Wednesday: Alleged New Jerseys Are Allegedly Pretty Neat

Hey there all you happy HJCers! There's some things I want to get to before today's post... So why don't get jump into those!?

I'm sure you all saw yesterday, as they were discussed here on the blog. Since the blog covered it already I won't get too into it so I'll keep it simple...The new alternate jerseys.

Anaheim's alleged new alternate jersey, is pretty neat. I love that the Mighty Duck logo is back, but I think way too much bronze is used. The orange and bronze just don't look that good together... At least in my opinion. And who knows, maybe it's just the mockup. Maybe once we see the real thing I'll come around. Plus I kind of hope the OC logo is actually used on the shoulders.

The other alternate jersey that was reported yesterday was the Colorado Avalanche's. A few weeks ago this design got out there but it was believed to be the Stadium Series jersey. Now we know that's not the case and we don't have to worry about having boring Stadium Series jerseys... um... more on the Stadium Series.... but back to this jersey. At first I hated it. And I think that's because it's not what I was expecting. But the more I look at it, it's starting to grow on me. It's definitely simple. But isn't that what we've all been wanting? Finally, a jersey with no piping. The new Rockies/Avs/Colorado Flag logo is kind of neat. I really like the new font too.

Now... speaking of Stadium Series jerseys... Chris Creamer of Chris Creamer's SportsLogos posted some mockups of what he believes the Stadium Series jerseys are this year. He mentions that these are only mockups based on text descriptions of the logo, so let's hope that Chris is right and that these mockups aren't doing the sash design justice.

I think the sash can work, but not as plain and boring as it is in the mockup. I'm sure we've all played with the sash idea from time to time. I did just last summer in the IceHL's summer design contest. Sadly my jerseys only got to the Final Four, and Mr. McElroy managed to win the whole thing... How does McElroy manage to get mentioned in almost all of my posts? It's like I do it on purpose...

Logos: Matt McElroy - IceHL

Speaking of contests that require voting and what not... we've got THREE votes for you this week... The COTW, COTY, AND WWE!!!!! WHAT!?!?! GET VOTING NOW!!!

COTY-July vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
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Boston Bruins Winter Classic Jersey Concept - Adam..........
Well I don't know who made this. There's no ID and Ryan didn't type a last name on the name of the file. I hope Ryan did it on purpose because it helps prove a point. It's nothing extraordinary though. It's a modern version of the club's first jersey, just with black in the logo and vintage white numbers.

Rating: Who's Adam?

Colorado Avalanche Stadium Series Jersey Concept - Lucas D.
This is a pretty busy jersey... Even by Stadium Series jersey standards... This would be much better if the mountains disappeared from the sleeves and back of the jersey. The TV numbers look a bit low to me and I feel like the shoulders could use some logos. Perhaps the game's patch could be moved there. Also, the template and SS patch are very pixelated, but the main logo is not. I know for a fact this template is available for download and is not that pixely.

Rating: 6/10

Washington Capitals Concept - Alex H.
Alex kills off the Weagle and current wordmark and brings the old Caps' logos from the dead. I always like this eagle. I wouldn't want the team to do this but for a concept, it's neat. Not the biggest fan of the striping on the home/away. I feel like the sleeve striping is way too low. It makes the sleeves look bare and boring. Not a fan of the phantom yoke either. The alternate is interesting. it's like a big mish-mash of the current alternate, this past season's Winter Classic jersey, and the 90's-early 00's era. Lastly, I think the pant's striping is unnecessary as the pattern doesn't really go with any of the striping patterns used on the jerseys... well you could make an argument that it goes with the home jersey, but you'll lose that argument with me.

Rating: 7/10

Vancouver Canucks Alternate Jersey Concept - John E.
John also wants to mish mash some eras today. The old yellow Nucks with the current logos. Well... except the orca...  Johnny Canuck looks really good in these colors. Looks more like a lumberjack to me. I think a crest like this should be slightly, just slightly....EVER SO slightly bigger. I don't think it'd hurt to have the sleeves mimic the hem stripes here, and have the black on the cuffs extend all the way to the sleeve striping.

Rating: 8/10

Quad City Mallards Concept - Ryan C.
These jerseys go very nicely with the color scheme the team has. The white jersey is great. The green jersey would look better with either a green or white yoke in my opinion. Also, I think the collars would look great with 2 colors. So a green yoke with a black and orange collar on the white jersey for example. The bright orange jersey is a fantastic idea. I'd like to see a tad more green though as it's a more interesting and unique color. Maybe replace the black in the striping, also the MALLARDS wordmark is a bit unnecessary.

Rating: 8.5/10

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