Sunday: One Step Forward... One Step Back

Hey everyone, welcome to another Sunday post!

So remember at the start of last month when I said I was moving out? Well a month later, I've now moved out again, temporarily.  I wont go into too many details, but basically living with other people can suck sometimes.

Anyways, I'm somewhat displaced at the moment, currently staying at my girlfriends' parents' house, and internet access has been minimal at best, so this post and my research on jersey news may be a bit spotty this week, but I'll get as good of a post out as I can this week.

Also because of this, the concept series that I started that contains 130 different concepts is only 4/130 of the way finished, way behind where I wanted to be.  But this series is huge, and it's more than just jersey designs that I'm working on, so a few months from now when it's finished, it'll definitely be worth it. I already have a favourite jersey for the series picked.

Alright, enough about me.  We got a glimpse of what the San Diego Gulls will be wearing this year.  The piping and unnecessary yoke outline on the black jersey take away from what is otherwise a solid looking set, and I love that they referenced the OC patch with their own SD patch on the shoulders. Overall, I'd give it a 8/10

There's also a leak out for the New York Islanders alternate this week.  You could argue that this jersey has been anticipated for a few years now, and many designers and artists have sent in concepts for what they think we'll see.  Finally, we might have our answer.  It's pretty bland, but about what I expected as a design.  It looks sharp, and it matches the Brooklyn Nets theme they're trying to match, but I'm just not excited enough by the design.  Maybe its just me.  7.6/10

You know what I am excited about though? The Chicago Cougars competition starting this week here at HJC.  Green and yellow is a grossly underused colour scheme in hockey, and I'm expecting some awesome designs coming from you guys this week.

And don't forget that we have a huge COTY- August vote as well as our COTW vote this week. Lots of quality concepts to pick from, so make sure your favourites get the votes they deserve!

COTY-August vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Aug 30-Sept 5 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Chicago Cougars entries (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Montreal Canadiens - David P.

David starts our post by using soccer power FC Barcelona as inspiration for a new set, that switches directions of teams' traditional striping. This concept tackles the most traditional team in hockey.

The logo, laces, and collar really stand out against the striping, in a good way.
Keeping the small, simple stripes and putting them on the arms is an interesting look that works for this design.

All things considered, this looks really sharp.

Why not go one step further and ditch the traditional horizontal arm stripes for vertical piping that goes down the arm from the yoke to the hem, like the Kings? Sure, it would look worse, but it would be more consistent with the theme you're going for. 
I don't really like the font for the numbers. I'm not sure if its Barca related or not, but it just doesn't fit for the Canadiens.

Overall: Doing non-traditional designs for hardcore traditional teams is risky business, but this design worked out very well.  7.9/10

New York Islanders - Dylan T.

Next up is Dylan's New York Islanders Stadium Series concept.  I'm not sure if this is meant to be their new main set inspired by SS, or two separate jerseys for home and away SS games, but it could work for both.

These are fauxbacks that work for modern jerseys as well.
Using fauxbacks that work for Stadium Series games really helps to underline the Islanders historical significance rather than highlighting their modern era, which is plagued by awful jerseys.
Colours are well balanced.
Logo use is realistic and looks good.

The white logo on the white jersey just doesn't stand out enough, even with the outline. Why not use a blue or orange version of the logo?
Socks might match better if the bottom stripe colour filled the whole bottom of the sock.
I think having the regular Islanders logo as a shoulder patch would be a good idea.

Overall: Despite not exactly knowing the use for this set, it's realistic and looks great.  8.2/10

Colorado Avalanche - Taylor R.

 Next up is Taylor with a pair of radical redesign concepts, the first one belonging to the Avalanche.

The thought of ditching the alternate jerseys and having two home jerseys worn 50% of the time is really interesting, and I'd really like to see that practice put into place by some teams.
This design is so solid that it uses 3 different primary jersey colours that look totally different, each jersey has a different feel to it, and yet go perfectly together in a set. 
Striping pattern is really wild, but totally fits the Avalanche theme.
These have to be some of the coolest looking yokes I've ever seen on this blog.

There's no awkward piping, strange wordmarks, or boring striping, so sadly this set isn't realistic for the Avalanche.

Overall: This set is masterfully done, and I wish the Avalanche designers would take note of it. 9.7/10

Washington Capitals - Taylor R.

 Taylor's 2nd concept today is for the Washington Capitals, using their latest Winter Classic jersey as inspiration for a new main set.

The stripe pattern is stellar, and the star on the arm is really nicely done.
Colours are well balanced.
Something totally different for the Caps, but they've gone "totally different" a number of times with their jerseys and they always come out fine, and so would these.

In the Winter Classic jersey, "CAPITALS" was easy to read and the "W" logo worked well as a background.  Here, the "W" really stands out and the text is a lot harder to read.  The dark jersey could have a red W and white text, and maybe switching the logo colours on the white jersey would help too.

Overall:  Other than the logo, these look great.  8.1/10

Colorado Avalanche - J3

Last up is J3's Colorado Avalanche concept, which is a series of logos and a revised team font.  Before I review anything, I just want to say how awesome it is to see the drawings that J3 used before finalizing the concept.  Getting to see the work-in-progress stuff is really cool.

The logo shape is interesting, but it comes from the layout of the Colorado Rockies, and the bottom part is from the hem of the original Avalanche jerseys. Really cool to see multiple eras referenced.
The colours go really well with the whole set.

The revised font with the mountain peaks is really well done.
The shoulder patch with the mountain peak in the center is a nice touch.
Anniversary patch is simple, effective, and wont stick out like a sore thumb on the jerseys.

The main logo is beautifully done with all of its references, but is a little bland to be the primary mark of an NHL team.
The tertiary logo is kind of bland and too similar to the shoulder patch. If we're referencing past Avalanche looks, then why not use their current logo (or one adapted from it) as their tertiary logo?

Overall: Its hard to judge logo sets, but this one has had a ton of effort put into it and it shows.  Not perfect, but I'd love to see some of these used by the Avalanche.  8.5/10

My COTW nominee this week is Taylor R's Colorado Avalanche concept!

Don't forget to get your votes in, and make sure to get your Chicago Cougars concepts in before Friday!

That's it for me. Thanks for reading and see you next week!
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