Thursday: Last Post of Freedom

Hello again and thanks for joining me today on this fine Thursday afternoon!

As the title says this is sadly my last post before I have to go back to school. This also means less time for concepts. The only positive is that hockey season is starting up again, for both myself and the pros. In fact that's what I most look forward too with school starting.

The HJC logo use policy has been updated, and you should go check it out to ensure that the concepts you submit follow the updated policy.

So this week we have the usual COTW voting along with the entry submissions for the Colorado Avalanche redesign, who really, really, really need a redesign. I often see concept artists with better designs than the pros have and this one should be really easy, so go work on your concepts for this or submit them if they're already done. Who knows, maybe they'll see these and decide to use them. Be sure to take note of the odd deadline for that as well, so you submit your work in time.
COTW Aug 9-15 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Avalanche ReDesign entries (due Tue, Aug 25 @ 10pm Eastern)
Here are the new entries into the Avs competition...oh boy there are a lot of them.

Jack S.

Phil B.

Dylan T.

Avi S.

Brooks F.

Jamie R.

So today I feel as though I may be getting a little bit sick and I'm not really feeling up to it so I'm going to just do shorter reviews today as opposed to my normal reviews. Anyways, on to the concepts!

Coby S. - Hulk Hogan vs Roddy Piper
So there may be some references I'm missing because I don't really follow the WWE or anything, at least I haven't for a long time, but I'll do my best. I like where you got the design for the Roddy Piper jersey after looking up his name and seeing the shirt he wore, but it's very plain. It needs more to it. I actually don't mind the gradient numbers and logo either, although they wouldn't look good at all on an actual jersey. The Hogan jersey looks a lot more like a traditional hockey design and it looks good. I'm not sure I would go all gold everything though. The pants and gloves would be better in red. The back numbers on each jersey look a bit small and the stitching should stop at the hem striping. This concept also doesn't follow the new logo use policy, but since this was acceptable before and the policy just change it's acceptable in this case.

Overall: Not bad but nothing special (7/10)

Daniel L. - Florida Panthers
I really like the bright aesthetic this concept goes for. I don't think there would really be an issue with the colors blending but either using the blue or darkening the red could definitely help. I like the logo choice as well, I dislike the Panthers' current logo, it's too busy to me. Changing to this logo full time would be a good move. The design looks a lot like Minnesota though, although they don't really "own" this design so there isn't really an issue with it. The stitching needs to stop at the hem striping as well.

Overall: Solid design but nothing too far out of the ordinary (8/10)

Daniel L. - Detroit vs Colorado Stadium Series
This design looks like a mix of classic and modern, and it works well here. The Detroit jersey takes a more classic route with it, which works well considering they're an Original 6 team with classic jerseys. It follows the same template though on the Avs jersey but makes it more modern with the dual color pattern. I also like the combination of eras with this one, having the modern colors with yellow. I'm also not sure why there are so many additional stripes sublimated on the jersey, but it works with the logo, and the way the stadium series has traditionally done something of that sort. I like the yoke design as well.

Overall: Both a good look and one that fits the stadium series, and also earns my COTW nomination! (8.5/10)

Ryan C. - Albany Devils
The first thing that I think of is that it isn't just a copy of the Devils' set which is definitely a good thing. This appears to be an interesting but fairly simple design overall. The top stripe needs to be bolder as do the surrounding stripes on the larger one (if that makes sense) Unless it's just me the name and numbers on back also look a bit small.

Overall: Simple, and it needs a little work, but I'd like to see it (7.75/10)

Taylor R. - Kofi Kingston
This is one of the people I remember from when I used to watch WWE a good while back. I'm pretty sure I stopped because my favorite, Jeff Hardy, got eliminated from the WWE or something of the sort. I thought I liked Kofi's theme song or something too. Anyways onto the jersey, I really like the look of this one. It's a unique design that ties into the logo well. The double stripe design on the hem as well as having them in the extended yoke as they are just really stands out in a good way. The color scheme works well too and matches the ascetic I would think of with Kofi. I would add an outline on the numbers on the white jersey though because it looks very plain as it is, and I also would do something else with the WWE logo on the shoulders so it isn't in a circle like that. Good job updating it to fit the logo use policy as well.

Overall: I apologize if my review seemed a bit of a mish mash of ideas but it's a good look for sure. (8.5/10)

And that's all for today's post! Did you disagree with me or do you want to nominate another concept? Then leave a comment! I hope you enjoyed your stay here at HJC and I hope to see you again soon!
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Taylor R. for COTW.

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