Sunday: Trying To Be Open Minded

Hello everyone and welcome to another Sunday post!

First off, before I get to my rant, congratulations to Christian on another impressive COTW win, to Avi and Scott for their competition victories, and again to Colin who received his 2015 HJC Open banner!

Now on to current jersey happenings. First off, we have the Utica Comets unveiling a new 3rd jersey.  You can check out a full gallery of the set here.

Green is a terribly underused colour in hockey, and this set looks extremely sharp. The logo looks great, the stripes are classy and nicely designed, and they managed to pull of the white yoke. Are we going to see a reversal and witness Vancouver copy their farm club's design? I doubt it, but if they used a Johnny Canuck logo, or a recoloured Millionaires logo, I think I'd be okay with it. 9/10

Now we go from an awesome design to ... well... this:

Swamp Rabbits eh? First off, its not as crazy as it sounds. There is a lot of community and historical significance with the name, linking it to the railway history there. I love when names actually mean something, and its not like Road Warriors was a great name either, but its still a long, somewhat cheesey name that I expect for a minor league baseball team.

But today, I'm going to try to be open-minded.  So...

Experimentation and creativity should be encouraged, especially at this level of pro hockey, so I'm actually excited for the name change. And the logos are fun and interesting as well. The swamp puddle with "SR" on it is a little lazy, but the other logos are well done.

One problem though: those jerseys don't fit the identity at all.  Blue and white jerseys are boring, and only work for teams with very significant history (Tampa Bay isn't worthy yet either).  Orange and blue jerseys are basically non-existent, but why not start now? If the aim is to be original and unique, the jersey design has failed.

I know I usually stick with traditional and old school designs, but this is a fun reinvention of a team that stopped short from being awesome and memorable.  7.4/10

And with that out of the way, lets get to some concepts!

COTW Aug 23-29 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Finn Balor - Brian B.

First up today is Brian and his concept for WWE's Finn Balor.  I'm somewhat getting back into WWE, but I haven't been following Finn Balor much.  I do know that his warpaint (which this concept is based on) is absolutely wicked.

A closed-minded William would complain about how unconventional the size of the front logo is. But Finn's paint is unconventional, and a logo this big looks nice and intimidating.
The stripe patterns are edgy but not over-complicated.
Colours are well balanced.
The gradients work well and look subtle but give awesome depth to this jersey.

Everything here is unconventional and edgy, besides the socks. The socks look alright on their own, but if we're throwing out the jersey rulebook for the rest of the set, you might as well include socks too.
I get why the name is on the back, and why its not the standard nameplate, but it looks really awkward as it is.

Overall: A closed-minded William would hate this, but open-minded William sees the awesome intensity this jersey brings. Not flawless on execution, but very cool anyways.  7.9/10

Montreal Canadiens vs Boston Bruins - Lucas D.

Next is Lucas' set for the upcoming Winter Classic for Montreal and Boston.

The Canadiens jersey is nothing new and exciting. Its the 1922 jersey. But why mess with perfection?
Actually, having white collars and laces are different, but those are changes I can live with.
Boston's jersey is something new and original that borrows from past jerseys. 
The brown arms come from the original jersey, but I wasn't really excited for a red vs brown matchup. Despite my usual feelings on contrasting arms,  I think this is a great compromise.
Montreal's jersey is definitely believable. Boston's is a bit of a stretch, but they'll probably wear something similar.

The names on the back are a little small.
The back number on Boston's jersey needs more outline.

Overall: I would not be disapointed in the slightest if this is the jersey matchup we get. 8.6/10

Daniel Bryan - Phil B.

For some reason, the Islanders fans adopted Daniel Bryan's "YES" chant as their own. It'll even be included in NHL16. So maybe the logical next step is a Daniel Bryan-themed jersey?

Definitely looks like an Islanders jersey, but with striping they've never used. I like it.
The logo is awkward to work with, but the sizing looks about right.
The set is well executed.
Definitely better than a B+ design.

There is no need for any of the black stripes on the jersey
Sadly I doubt we'd see a NHL/WWE merchandising crossover, so I can't say this is believable. That sucks, because I'm sure these jersey would sell like hotcakes.

Overall: YES! YES! YES! YES! 8.5/10

Los Angeles Clippers - Taylor R.

Last up today is Taylor, who has been dishing out some radical NBA designs lately, and this concept for the Clippers is no exception.

Hooray for not using their new logo.
This is adapted from their previous uniforms, and while I don't get the shape they use, it looks really cool and original on a hockey jersey.

Colours are well balanced.
Execution is solid.

Wish the numbers didn't go over the arm stripe, but not much can be done about that with this design.

I like the "LAC" logo on the neck, but maybe the NBA logo should go there, and the LAC should be on the shoulders.

Overall: Really awesome work! 9/10

Any of today's jerseys could be my COTW nominee, but I'll go with Taylor R's Los Angeles Clippers concept!

Don't forget to vote for this week's COTW vote, which includes another NBA concept by Taylor as well as work from Christian L. and Matt G.

That's it for me today. Thanks for reading and see you next week!
Sunday: Trying To Be Open Minded Reviewed by Unknown on August 30, 2015 Rating: 5


winnipegjets96 said...

I'll 2nd Taylor R. for COTW. Do you plan on doing the Clippers current um....look

Unknown said...

Yes, unfortunately.

DBro Alexander said...

I love the Swamp Rabbits logos, and like i said the other day, the font is a bit meh, and there's one alternate logo that doesn't do it for me. But for the jerseys, I have a feeling that was the team's decision. Brandiose tends to create some wild jerseys, check out the Eugene Emeralds... Perhaps the front office didn't want to spend any more money on the identity for now after probably spending a good deal of money on the new identity.

Unknown said...

Yeah gonna agree with you on that, DBro

Unknown said...

I wonder how many people are already putting together Swamp Rabbits concepts. I have mine nearly done. New home, road, alt. home and alt road. Aren't the uniforms that Greenville is wearing just the ones they wore with the Warriors last year and Toronto template?

Anonymous said...

The funniest thing is that 2 seasons ago, I was part of the group (Blue & Orange Army) that started doing the YES! Chant after goals, since we have several WWE fans in our group, and my most memorable game was last season's home opener. We scored 3 goals against Carolina that night. After the first goal, all the fans in our corner of the Coliseum joined in. After the second goal, all the fans in our half did it. Then after the third goal, everybody was doing it. It was very rewarding for me and my fellow BOA guys. Just a small thing we were doing for s**ts & giggles became this massive movement that engulfed the Islanders fanbase.

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