Friday: Another Day, Another Dollar

TGIF! It's happening ladies and gentlemen, it's actually happening!

Jersey season is in full swing! That means we've got a rush of great concepts coming in. It's been at 8 a day, an absolutely insane number! The opener is only a month away so people are revving up those hockey fryers and spitting out jerseys faster than we can talk about them!

But we're gonna do it anyway!


There's a jersey contest going on right now, and man I wish I had the time to get my own concept in because it's just so cool! If you haven't noticed yet, we've been focusing on the old Chicago Cougars from the WHA. 

COTY-August vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Aug 30-Sept 5 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Chicago Cougars entries (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)


Speaking of that contest, here's the newest set of entries!

Brian B

Emin Z

Tom V

On, concepts!  

Duncan L - Brisbane Lions (AFL)

Execution: Very well done! (1/1)
Striping: I've said this before and I'll say it again, not a fan of square yokes. I do like how the home and away are incredibly different. Both have personality but are, overall, very simple and classic ideas. I personally would've added more to the arms of the home, whether it be a stripe on the yoke or underneath it a la Kings (see what I did there?) (1.5/2)
Effectiveness: I think this set would pass anywhere. (1/1)
Creativity: The reason being, these ideas are so overdone. I think the color set is quirky and cool, but outside of that I see three jerseys that I've seen a hundred times before. Don't take this as it being bad, I would just like to have seen more new ideas. (1/2)
Other: Another thing I don't like, the fuzzy Minnesota font. It just looks tacky. Both the filled logo and that lion head look so majestic, and I feel it detracts by having that font there. Another tip, maybe adding black or making a blue alternate would really make that alternate something special in comparison to the other two jerseys. (2.54)
Overall: A great set that could use a few adjustments. Good work here. (6.25/10)

Duncan L - Carlton Blues (AFL)

Execution: Again, stellar execution. (1/1)
Striping: That alternate is way cool. I think that something like this would be great for the home and away. The other jerseys could use a bit more pizzazz, but definitely hold the logo well. (1/2)
Effectiveness: Again, it's clean enough that I could see this as an AHL jersey, let alone an AFL jersey. (1/1)
Creativity: Like I said before, that third jersey is the highlight here. The first two are a little template-y to me. Maybe by doing all three with some light blue would set them apart, adding stuff here and there to really make them something interesting. (1/2)
Other: That font is perfect for this logo. One issue I have with this set though is that the pants and socks do not fit well. I think shorts always need something to spice them up, whether it be a logo or a stripe. The socks on the main set are fine, it's that third jersey's. It just doesn't seem to fit with the rest. (2/4)
Overall: It's the little things that make a jersey different. A great base that could use some slight tweaks to really elevate it. (6/10)
Jake88 - Stavanger Oilers (GET-ligaen)

Execution: Very solid. (1/1)
Striping: I have made this clear, the stripes that follow the hem like this are just so snazzy. I'm just not a huge fan of the yellow arm stripes. I can see this whole rail spike idea if that was the plan, but I think it would be better to have it be clean, or do something cool where it was tapping into the black for the oil. Tell a story on the jersey. (1.25/2)
Effectiveness: This is totally believable. (1/1)
Creativity: It's simple in a new way. It uses minimal lines, but definitely sets itself apart by doing something original with those lines. (1.5/2)
Other: I don't really have much, outside of adding something to the shorts. A yellow and white stripe would work perfectly. (3/4)
Overall: I'm scared to see this when the European ads decimate it. It's a shame to think something like that would happen to something so pretty. (7.75/10)
Mario A - Boston Bruins

Execution: The numbers are a little squeezed here. (.75/1)
Striping: A little too funky for my tastes. I think it would make a lot more sense to get rid of the brown or white on the tip of the sleeve so it would match the hem, and to remove a stripe from the hem. Something so the number doesn't look so awkward. (1/2)
Effectiveness: It seems like it's got that vintage style. The only issue is, it isn't a replica of a real jersey used by the Bruins, or anything close to one. (0/1)
Creativity: This is a very original idea. It does draw on some old cliches, but I could definitely see something like this for a fauxback for the Winter Classic if the Bruins didn't have such a history to tap into. (1.5/2)
Other: The numbers just look too awkward. I would add a stroke to the numbers to make them pop, or overlay them on the stripe so they don't rest so high and have them a different color so they didn't blend in. (2.5/4)
Overall: Like I said, if the Bruins didn't have such a history, this would work as a fauxback if it were tweaked. (5.75/10)
Mario A - Chicago Blackhawks

Execution: This jersey suffers the opposite. The numbers here are way too low. (.5/1)
Striping: It doesn't seem cohesive. Close stripes here, modern striping there. It seems like a Frankenstein's jersey of eras. I could see the yoke for an actual vintage concept, but the hem and arms look way too Nike to me. (.5/2)
Effectiveness: I think this might actually sell as a Hawks jersey. (1/1)
Creativity: It isn't a direct translation of the original jersey to the Edge. It did confuse me for a second, but these are all new ideas at play here. Good work creating new elements for such an established team. (1.5/2)
Other: I would just make that stroke on the Hawks logo bigger, and maybe cut the one awkward stripe on the middle of the arm, have it fit more with its big brother. (2.5/4)
Overall: A little critical of a Hawks concept, I know. I take my team seriously. But I commend you for what you did here. Keep working at it! (6/10)
Matt M - Detroit Red Wings

Execution: I'm guessing the striping here is printed due to the material? (1/1)
Striping: This idea reminds me a lot of the current Red Wings jersey. I love it. The soccer stripes at the top. The diagonal on one and a more classic look on the other that really pulls the eye to that D. (2/2)
Effectiveness: I wish Reebok would do this for some team eventually. (1/1)
Creativity: This jersey must take a lot of its elements from the leaked info about the Red Wings Stadium Series jerseys. I'd say until we see that, this lays on the creative side of things. (1.75/2)
Other: I would love to see a back. It's the back of a jersey that really ties things together and shows a complete and full concept. (3/4)
Overall: I think this is an absolutely fantastic jersey. I just wish I could see what it looks like on the back. (8.75/10) and a COTW Nom from me
Ryan H - Cleveland Crusaders

Execution: This guy wrote the dang rules. And he follows them to a tee. (1/1)
Striping: I love this pattern that you took from the shield. The sublimation of patterns in striping always looks stellar to me. The yoke and tail definitely reflect each other. I like that a lot. (1.5/2)
Effectiveness: Yeah. It's definitely got potential. (1/1)
Creativity: It's something I personally have not seen before in my time here or before. It's very cool. Albeit a little simple, but it's that shield design that sets it apart. (1.5/2)
Other: That pants template is very... interesting. I like seeing the side because that's where the most changes exist. One thing to compliment on though, laces are a total A+ in my book. (3/4)
Overall: Very bare bones, but I still think it looks great. It's got a certain charm to it. (8/10)
Taylor R - Lehigh Valley Phantoms

Execution: Yeep. (1/1)
Striping: The major inclusion of blue was actually smart (Take note, Gulls. This is how you do your color scheme). The jerseys are both coherent, and that yoke is just perfect on the home. (1.75/2)
Effectiveness: Definitely better than the weird set they currently have. (1/1)
Creativity: I'd say this goes pretty far in terms of creativity. It is still simple, but the pattern and slight curve of the stripes is definitely cool. (1.5/2)
Other: Two big issues. Colored nameplate detracts from the jersey. That's just my own view of them, not a fan. I do understand it was a reference to their big brothers, but I don't like it in Philly and I don't like it here. (3/4)
Overall: I love this jersey. It's just that nameplate is so much. (8.25/10)

Well folks, that's all I wrote! Have a great weekend, and don't you forget to vote now! Today was a great day for concepts, so make sure your favorite is well represented.

Disagree with anything I said? Have anything to say about the upcoming season? Just have something you want to get off your chest? That's what those comments are for! That's where the voting starts!

-Jack G 

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Brian said...

Cleveland Crusaders for COTW

Unknown said...

Duncan L's Carlton concept for COTW.

Unknown said...

COTW nom to Taylor R.

Unknown said...

I'll give a COTW nom to Jake Miller's Stavanger Oilers.

Unknown said...

COTW Nom. Goes to Mario's Bruins jersey

David Pooley said...

Cotw nom to matt m

Anonymous said...

Tom V: My Cougars concept misses the bottom of the picture... sorry, but I don´t know what happened.. I sent the complete picture

Lucas D. said...

McElroy's Red Wings: don't know about anyone else, but this is the best concept I've ever seen! Template?

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