Thursday: Quintuplet of Concepts

Hello everyone and welcome back to another post here on HJC!

So with what seems to be a usual with this post now, there's new jersey news. However it has again been covered already on previous days, so if you wanna see it go check out the posts from earlier this week. I'll just give my thoughts.
I actually really like the jersey, or at least the direction it's going in. I'm not sure what shade of blue they used for the arms, it almost looks lighter than their regular one, but I like that look. Just get rid of the stadium series clichés, add hem stripes to match the arms, and slap on their regular logo and you've got a solid look for a new design for them entirely! Overall: 7/10

So no competition this week, but like always, we have COTW, because well if we did not have one every week it wouldn't be the concept of the week would it? So, DO IT! JUST DO IT! 

COTW Sept 13-19 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

On to the concepts 
Brooks F. - Hampton Roads Admirals
+Their previous jerseys were Sabres copies, but these ones still have a somewhat similar look
+I like the balance of blue and yellow on the blue jersey, they work well together 
+Simple design, but a good one
~The design almost looks like a recolored Florida Panthers jersey with hem stripes, or a pre edge Bruins jersey with the arm stripes outside the yoke. That may be a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it
-The pants should have a logo, and the pants stripe doesn't seem to fit with the rest of the concept at all

Overall: Simple, solid, realistic design (8/10)

+Utilizing a third color for an alternate jersey is always a good thing
+As is the usage of the alternate logo
+Get rid of one stripe and change the logo and colors and this could have been the Islanders' new alternate, so it's definitely believable
+I like the shoulder stripes
+I think this concept works well without white
+I would even prefer a similar design to this for the home/away set
-The chest stripe should continue around the back, it would look a bit awkward as it is

Overall: Solid (8.5/10)

Taylor R. - Arizona Coyotes
+I personally prefer the leaping coyote logo to their current one, we seem to have the same opinions on that
+The kachina pattern is back, and gives the jerseys just that extra bit of uniqueness
+The colors are balanced well
+The brick colored cuffs on the white jersey do more to help the look of the jersey than you may really think they would, good design choice
+I like the font choice
+Black pants and helmet was also the right choice here
~I wouldn't say this is a negative thing rather than just my personal opinion, but I think the white jersey would look good in the sand color instead, seeing as it's light enough to be one
-While they don't look bad, I think a regular collar would be better here, as lace up collars have more of a vintage look to me, even if they aren't always used that way.

Overall: Much much better than what was given to us in June (9/10)

Jimmy T. - Greenville Swamp Rabbits
+The addition of so much silver gives me a Hartford Whalers vibe, especially with the dark blue jersey.
+The orange pops well, and is used conservatively as just a supporting color, and it looks good
-The logos are too small
-The numbers on the dark jersey should be orange or white, as of now the gray bleeds into the white outline and becomes hard on your eyes, plus it results in too much gray on the concept
-There isn't enough blue on the white jersey, switch the gray and blue on that jersey and you'd be good
-Helmet and pants logos missing

Overall - I prefer it over what they have now, but it still needs improvement (7/10)

Colin "CPM" M. -Minnesota Wild
+This design looks great for a winter classic
+The logo combines the current Wild and previous North Stars, and you pulled that look off really well
+The shoulder stripes on here look great and add to the vintage look
+I would normally question the decision of yellow pants, but after seeing it on the player it's definitely the right choice. Also reminds me a bit of the old canvas pants
-I would make the stripes a bit bolder, they're very thin as is
-I don't think the reverse lace up collar is a good fit for a winter classic, and either way they look a bit odd being white, with no white anywhere else

Overall: Simple, classic, and great look for a winter classic (9/10) and a COTW nomination!

And that's all we have again for today! I hope you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you again next Thursday.
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winnipegjets96 said...

2nd CPM for COTW!

Unknown said...

COTW nom to Taylor R.

Unknown said...

I Second Taylor's concept

Unknown said...

I'll third CPM's a Wild jersey for COTW

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