Tuesday: Season Rapidly Approaches

Today is Tuesday! Which means Mr. Wonka will be posting today. For those who weren't around for the good ol' days I once went by the name Dylan Wonka. It was my name I used through the internet as a kid. It's just an anagram from my actual last name. I don't know why I'm calling those the good ol' days. I'm going to do that though. Mostly because that's when I posted on this site a lot more often with concepts. Won last years HJC Open with that name too. Should Wonka come back?

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 Today wasn't really anything special. Grand Rapids Griffins unveiled their new primary logo and jerseys. We knew the logo for a couple of weeks now with help from NHL 16 EASHL beta leaks. Logo in my opinion is a downgrade. Before I always thought they needed a new logo but I much prefer that old one now. In fact I kind of look at that one as a classy logo now. Something that you don't necessarily change. Not perfect, not even amazing, but just classic. The jerseys on the other hand I think are much better. However, the helmet and pants being red on a black jersey just doesn't look right to me. It looks like kids were given helmets and pants but their team had to change jerseys before the season started to differentiate from other house youth teams and they were stuck with mismatching colors. 

Be sure to send in your Colorado Avalanche Redesigns! And also, direct yourself to the side of the page and vote for the Concept of the Week! And of course, let's get to the concepts!


Colorado Avalanche Concept - Gessy F.
 Unless I gazed passed it, this is the first time I've seen your name here! Welcome to HJC from me! First and foremost, this is a Stadium Series concept. I'll applaud Gessy for thinking outside of the box for this concept. The yoke is a nice design that I hope Colorado thinks about for their next jerseys. Not a fan of the side panels just being boring though. What if they had a mountain-esque design too? Also I say this a lot and I might sound like a broken record to some but I think it helps. The outlines of yokes and striping should be thicker. When you have small outlines like that it doesn't really serve a huge purpose. It's hard to see and it just looks off. Thicken some of the stripes and outlines and this could potentially be a nice Stadium Series jersey. The logo I feel could be better. More white to make it stand out. A white C perhaps. I think the yoke should be smaller so it doesn't go so far down the jersey. Maybe just move it up on the front, you can leave it lower on the back to keep the nameplate in it. I would say move the arm stripes up so it's not close to the cuff. Lastly some execution - TV numbers should be on the arms. No brand name on the back of the jersey or anywhere. In this case, you are using the ICEBORN template, so make sure you keep that ICEBORN label on the back of the jersey!

Rating: 6.7/10

Winnipeg Jets Concept - Lucas D.
 At first glance, I'm a big fan. Winnipeg should look to a dark blue, gray color scheme. I just find the design a little boring though. Some might call it close to LA besides the piping. Also, I can't tell if it's the stitching or if there are small stripes around the big stripe. If those are stripes they - like I said before - should be bigger. It's almost not even noticeable at all. Had to blow up the photo to recognize that was there. This design as some potential though. It's classy, simple, and effective. I just think it needs something else. Perhaps a better striping pattern. Some execution notes, TV numbers and shoulder logos are huge. In fact, your TV numbers are going into the arm stripes. Looks like that's it. I would just note that it seems a little pixelated. Not sure if that's from the program or from saving it but maybe work on the presentation for next time! I like the direction this is headed though!

Rating: 7.1/10

Everton (EPL) Concept  - Matt G.
 This is pretty cool. I think everything that was done was thought out well. Really like the away jersey. My complaint about that thought would be the numbers. I say a blue number with a thick white outline would be better. The third jersey is simplistic but it's effective. Has that modern quick look to it which I don't mind sometimes. My one gripe would be the logo used. In my opinion, I'd use the full crest or take out the shield part of it. I think that could make this look better!

Rating: 8.2/10

Washington Capitals Concept - Mike Sweezey
 Let's get simplistic! Mike takes the blue in the color scheme and makes it very minimal. I ...actually like this. Not really like it as I'd want these to be their jerseys but as a concept and a new look, this is pretty nice. It's what I'd think they could have worn in the 80's and early 90's. Using blue as a small outline for things gives it that subtle bump. I think the logo may be too modern looking to fit the design, but everything else is nicely done.

Rating: 8.3/10

St. Peter's Peacocks Concept - Taylor R.
T-Roy offers us the lovely double blue look. I tried looking up their hockey team. It doesn't look like they have one. If they do, it must be a club program or something. The striping, jerseys are well done. As usual from Taylor. Nice and effective. Has that untouchable look. One change I'd make that I can see would be to make the name and number font on the blue jersey white. At least the name, the dark blue makes it hard to see from a distance. So I'd just make those all white, because the TV numbers would also be hard to see. To me though, those would be the only changes I'd make. Just a note that I'd like to make. Adding a lime green as a subtle color in their I think could make this really pop out. Just a small stripe in their I think could make this look very nice. Anyone agree? No? Maybe? Tell me in the comments.

Rating: 9.1/10


So, entering the middle of the week. Also, tomorrow's writer DBro found a great deal for a font package. Any designers out there that likes to have a variety of fonts can now get 250 fonts for just $9 today from HERE. Roughly a 3,000 dollar value for ten dollars, so any graphic designers that love to designing anything, this is a great deal. Heard that a lot are ordinary fonts but some are great. Well worth it I think!

Tuesday: Season Rapidly Approaches Reviewed by Unknown on August 18, 2015 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

Yea looking back on it, I should have just made the numbers and that a single colour. I also didn't really look into if they had a hockey team. I really just liked the logo and the colors and decided to make that jersey. Although, if they ever decide to have a hockey team, they should give me a call ;)

Unknown said...

Dear Lord, please help us.....


Matt G said...

The designs that Adidas has put together for the NBA, NCAAF, and NCAAB are a complete disaster. On the radio here they said it was like putting a drunk designer in a dark room with a box of crayons. I have to agree.

Someone who works with NHL jersey production told me "ADIDAS getting the deal is the worst thing that could’ve happened for NHL fans. ADIDAS has been on record to want to bring not only jersey design changes, but ads to the jerseys. The Original 6 will have nothing to do with this. Nothing but friction will come with this deal. Bauer knows hockey, and all the NHL saw in ADIDAS was a heavy amount of money. Bauer would have been best for players, and fans. ADIDAS is just there because of money, not a good track record".

Can't wait to see the Wings come out on opening night in the new stadium with three stripes running down their sleeves. Ugh.

Unknown said...

I keep reading that Adidas owns Reebok, why not just keep the edge design and slap the dumb Adidas logo. More reason Bettman needs to go. In the AHL giving the brand new CAlifornia division fewer games in a season is a mind boggler. Can anyone explain the real reason for doing this? why not play the other Cali teams 2 times more each and you will play the same amount as the other AHL teams. Unless I heard wrong they are playing 8 fewer games then the rest.

I second Taylor's design

Unknown said...

@Matt G

Couldn't they just be renewing the deal for Reebok/CCM?

Matt G said...

Reebok is already being phased back into CCM and it looks like Adidas wants to go away from the CCM brand. The article that Scott posted goes into more detail. It's to early to tell what Adidas' intentions really are, but they have a real poor design record.

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