Saturday: Updated Policy

The winners of the COTY-July & COTW votes will be announced a bit further down in this post. I feel like the WWE Competition has put the HJC Logo Use Policy in the spotlight this past week. I read all of the comments from last Saturday's post and the conclusion that I came to was, while some people understood the initial HJC Logo Use Policy, there were too many that did not. Because of this it has now been updated and I feel it is very black and white now. There should not be any confusion as to what logos need to be cited. The HJC Logo Use Policy now reads;

If you use any image or logo NOT posted on Sportslogos.net you must give credit ON the image(s) you send in. To properly credit you should find the name of the artist. If that can't be found, you must post the direct link to the image on your concept. If neither of those can be done then don't use the logo, image, or photo. "Google Images" is NEVER an acceptable way to cite an image!

The winner of the COTY-July vote was Chris W!

Full Results
Chris W. (STJ) - 12
Christian L. (EDM) - 9
Christian L. (HALF) - 6
Christian L. (WPG) - 5
Christian L. (HAM) - 1

It's amazing to see Christian win 4 out of 5 COTW votes in July, but the one he didn't win was good enough to take him down. This proves how difficult it is for anyone to win the Concept of the Year. Congrats Chris and we'll see your concept again for the 3rd Quarter Vote later this year.


The winner of the COTW Aug 2-8 vote was Ryan C!

Full Results
Ryan C. (MIL) - 13
SnowMonster (COL) -9
CPM (FLA) - 6
SnowMonster (SS) - 5

This is Ryan's 2nd COTW and his first since late March. Nice work Ryan, and great name!


The new COTW nominees have been listed on the side of the page. They're in the black poll. Voting ends on Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern. If you have some sort of Google account you should be able to vote. Good luck to all.


The winner of the WWE Competition was Taylor R.

Full Results

Taylor's win does come with a footnote though. His concept did not comply with the HJC Logo Use Policy that was in place last week. Seeing as there was so much confusion regarding that policy I will count this as a win for Taylor. However, due to the concept violating the policy, this win will not be posted on the Past Competition Winners page.


On Friday morning we announced a new competition. The Colorado Avalanche 20th Anniversary ReDesign is now on. This competition has two divisions, a logo division and a jerseys division. You also get two entries into this comp, and how you want to use those two entries is up to you. 2 jersey entries? 2 logo entries? Or perhaps one of each? Because of the logo aspect there is also an extended deadline. Entries are due by Tuesday, August 25 at 10pm Eastern time. Note that time deadline is not the usual 11:59pm Eastern. Good luck to everyone.


COTW Aug 9-15 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Avalanche ReDesign entries (due Tue, Aug 25 @ 10pm Eastern)
Saturday: Updated Policy Reviewed by Ryan on August 15, 2015 Rating: 5


Ryan C said...

Yay! :)

Unknown said...

I wasnt sure how the vote would go but I was able to finally beat Christian. After losing a COTW to one of his designs that was in the July vote and in the HJC Open. Christian did a great job on his creations.

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