Wednesday: Outdoor Games!

Hey Hey and Howdy! Happy Wednesday everyone and welcome back to HJC!

Little bit of AHL news today, not as much news overall as last week's Wednesday post, but this should lead to some fun new concepts on the site. The AHL today announced an outdoor game between 2 of the league's newest teams.

Image - The AHL
With this news I expect to see some Stockton and Bakersfield concepts coming through HJC over the next few months. The game is actually being played in Sacramento, which is around an hour outside of Stockton. Seems like the league is going to try very hard to make these new teams last, so much so that they'll put a couple of them outside in their first season.

Speaking of things that people want... we want you to vote. Easy week. No competitions, no looking through 30 concepts to vote... just your basic COTW vote!

COTW Aug 23-29 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

So now that that's all out of the way, let's get to the concepts!

2016 Winter Classic Concept - Boston vs. Montreal - Jarrett T.
Jarrett elects to have Boston in brown, which I like, but there's too much black for my liking. Personally, I just hate black and brown together. For it to really work for me it has to be mostly black with a little bit of brown. The striping resembles the Bruins from the 60's and fits the bill for a Winter Classic game, although, the Bruins have only ever had like one jersey that wouldn't really fit in a Classic.

As for Montreal, the jersey seems more like a Stadium Series jersey with a throwback logo. The jersey itself could just be a 'fauxback' since the Canadiens have barely changed their jersey design in almost 100 years. The white pants is too far though.

Rating: 6.5/10

San Jose Sharks Concept - Matt G.
Matt ditches the darker teal for San Jose and replaces it with a bright blue. I don't dislike it but I think makes the team look too bright. Plus I miss orange. #OrangeForever. The striping is interesting. Seems like it would fit a team with a some sort of futuristic branding, again, I don't dislike it, but it doesn't seem to fit the Sharks, in my opinion.

Rating: 7/10

Ontario Reign Alternate Jersey Concept - Mollie G.
Mollie would like to see the purple and yellow make its way into Ontario's look. I'm not opposed to that either. It looks good. The new logo Mollie made looks really good too. Overall, this is a nice overall update to a classic look, which really fits a minor league team. I think the white rectangle in the new logo could use the same strokes that the rest of the logo has.

Rating: 8.5/10

2016 Winter Classic Concept - Boston vs. Montreal - Ryan H.
Our fearless leader Ryan tackles the upcoming Winter Classic. I think that this is a very realistic guess as to what we can see on the ice come January. Honestly, I'm just excited to see this concept now so that we can see them being counterfeited in the upcoming months!

Although there's barely any changes to the Montreal jersey it sets itself apart from their primary enough. Although, if you're trying to mimic their first jersey, the collar should be all blue (and a turtleneck) The Boston jersey is a nice updated version of their first jersey. Again, I'm not a fan of brown+black but there's not a lot of black so I'd be a little ok with it. The shoulder patches are a nice touch.

Rating: 8.5/10 - Let's hope the real jersey matchup is similar to this!

Memphis Grizzlies NBA Concept - Taylor R.
Pretty straightforward set here. The actual Grizzlies jerseys don't have any extra bells and whistles and neither do these. I like the color balance, though I'd like to see a version of the white jersey with the dark and lighter blues swapped. I like that the collar inserts are yellow, like on their actual jerseys. The one little detail I would change is I would swap out the little secondary logo on the back of the jersey for a wordmark. It's where the Reebok or Adidas wordmark would go, and the way it is now is the same logo, three across, on the back. Could use some mixing up.

Rating: 8.75

Well no more Wednesday posts.... until next Wednesday that is......
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Unknown said...

I agree with what you said about Matts Sharks concept. It would look spectacular for a Las Vegas team.

Unknown said...

I second the vote for Taylor's Memphis design

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