Tuesday: This Guy AGAIN?!

Looks like I'm back again for the 3rd time in 5 days for a post on the fly!

Welcome to the Tuesday post!

Since there's no jersey news, site news (I'm gonna repeat what I said yesterday since I want this post out ASAP and is already late

 Colorado Avalanche 20th anniversary logo/jersey contestapolooza is entering its final two days of the entry phase. You have until TONIGHT @ 10PM EST to get your logo and jersey and entries in. The Logo field, as Ryan mentioned, is very small, so if you wanna take a shot at a logo, please do, even if you never have before.

Here are the entries that have come in since last post:

Ryan HJC

Mason II

Oh you didn't vote for COTW yesterday? Even though Jets96 was nice enough to remind you....hmm...well g, you should do that today, don't make me get DBro to tell you to vote.

Colorado Avalanche ReDesign entries (due TONIGHT @ 10pm Eastern)
COTW Aug 16-22 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

On to the concepts:


London Knights OHL Concepts (By: Alex H.)

+ I love the Knights current colour scheme, but they drop the ball with the jerseys. these jersey fixes all those problems
+ I'm not usually in favour of creme jerseys, but the Knights can pull that off very well 
+ The colours are balanced perfectly, the green and gold stand out nicely 
+ Great logo choices 

- One very minor error, on most OHL jerseys, the OHL logo matches the team colours, it doesn't hurt the jersey but it would remove the light blue that stands out so much 

Rating: 9.25/10

NHL All Star Game Concept (By: Phil B.)

+ I really like the orange, black and white colour scheme, it looks excellent and not only does it look great for the NHL, but it matches Anaheim too, double win
+ The jersey somewhat matches Anaheim's current jerseys, but is also its own thing, I like the many stripes 
+ The logos really stand out! 
+ Good execution 
+ The white jersey reminds me of the WINNIPEG (Not Pittsburgh, not Arizona) WHITEOUT! Would love to see Ladd or Pavelec or Buffs in that jersey 

- White pants are a no no, I get why Phil chose to use them, and it is not the worst use of them, but the don't look good, makes them look like cottonballs 

Rating: 9/10

Columbus Blue Jackets Concepts (By: Jack H.)

+ This is one of 2 concepts I've seen that make yellow/green work on a Blue Jackets jersey 
+ The Ohio flag striping matches the logo nicely and adds some creativity 
+ Using the alternate numbers but keeping the logo I thought wouldn't have worked but it matches decently 
+ Good execution

- The numbers would look better with outlines
- The yellow/green and white bleed into each other on the white jersey 

Rating: 8.5/10

Milwaukee Pike NHL Expansion Concepts (By: Christian L.)

+ The logo is very nice! The fish is realistic but not unappealing; I can tell it's a pike but well...it doesn't look like this thing
+ The colour scheme is excellent, that shade of greenish grey doesn't work on a lot of things, but with the orange and black it looks very nice
+  Animals holding hockey sticks may be a 90's trend, but it works in this case

- One flaw, I hate roundels that say City Hockey Club EST XXXX, it's like a cheap Wal-Mart T-shirt type thing, and granted this doesn't have the worst part (EST) but putting the name on there would look better

Rating: 9.25/10

+ Orange as the dominant colour is very nice, adds another colour to the NHL colour palate in a city that isn't Philly 
+ The double grey/green looks excellent, like an oil & water thing, creates layers on the striping leading into the black
+ Great execution 
+ Orange cuffs on the white jersey help balance the colours and is better than adding it to the striping or the yoke 

- Coloured name bars, again, not bad, and it kinda works on the orange jersey, however, on the white jersey it makes them harder to read, black letters would look better
- Shoulder patch? not really a bad thing but it would make the jerseys look more full

Rating: 9.25/10


That's the post!
Don't forget to get your Avs entries in!
Have a great week...again
Go Jets & Mooseheads & Moose!
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