Thursday: Pens Change?

Hello everyone and welcome back to the blog for a post on this wonderful day of Thurs!

A few bits of jersey news and a little bit of news that I found as well to pass on to you guys.

Dylan already talked about these first two yesterday so if you haven't seen them go check out his post.

Utica: Take notes Vancouver
Swamp rabbits: my thoughts echo his
This next bit is something I saw after my hockey practice on Saturday and I thought it was worth mentioning here.
This may not mean much besides the given for most people, but for jersey enthusiasts like us this further confirms that the Pens are making the full transition to the Pittsburgh gold. I even asked the salesman guy and he told me that they want to make the switch. Things of course can change but for now it looks like it's going in a good direction for those of us who want to see the throwbacks full time.

So this week we have a few votes, like always. First off the weekly COTW...because if it wasn't weekly it would not be the concept of the week..yeah... Along with that we have the not weekly Colorado redesign votes, and some solid entries in both the jersey and logo category, so go vote!
Colorado Avalanche ReDesign Voting (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Aug 16-22 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Another shorter post and not the usual format again, I don't have much time here and I'm still getting used to my new schedule so just gonna do something like I did last week for the reviews.

Let's get on with it then.

Ben B. - Minnesota Wild
+Double stripe pattern looks good
+The roundel fits well into the vintage looks of this jersey
+The uniform is very consistent
-I would lose the yoke
-Keep the pants at only one stripe instead of 2
-Move the top stripe on the hem down a bit and replicate that pattern on the arms, rather than a squished version of that
-Execution wise:
-Helmet and pans logos are missing
-Inside collar and inside hem need to be filled in
The name and all of the numbers on the jersey look a bit small
-Stitching should stop at the hem stripe
-The sock striping should be lower on the sock
-The logo looks squished

Overall: Good idea that would look great with a little refining (6.5/10)

Chase C. - Rapid City Rush
+Definitely an interesting and unique design
+I like the shoulder pattern, I'm not sure it fits here but I like it
-Sadly I don't think I have much more good to say. The jersey reminds me of Arizona's new set with a mish mash of ideas. The arm striping, chest striping, and hem striping are all different styles. If you just take one of those ideas and go all out with it this jersey will look a lot better.
-Aside from that, the font for the name just looks like something you can get from Microsoft word. I think it could work but not in this case.
-The stitching needs to stop at the hem stripe.

Overall: Take one idea and run with it. As it is it's not working for me (5.5/10)

Phil B. & D3 - New York Islanders vs Pittsburgh Penguins
+Definitely a different and believable set for the Stadium Series
+The color choices on this were the right ones, although the Isles probably could have worked in blue as well.
+Vertical stripes have been seen in concept land but not in the NHL, it's only a matter of time until that happens. 
+The penguin logo broken free of the triangle looks a bit odd, but I like it nonetheless
+Not entirely sure what the point of the hats is, but I think it's a nice touch still
-The huge pants logos don't look good, but that isn't really your fault

Overall: Not the best looking overall but it looks really good for a Stadium Series (8.5/10)

Taylor R. - Milwaukee Bucks
+The green and red color scheme looks good for sure, and I really like the way it looks on the dark jersey. Doesn't even look Christmas-y.
+I like the shoulder pattern, it's a full shoulder but not just the basic one.
+The jerseys are consistent
+I've mentioned this before but I've really liked the pants designs that have come from this series
-I think there could be some more red on the white jersey

Overall: Not much to complain about, looks good (9/10) and a COTW nomination!

So that's all for today's shorter post. It's almost 4:30 so I'm going to keep this outro short. I hope you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you guys next week!
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