Saturday: #AllMcElroy

Hello again readers and welcome to another HJC Saturday post. That's right, it's your least favourite day of the HJC week. The day where you come to quickly read some results and see some concepts you've already seen.


The winner of the COTW vote for September 6-12 was Matt M. and his Detroit Red Wings concept.

Full Results
Matt M. - 11
Dylan N. - 10
Taylor R. - 10
Jordan R. - 2

The new batch of COTW nominees have also been listed on the side of the page in the black poll. You can see the actual concepts on the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page or simply click the link in the poll. Voting ends Friday at 11:59pm Eastern. Anyone with a Google account can vote!


The winner of the Chicago Cougars ReDesign was Matt M! Another win for Matt.

Full Results

 It was a very busy work at week for me and as a result I did not yet have time to create a new competition. So lets use this space again to come up with a new competition that I can start sometime during the week.


There were a lot of lengthy predictions this past week on the blog. I'll try to keep mine compact and short. I'll pick a division winner and who will finish last in each division, then I'll pick a Cup champ,

Winner: Tampa Bay
- A more experienced team will put them past Montreal

Last: Boston
- It's a rebuild/re-tool year. Buffalo and Toronto aren't playoff teams but aren't as bad as everyone thinks they will be

Winner: Washington
- I really like the moves they made in the off season and Trotz can hold most of them accountable

Last: Carolina
- They picked up a serviceable goalie but he'll share time with a goalie on a steep slope downwards

Winner: St. Louis
- I like the character they have added to augment their scoring and mobile defence. Goaltending is still a question

Last: Dallas
- I just don't think they've done enough in a very tough division. 4th through 7th is a toss up

Winner: Anaheim
- Big strong and skilled team that is destined for success this year

Last: Arizona
- They've cut a hole in their own boat to create a sinking ship. It's headed straight in the direction of hometown boy Auston Matthews

So who will win the Cup? I'd love to sit here and say Chicago again, but twice in a row is way too hard to do to bet on. I'll say Anaheim wins the Cup this year beating the Rangers, Canadiens, or Lightning in the Final.


COTW Sept 13-19 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
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Unknown said...

Dallas? Last? In the Central? I had a good laugh at that. I also don't know why so many people think Cam Ward is getting worse. He just had the highest SV% of his career last year, and look where they finished.

I'm also a tad disappointed by the COTW vote. No offence, but that's really just Detroit's current set with the Stadium Series logo, a sash and Adidas branding.

Unknown said...

It's kinda like losing to you in IceHL contests

DBro Alexander said...


Unknown said...


Don said...

Taylor Roy is such a whiny crybaby.

Unknown said...

Thanks Don, much obliged.

Christian Legault (email isn't working) said...

Taylor: last comment you said Dallas is in first.. Ok sure. then you said Chicago after because of lack of defensive depth.
Chicago has 173782919373819 times better defencmen than Dallas. Chicago picked up Dallas' best defencemen in the sharp trade So ur obviously in you're own world. Dallas has one of the best offence in the NHL. But defence and goaltending are one of the weakest. And niemi can't really save that. He's always been in front of a good team,

To ryan: only thing I don't agree is Toronto ahead of Boston.. But ur a homie so it's ok.

Unknown said...

I wouldnt say Chicago has "173782919373819 times better defencemen than Dallas". They have a good top 4 and nothing else, plus they just brought back Rozsival. They don't have as much depth on D as Dallas has. My point was biding the fact that if Chicago ends up having injury problems on the backend, they're in deep crap. Niemi isn't great, but he's probably the best backup in the league and he's only there in case Lehtonen struggles. Do I strongly believe that Dallas will win the division? No, but they certainly aren't last.

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