Thursday: Triple Threat

Hello again everyone and welcome back for the one and only Thursday post! 

As far as I'm aware there's no new jersey news that has not already been covered on the blog, aside from the official unveiling of the Sharks' "heritage" (aka throwback) jersey. The jersey leaked last week and this was covered last week, so for pictures just go back and look, and it's a solid look I will say.

Limited time again so I'm keeping the intro short again. But even though I have limited time, I had enough time to vote for the COTW and Cougars Comp, it's just that fast, so you should go vote too!
COTW Sept 6-12 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Cougars Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ 10:59pm Eastern)

On to the concepts! Five concepts from three artists today.

Adam G. - Boston College
Adam starts us off today with, if I remember correctly, one of his HJC Open entries
+Solid and "classy" design
+The colors are balanced really well, and look really good together. It makes me wish an NHL team would adopt a similar color scheme (Minnesota is probably the current closest).
+The number blending with the stripe is something that occurs somewhat often on chest striped jerseys, and the number stands out nicely on this one
+The addition of the cage onto the helmet for this concept is a small detail, yet a nice one. It just shows the attention to detail that was put into the concept.
+I like the presentation, especially with a recolored version of the stripes behind the jersey. It gives me an idea as to how a white version of this concept would look.
-The number outlines looks a bit rough
-The way the logo outline meshes with the stripe looks very odd, most notably with the inside of the C. I would just keep the outline going straight down instead of cutting into the inside.

Overall: Classic and very nice look (8.5/10) and a COTW nomination!

Adam G. - University of Denver
Adam gives us his second concept of the day, which may have been another Open entry if I remember correctly.
+Like last time, a simple and classic look
+The yoke design on the front appears to taper into the collar slightly. I think it looks nice and modern but still classic.
+I again think the colors are balanced well
-This may not be your fault but I'm not a fan of the yellow in this concept. It looks too bright and "pastel-y" for my liking.
-The logo could be a tad bigger
-Large execution error. On the red jersey, the front has a white yoke followed by a red then yellow stroke, but the back is the opposite: yellow with red then white. I personally prefer the white yoke, and based off of the other jersey I think that was the intended look.
-Vertical stitching needs to stop at the hem striping, you did it on the front red jersey but nowhere else.
-Seeing the rest of the equipment would be nice

Overall: Another solid look but not enough to top the last one (8/10)

Brooks F. - Greensboro Monarchs
Brooks here gives us a concept for this defunct ECHL team while being sandwiched between the other 2 artists in this post.
+It's a very classic and vintage type design, but not too over the top.
+As with every other concept so far, I think the colors are balanced well.
+Also a repeat comment, the number stands out really well from the "chest stripe". With this seeming like a hard design to pull that off with, Brooks pulls it off well.
-This design is still borderline being too busy
-I'm honestly not sure how far the vertical stitching would go on a jersey like this, but you missed a spot on the right front of the dark jersey while taking them out. You also missed the inside hems on both jerseys.
-Execution wise, the striping design cuts off just a tad before the outline of the jersey on the top right side of the stripes on each jersey except for the white front.
-I would leave the pants empty, maybe with the exception of a logo, with the fairly busy design on this one.

Overall: For a concept with a look like this, I think it's pulled off well without looking blatantly too busy (8/10)

Duncan L. - Melbourne Demons
Duncan returns with a surprisingly modern look for such an old team to finish off the day.
+A very modern look that is pulled off well.
+Reminds me of the Avalanche in a sense that 2 different blues are used for the main set and alternate jerseys.
+I think the number font fits well
+The colors are yet again balanced well
-I think the home jersey would look better following the exact same design as the away, or at the very least making the white stripe on the arms, sides, and yoke bolder.
-I understand that the alternate is based off of their actual jerseys, but I'm not really liking it still. It almost reminds me of the Flying Vs.

Overall: Modern and side paneling design pulled off well (7.5/10)

Duncan L. - North Melbourne Kangaroos
Another concept from Duncan for today's finale.
+For a logo as simple as theirs these jerseys are simple to match it
+The alternate shows nice resemblance to their regular uniform with a good translation to hockey
+The alternate's script is at a unique angel and arrangement. I'm not sure how much I like it but I like it enough to put it in the positives section
+I somewhat like the home and away (mainly the way the colors go with each other), even though...
-...they suffer from PBTFS (Paint bucket template fill syndrome), and don't even bear much resemblance to their regular uniform, unless I missed something
-The alternate pants design may be a bit overboard but I'd have to see it in use to really be able to make a final decision.

Overall: The PBTFS home and away need some improvement, but the alternate is a nice look that takes from their actual set. However the uncreative home and away still bring this score down (6/10)

And that's that for today. Solid group of concepts for today. Keeping the outro short as well so I hope you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you again next week.
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winnipegjets96 said...

Brooks F.'s Monarchs concepts for COTW, I'm liking these defunct ECHL concepts

richard lewis said...

I'll second Adam for COTW

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