Sunday: I Hope You Like Colorado

Hello and welcome to a new Colorado-filled HJC post!

As you might have found out by now, and I hope you have, we're in the middle of a Colorado Avalanche competition, with 2 divisions and an extended deadline until Tuesday.  We also have a bunch of Avalanche concepts that I'll be reviewing today, with some other dazzling alternates from other teams as well. 

But before I get to those, I'll take a quick minute to talk about the new Grand Rapids Griffins jersey. 





Knowing that the AHL is a league of copycat jersey designs, normally I'd be happy about a team bringing out a new colour scheme.  But the Griffins had a great colour scheme that might not be totally original, but it was at least different than their parent club, and they looked great in those colours.  I like black, grey, red and white scheme, but it just doesn't go with the Griffins identity in my opinion.  I get more of a Motor City Mechanics vibe from it.

 Their previous logo might be a little dated, but it's still a solid logo, and they have better ones to use than the new one they went with.  This new logo isn't bad, but a little more cartoonish than it needs to be.  I would expect a similar logo for an ECHL or lower-tiered team semi-pro team. Even if they used this as a alternate logo on a jersey (which they did), I'd be fine with it.

The striping is what makes and breaks this design for me.  This traditional striping looks much better than what they had before, and fits in with my idea of what the Griffins should look like.  But with the new logo being so bold, cartoonish and flashy, the jersey should follow that. It's just a mismatch of styles.

Overall:  Considering that they aren't just Red Wing copies, I still like these jerseys. But I feel like this redesign isn't a step forward or backward, it's just a shuffle to somewhere new.  7/10

Before I get to the concepts, just a reminder that we have our COTW vote this week, with the recent heavyweight champions of concept making Chris W, Christian L and Taylor R going at it one more time.  Last week, I said Chris W's concept is my new COTY favourite, but it'll be tough to advance past this week with amazing competition to pick from.

Colorado Avalanche ReDesign entries (due Tuesday @ 10pm Eastern)

COTW Aug 16-22 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Alrighty then, it's concept time!

Here are today's competition entries.

Alex R.

Jimmy T.

Taylor R.

Danny R.

Jordan R.


Colorado Avalanche - Christian L.

 First up today is Christian L's Colorado Avalanche redesign.  As said earlier, Christian is one of HJC's superstar artists, but can he possibly fix the Avs' weary set?

Loving the mountain striping, they looked great with them before, but the bolder stripes really make them stand out.
The arms are basically the same, which I think is a good thing.  No need to over complicate them as they still work with the mountain striping.

The 3rd with the brand new colour scheme, logo and recoloured shoulder logo looks perfect.
This set is very believable, including the refreshingly original alternate.

The new alternate logo is awesome, and works just fine, but I see a golden opportunity to bring the Bigfoot logo back and use it in it's place.  Maybe I'm just being nostalgic.

Overall:  The only thing that could ruin this set is black pants. Really awesome work.  9/10

Montreal Canadiens -  Daniel L.

Leaving the Colorado concepts for a second, here's a pair of alternate jersey concepts from Daniel. First up, he tries making one for the Montreal Canadiens.

Arm stripes look sharp.
The chest sash looks really well done here, and that's saying something considering my usual dislike for them.
Equipment is well done.
I really like what you did with the captain's patch.

I'd love to see a red collar instead of white.
I understand why the sash isn't on the back, but the back looks terribly plain as is.  Even if you just had hem stripes that ran horizontal at the bottom, and connected to the diagonal front stripes on the left side of the jersey, I think it would work better.

Overall:  Many try to make a Habs alternate, and few look as good as this.  Well done! 8.3/10

Ottawa Senators - Daniel L.

Daniel's second concept today is a Sens alternate. 

Those stripes look fantastic!  Very well done.
A Sens jersey without the word "SENS" in the front is one I can definitely live with.

I feel like this jersey references the original Sens jerseys with black jerseys and two thin stripes as the stripe pattern (ignoring the gold trim here). 
I don't get why this logo isn't being used by them, it's fantastic and looks great on this jersey as well as almost any of their jerseys.

The pants and socks should have gold trim/stripes on the outsides, to match the arms.
The number should also have a thin gold outline on the outside I think.

Overall: Another believable and awesome alternate design.  8.7/10

Colorado Avalanche - Jack H.

Back to more Avalanche concepts, this time with Jack giving us his new set.

As great and unique as burgundy is, I'd love to see a light blue primary jersey in the NHL.
Using only the diagonal wordmark for this set is a bold strategy. Not one I agree with, but still a solid choice.

Striping pattern looks really solid.
Hooray for no black pants!

The wordmarks are a little too big and long.
The name on the back should be a little bigger, and maybe bolder.
Having their current logo or the "C" logo would be perfect for shoulder patches here.

Overall:  Interesting look, but I don't think a wordmark only set works for the Avs.  7.6/10

Colorado Avalanche - Jarrett T.

It's Jarrett's turn to give us his Avs concept, this being an alternate concept.

I think the "C" is good enough for a logo on it's own.  I think it looks really sharp here, especially with fairly simple striping.
The striping is fairly simple, but unique in design. 
The colours are very well balanced.
Again, hooray for no black pants.

The stripes all look various sizes between the arms, hems and socks, and it doesn't look that great.
The grey stripes aren't really necessary, and make the stripes busier than they need to be.

Overall: It's an interesting alternate, and better than what they have now, but it's still in need of some polish.

Anaheim Ducks - Ryan H.

Last up is HJC's own Ryan H. and his Anaheim Ducks alternate.

Using the old logo is a huge plus.
White yoke looks amazing with these colours
Stripes look simple but really sharp and effective.
Sizing and execution is very well done.
I think this is the jersey Anaheim deserves, and the one it needs right now.

Black isn't used much in this otherwise colourful and bright jersey, so the black numbers and name stand out for the wrong reasons.  A bronze or orange outline between the black and white could be a simple fix.

Overall: I'd love to see the Ducks in these uniforms! 9/10

My COTW nomination this week could go to almost any concept seen today, but I'll have to give it to Christian L's Colorado Avalanche concept!

Alright that's it for this week.  Don't forget to vote for COTW and send in your Colorado Avalanche competition entries by Tuesday!

Thanks for reading and see you next week!
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