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Welcome all to the Monday post!

Just when I thought there was no jersey news, Colorado has unveiled their Stadium Series jersey, and it looks....not as I expected.

Photo from: Colorado Avalance Official Twitter Account (@avalanche)

First thoughts, I like them. The biggest thing that stands out for me is the lack of chest stripe, which is what many people (including myself) thought was going to be on the jersey, now seems to be only a Detroit thing for this game. Does this mean non-matching jerseys? Maybe. I really like the rounded numbers, they are the current Avs numbers, but without the little flick on them they look solid. The striping is decent, I would have preferred the blue and burgundy switch and the lighter blue used on the logo but still, could have been worse. The jersey does come off as plain though. A small hem stripe would fix that or the addition of dark blue. I'm not going to match it down for the oversized tv numbers, since that's a thing the Stadium Series does and it isn't changing anytime soon 

Rating: 7.25/10, Keep those numbers and logo for any future redesign

Here are all  the previous years Stadium Series jerseys and Colorado as I see them now (Note: Just the jerseys)

LAK14: 5/10
SJS14: 5.75/10
NJD13: 8/10
NYR13: 7/10
NYI13: 7.5/10
PIT13: 8.5/10
CHI13: 6/10
LAK13: 8.25/10
ANA13: 4.75/10

As I promised last week, these are my Western Conference picks for this season. It took a lot of thought and reading others ideas but, in the end, very little could change my indecisiveness without looking at every team's roster.


1. Anaheim
2. Calgary
3. Vancouver
4. Los Angeles (Wild Card)
5. Edmonton
6. San Jose
7. Arizona

Anaheim is the team to beat in the NHL, they are going to be amazing. The Ducks have a dominant defence, a wicked offence and pretty good goaltending. Calgary is a younger, less experienced Ducks, but their defence is better than Anaheim & their offence is younger. If Hiller can stay healthy & the young goal scorers keep up their productivity, it's gonna be a tight race, though Anaheim may be a 120 point + team. A lot of people are convinced Vancouver will be worse than last year and ma miss the playoffs, I don't see that. They'll have plenty of competition from Los Angeles and Edmonton to keep that 3rd spot tight. Los Angeles is going to make the playoffs, and could get that 3rd spot from Vancouver. Edmonton is the dark horse, they are an improved and pumped team, but they ARE NOT ready to make the jump into contender, Gretzky didn't fix the Oilers in a season, Crosby didn't fix the Pens in a season, these things take time. San Jose is a mess! They did get Martin Jones and are hoping to get some talent from a strong team formerly known as the Worcester Sharks. However, they are rebuilding and while I do see this being a quick rebuild, the Sharks need to clear the air in the tank and this is the years they'll do it. Arizona is for lack of a better word....the worst team in the NHL. They don't have a strong replacement if Mike Smith goes down or doesn't play well, not much scoring power, very little defence, a team that...frankly will not be in Glendale past 2020. I mean Carolina and Toronto are bad, but there's optimism, things will get at least a little better and I could see even the worst of East doing better than expected.....the Yotes though...they are about ready to be Old Yeller'd.

Central (The toughest division to rank IMO)

1. Chicago
2. Nashville
3. Winnipeg
4. Minnesota (Wild Card)
5. Dallas
6. St. Louis
7. Colorado

I'm pretty confident in my top 3 with this division, however, that final wild card spot could go to any of these 4 teams. Dallas has a better goaltender, and two of the best goal scorers in the NHL right now, but their defence needs to get better and fast! St. Louis...this may surprise you, but they are not the Stanley Cup favourite team they have been for the past few seasons, they're good, but either Jake Allen needs to get better or Brian Elliot needs to be his All Star self again, because without a solid goaltender, this team is gonna get taken out by teams that a year ago, they could very well still make the playoffs....but it's gonna be harder for them. I don't see them doing it this year, they're not done, they're not rebuilding, but this is an off year for them, every team has them, but being is such a tough division, it means missing the playoffs. Colorado is a team that in a couple years and stays the course, will be better than most. Varlarmov needs to stay healthy, Barrie need to stay healthy, and the team needs to make better acquisitions. Iginla was a decent pick up, Taungay is still pretty damn productive, but players like Brad Stuart and Erik Johnson could be moved for better players. The Avs are similar to the team the Jets were a couple years ago; a good first two lines but need better depth and to get rid of some players, as well as getting more from a healthy MacKinnon

Now on to you Chicago fan....this is gonna be a do or die year to win the division. They need to prove this is their division because this division is the BEST in the NHL, and any team in it could make the playoffs, and if this were the old division alignment, all these teams could be in the Western Conference top 10. However, that's just my opinion, what's yours? Am I an idiot? Am I on to something? Probably not but hey, tell me how wrong I am in the comments!

There won't be a contest until about mid week, so stay tuned for that, but that doesn't mean don't vote COTW, why would it?! If you vote now for COTW, you'll have more time to work on the upcoming contest, and with the hot mess the previous designers left you with, you'll have your work cut out for you.

COTW Sept 13-19 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

On to today's 6 concepts!


University Students Concepts (By: Duncan L.)

+ Could you imagine being university student and playing professional Australian footballers? Didn't think so, plus the name itself is so generic and so turn of the century
+ The striping on all the jerseys is simple, which matches the logo, and all 3 jerseys have a college/university athletics feel to them
+I love this colour scheme, it reminds me of the Lewiston Mainiacs who had an awful jersey set, but had a great colour scheme, and it especially shines on the blue jersey
+ Good execution

- I get why the black jersey doesn't have any white on it, it's a design choice but I think if you put the white where the black is on the white jersey, it wouldn't overpower the jersey
- The front numbers crowd the logo with the captain's C, putting them on the other side of the chest and leaving the bottom bare might look better

Rating: 8.5/10

Colorado Avalanche Concepts (By: Leo D.)

+ A nice simple pattern that shows off the colour scheme
+ The mountain like captain's A matches the numbers nicely, and this typeface keeps the jerseys from looking boring
+ I usually like the Avs with black pants, but it works here
+ Good execution, mine a few problems

- Shoulder patch, pant logo and primary logo are slightly too small
- The red and blue should be swayed on the striping to balance the colours better, otherwise, the white jersey has far too much blue
- I get why the socks are blue and lead into red, they're supposed to match the pants, however, more traditional socks would look better, especially on the white jersey's socks

Rating: 7.75

Western Bulldogs Concepts (By: Duncan L.)

+ Right away the red jersey jumps out at me. It looks awesome! Has a 30s vibe to it, mixed with the Mickey Mouse era Devils jerseys. I could totally see the Kitchener Rangers wearing something like that
+ The striping on the hoe jersey is so simple but it looks great and matches the logo
+ Good execution

- The primary logo is a tad too large
- I wish the road jersey had the same striping as the home. If the two matched it'd be one of the best in this series, as is though, the white jersey looks more like a Hartford Wolfpack jersey

Rating: 8/10

University of Wisconsin Badgers Concepts (By: Adam G.)

+ While the striping looks like a Leafs jersey, but it matches the logo so well and looks so good in red and white I can't say this is a bad rip off, more like "inspired by"
+ I was unsure about the W under the script and if it was necessary, but it does add that collegiate feel I was talking about earlier in the post
+ While the yokes aren't necessary, they do match the striping and logo well, I'd consider them a lateral move, but not one that ruins a jersey or even diminishes from it
+ Great execution

- Shoulder patch? I wouldn't call this a negative but it'd be nice to see one

Rating: 9.5/10 COTW Nom. from me!

San Jose Sharks Heritage Concept (By: Lucas D.)

+ I like that this jersey is a compromise of eras in San Jose, it isn't just a throwback, but you can clearly see every era on San Jose on the jersey

- One of my pet peeves is when people recolour jerseys from Sportslogos.net, yes they are different but it's so easy to tell with the tie box on the back and the 97 player and font as well as arm striping and collar matching this
- The shoulder patches are upside down
- The black yoke, while a part of the previous Sharks look, it doesn't go with the rest of the jersey
- The teal is too dark

Rating: 5.5/10


That's the post!
Don't forget to vote for COTW!
Stay tuned for the upcoming contest, this one is going to be golden!
Go Jets, Moose & Mooseheads!
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