Tuesday: Schooling

First week of school for me. As surprising as it might sound though I actually have more free time since it started up. Work absolutely killed me this summer. Whatever though, hopefully my schedule is a lot lighter on me than it has been. Missed working on concepts and just design in general. Any jersey news? Not really. Any logo news? Not really. Getting down and closer to the actual season, still a few teams left to officially unveil things but for the most part we know what's coming our way.

We only have one voting reminder this week. It's on the side of this very page that you're reading. So just take a millisecond and click on the concept you like the most. You won't hurt anyone, I promise.

COTW Aug 23-29 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

St. Louis Blues Concept - Chris W.
St. Louis Blues now have one of my favorite jersey sets in the league. I used to like their alternate, but it's slowly dying on me. This set to me would be a slight downgrade in primary uniforms but I really like that alternate. No real complaints on the alternate. Kind of sad gold is eliminated, but I think it simply looks great. I think the primaries have a nice modern throwback touch. I think the white could use a yoke or something to bulk it up a little more. Just a simple plain squared off lighter blue yoke I think would look nice.  

Rating: 8.1/10

San Jose Sharks 25th Anniversary Concept - Jarrett T.
How would I feel if the Sharks wore their original uniforms as an alternate for this year? I would love it. However, mixing eras to me doesn't fit with this. To me it doesn't. Seeing that original logo on there would be the ace for this, but at that time it would just be a throwback, not a concept. Conceptually, sure it could work but obviously people would want the old logo. Or at least having the triangle there to perfectly mix the eras. 

Rating: 7.8/10

Peru State Bobcats Concept - Mario A.
Tried looking up existing jerseys that this team wears. Unfortunately, no hockey program there. Mario gives that imaginary hockey club some jerseys to rep for there games that they don't play. I like the yoke design. My complaint on it would be the back where the Reebok wordmark would go. Since you took off the wordmark in general I don't see a point in coloring that space blue, just keep the design going. And if you would keep the work mark on, instead of coloring it in, just have a small blue rectangle around the script. Striping goes along with the yoke and I think would look very nice during a game. Two things I have against this though. On the blue jersey, the blue logo almost gets lost. I say either have a thicker outline, or simply have the Bobcat white or grey. Also, eliminate the piping. It does nothing to the design except add in a distraction. Execution wise. Just bring the logos up a tad. Same with the numbers. Also, a grey outline on the numbers would help a lot tying it up with the rest of the design. Nothing else really here. The Bobcats should give you a call. 

Rating: 8.1/10

Florida Panthers Concept - Matt G.
The perfect Florida redesign in my eyes is them going back to their originals.  This concept however is getting very close to overtaking that though. To me the only thing missing is the white jersey. Sometimes I love the whiteness of some jerseys. It looks very sharp and sleek. Sometimes it's a little too blank though and I'm really torn on this. I could see a nice red yoke on it, but at the same time, like the Chicago Blackhawks Winter Classic jersey, it's just so sharp. Side note, I actually like that half pants stripe. Modern, but staying classy. The alternate is the only thing I'm really not a fan of. I've never really been a fan of Florida in blue though. Maybe a sweet yellow alternate. Or maybe none for this set, yet. 

Rating: 8.6/10

Los Angeles Lakers Concept - Taylor R.
T-Roy gives my favorite basketball team a hockey jersey. They're only my favorite team because when I was 5 I turned on ESPN and they won the NBA championship 20 seconds later. I didn't know basketball or any team so I decided to become a fan of them. They were winners. I really don't watch basketball though as it is. When they do well though, I jump back on the bandwagon. 

Anyway, this fits the Lakers very well. Classy striping. Classy colors, everything you would want from a Lakers hockey uniform. To be perfectly honest I have nothing to say to this. It's what I expect the lakers to wear in a hockey scenario. That does not mean it's perfect. Like for instance is this the LA Lakers playing like a hockey tournament against fans? Or is this a new hockey team called the LA Lakers with a basketball logo on the jersey? When I used to do crossover series, I always did the first. Like an imaginary off-season charity tournament where teams play a different sport against each other. Might be a cool and fun thing to watch. 

Rating: 8.5/10

Today, I simply want to nominate something. Give people more fame. So this week I'll give it to Matt G and his Florida concept! Let's see what you all think in the comments though. Nominate one of these concepts! Or simply state why you think some designs don't work. As always, stay constructive! 

See you all next week!
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Unknown said...

I'll second Matt

Unknown said...

I will 3rd Matt's design. I like the teeth in the stripe idea. Goes along the same idea as the ECHL Florida Everblades have or had. Not over done with colors or striping. Thankfully no two tone blue alt.

Matt G said...

I actually used the rays of sunshine from the shoulder patch for the striping, but panther teeth works too. Thanks guys!

Anonymous said...

COTW nom for Chris W's Blues set. Sharp all around.

Unknown said...

I'llsecond Chris W.

Unknown said...

I'll third the vote for Chris's St. Louis design

Lucas D. said...

Whoa. I made a Sharks Anniversary concept exactly like this (with their current primary,) with all the same patches, a day before this was posted. Mine hasn't been posted, so there was no way any of us could've copied each other. I guess great minds think alike! 😉

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