I wish that you had one thick strip on the hem like on the arms, create some good parallels. (1/2)
Effectiveness: I hope I see a fan wearing this at the release for Episode 7 (1/1)
 Not too incredibly creative. We've seen very simple Star Wars jerseys like this before. It's definitely a good jersey, and that arm trick never ceases to amuse me. (.75/2)
Other: That font. It's just so plain. The numbers do seem a little crowded on the shoulders as well. The pants and socks are a great display of the logo, good work there. (3/4)

Overall: I can tell someone was having some fun with the Battlefront beta. It's great to see fans getting hyped and putting their fandoms into hockey jerseys. It's just another layer of the creative process. (6.25/10)

Taylor Roy - Zilina (Slovak Extraliga)

Execution: Solid. Like rock. (1/1)
Striping: I never really liked these patterns like this. This color scheme does make it work a lot better than this, and it does accentuate the curves of the logo. (1/2)
Effectiveness: Very European. (1/1)
 Not entirely creative. The true difference of this is that color scheme. (1/2)
Other: Did you use the same font as the one right above this? Nah, just kidding. I do prefer the home here. The colors just pop so much better. I would add a stroke to the font. (3.5/4)

Overall: I'm personally just not a fan of this template, it's way too modern and simplistic for me. The green color does pop. I know that this is the jersey is for someone, but it's just not my jersey. (7.5/10)


Well, another great day of concepts! The week has been a little shorthanded, but my guess is a lot of great stuff is going into the grey contest. Keep it up guys! We all do get busy, but it's all about keeping ourselves apart of this community.

Do you have something you want to say? Think another jersey deserves COTW? Let me know down in the comments!

I can't wait to write for you guys next week. Until then...

-Jack G.
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COTW nom to Taylor R.

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