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Oh no, William put out his NHL predictions....may as well give mine...however, we'll start in the East! Since I live in the East and plus I need to think about the West since it's much closer than the East 


1. New York Rangers
2. New York Islanders 
3. Columbus Blue Jackets 
4. Washington Capitals (Wild Card)
5. Pittsburgh Penguins
6. Philadelphia Flyers
7. New Jersey Devils
8. Carolina Hurricanes 

Thoughts: Call me crazy, but the Pens ARE NOT much bette with Kessel. YES, he is a goal scorer, YES he is a solid addition. HOWEVER, they still seem too inconsistency with Fleury in net and very little improvements on defence compared to the powerhouses of the division, and as long as the Jackets can stay healthy, they'll be the #3 seed and fight for the # 2 seed. The Flyers will be better, but not by much, same with the Devils, and the Canes are absolutely...a work in progress. Cam Ward is gone by the end of the year baring a major turn around. The Islanders will be excellent, and the Rangers may be eying a return to the Cup final! 

Atlantic Division:

1. Montreal Canadiens
2. Tampa Bay Lightning 
3. Ottawa Senators
4. Florida Panthers (Wild Card)
5. Detroit Red Wings
6. Buffalo Sabres
7. Boston Bruins
8. Toronto Maple Leafs

Thoughts: This division is much easier to layout, but the division is quiet close baring 2 teams. The Sabres are going to be not horrible, maybe even fight for a playoff spot for a bit and find their footing to make a push in 1-2 more seasons to be in the top 3. Their team is young and ready to impress, even in net. The Red Wings and Panthers are going to fight for that final sport but I like the Panthers more since again, they're young..however, if Ottawa struggles, those 3 teams could be fighting for that last spot right up until the bitter end. Tampa Bay and Montreal are self explanatory.....and now to Boston. I don't want them to be awful, but their team is not rebuilding and it doesn't seem to have much of a plan to do so. Rask is a fantastic goalie, but the rest of the team is going to struggle, maybe they can sneak into the top 5 with a good month, but they will not be good at all! Toronto...well...good luck on ya, this year will be interesting to say the least. Bernier is GONE if he doesn't get it together, and Reimer will be the veteran helping the young guy in net. The rest of the team has a lot of work and needs to improve but if they find their groove and make good trades, they'll be back in the competitive ring in 3 seasons.

Disagree with me? That's fine, I was REALLY wrong about the Islanders last year and I'm glad I was since they were an entertaining team, so maybe the Pens will be good, maybe amazing, but I hold to my opinions until they are proven or disproven.

Just for fun, this was my

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On to the concepts, we got 5 today!


Fremantle Dockers AFL Concepts (By: Duncan L.)

+ I love this team's colour scheme, and it looks fantastic on a hockey jersey 
+The striping pattern is awesome, especially the chest
+ The logos all look good, I don't mind that they don't match because every jersey has its own unique touch but are all connected (unlike examples like Ottawa in the early 2000's and Minnesota now
+ Good execution

- The numbers on the third jersey don't look bad, however, they don't match the logo

Rating: 9/10

Fitzroy Lions Concepts (By: Duncan L.)

+ I really like the logo and colour schemes on both the home and road, despite bring a defunct AFL team, they would look good in almost any sport
+ The third jersey is very classy and has a nice subtle and dark mood to it that contrasts the home and road
+ The Kings numbers, while an early 2000's creation, does look great with the antique lion 
+ Again good execiton

- The home and road set suffer from what the Norfolk admirals did while they were in the AHL, a great colour scheme, but their look was killed by templates, and the template chosen here does no justice to the colour scheme at all, something more classic would fix that nicely 
- The red jersey needs some white, even if it's just an outline colour

Rating: 8.25/10

Ottawa Senators Concepts (By: Brady S.)

+ One thing I've always loved about the barber pole striping is how different parts of the striping are exaggerated on each jersey because of the colour of the jersey, the red and white stand out on the black jersey and the black and red on the white jersey
+ It's not a full throwback, but that's good, it certainly takes the barber pole striping from the original Sens, it doesn't overpower the jersey, there's still enough that says this is original
+ Great execution and font choice

- The Peace Tower clock  would make such a great shoulder patch it'd be a shame not to use it
- The Captain's C is too small 

Rating: 8.5/10

Calgary Flames Concepts (By: Mario A.)

+ I say this every time but the 80's colours away jerseys 99% of the time will look beautiful and this is no exception 
+ I like the increased yellow on the red jersey 
+ Mario's execution has gotten better 

- The NOB and numbers are too low/high and too spread out, also they'd look better with outlines 
- TV numbers, primary logo and captain's C are too small
- With the new shoulder patch being so good looking, it should be used

Rating: 6.5/10

Stadium Series Concept (By: Jamie R.)

+ This is the first Stadium series concept I've seen to do the Colorado arms  and chest with multiple stripes and it looks awesome!
+ The little details like the lack of flick not he Colorado numbers, curved name bar, and mountain socks are all perfect, and give each team a little spice
+ Great execution
+ Both jerseys are modern and unique enough to be Stadium Series jerseys, but not enough that if they were to be adopted as alternates (cough cough, Pittsburgh), they'd look excellent 

- While these are better looking white pants, I still would prefer any NHL game without them, though the D logo looks fantastic on them 

Rating: 9.5/10


That's the post
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Enjoy training camps, but don't get blown away in the hype
Go Jets, Mooseheads & Moose! 
Have a great week

Monday: 5 For Your 14 Reviewed by winnipegjets96 on September 14, 2015 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

I'd LOVE to hear your reasoning behind Ottawa and Florida being worse than Pittsburgh and Detroit.

Metro Division:
1 - x - Washington Capitals
2 - x - New York Islanders
3 - x - New York Rangers
4 - x - Columbus Blue Jackets
5 - x - Pittsburgh Penguins
6 - Philadelphia Flyers
7 - Carolina Hurricanes
8 - New Jersey Devils

I have no doubt in my mind that if the Caps stay healthy that they'll finish top in the division. Oshie and Williams were great additions to help boost their already deadly offence.
The Islanders didn't change much but they didn't have a need to. Guys like Strome, Nelson and Lee will only get better this year as well as quite a few young D prospects will help the depth on the back-end.
The Rangers lost a few pieces, so I don't expect them to do as well, but they have the strongest D in the East with quite a stable offence.
Columbus will make the playoffs this year as they should have last year. As long as they stay healthy this year, it's guaranteed. I'm anticipating what Saad does with this team.
Pittsburgh's defence stuggles will overshadow their offence successes. They'll still make the playoffs, but just barely.
Philly has a good team, they can very well get that wild card from Pittsburgh as long as their defence stays solid.
Carolina also doesn't have a terrible team. Surely, the guys they picked up make the team better and fill some holes. Just not quite there yet.
New Jersey is just a terrible team.

Atlantic Divison:
1 - x - Tampa Bay Lightning
2 - x - Detroit Red Wings
3 - x - Montreal Canadiens
4 - Florida Panthers
5 - Buffalo Sabres
6 - Boston Bruins
7 - Ottawa Senators
8 - Toronto Maple Leafs

There's no doubt in my mind that Tampa doesn't finish top of the East. I just don't see any flaws in their line-up.
Detroit's young players will carry this team. They scare me. Franzen coming back from injury is an added bonus.
Montreal won't maintain their stance from last year. Price won't be as dominate and their offence will stay about the same.
Florida will be battling for a wild card spot with Philly and Pittsburgh. Like Detroit, their young players will carry this team.
Buffalo definitely improved, but enough as to them making the playoffs. Lehner isn't a solid goalie and Chad Johnson is quite bad. Their defence will have to hold it together.
Boston will miss losing Lucic and Hamilton. The pieces just aren't there quite yet for them to return to the playoffs.
Ottawa only made the playoffs last year because of Hammond. The guy isn't good, he just got lucky. They did absolutely nothing in the offseason and I see them doing absolutely nothing during the season.
Toronto has a team of 3rd liners.

winnipegjets96 said...

@Taylor: I like the song guys on Florida better than on Detroit, especially Barkov and Ekblad, those two are ready to boom. Detroit will be better that Pittsburgh by far and I'll admit, I wouldn't be surprised if Ottawa is terrible, but I think that not only will their prospects continue to grow and improve, but Hammond will be good enough, not great, but good enough and Anderson isn't quite washed up just yet. Detroit is there simply because I see it more likely they go on a long losing streak than a winning streak.If Ottawa struggle, Detroit will make the playoffs Pittsbrurgh scares me in the other way, they remind me of San Jose last year, a team that's had long term success for many years, but there's been a bubble of disappointment growing, the locker room is getting restless and goaltending with Fleury...I have no idea what to think of him and never have, he can be their best friend or worst enemy. Holtby, Lundqvist, Halak, Schnieder and even Mason on a good day are all better than Fleury. I'm glad we agree on Buffalo though, I have hope for them, Johnson really is terrible though, how he's in the NHL I'll never know

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