Monday: This One Time At Band Camp...

Hello folks! At this point I've already moved in to my dorm and am beginning the long and arduous week that is commonly known as "band camp."

Yeah yeah, call me a nerd.

Well, there isn't much groundbreaking news in the way of hockey that hasn't been covered by other writers. Ducks and Avs got some cool new jerseys. Check. The Kamloops Blazers have a cool new logo. Check. Brooks Freeman won the NWHL competition for the New York Riveters. Check. Wait, did I already say something about Colorado? Oh yeah! Colorado!

There's a competition to redesign Colorado's jersey! Click the banner at the top of the page for details. And while you're at it, give this week's COTW entries a quick vote.

COTW Aug 9-15 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Avalanche ReDesign entries (due Tue, Aug 25 @ 10pm Eastern)
Let's dive right into the concepts, shall we? 
Ben S. - Alaska Governor's Cup

Execution: Make sure the inside of the jersey is the same color as the outside area surrounding it (.75/1) 
Striping: The UA Fairbanks jersey is a little simple, but it works well with the jersey. The UA Anchorage on the other hand seems a little too crazy. It's like this faux gradient thing. I get the whole Northern lights idea, but it does come off as a little too crazy. (1/2)
Effectiveness: The Fairbanks jersey isn't too out of the ballpark, but I think the Anchorage jersey wouldn't stand too well on the ice. (.5/1)
Very. Very creative. (2/2)
I personally would've made either the striping or the font on the Fairbanks jersey the same. Make it either yellow with white stroke or vice a versa. It leaves the jersey a little scattered without in my opinion. The Anchorage jersey, while a little crazy, is what I'd consider to be fairly balanced. (2.5/4)

An interesting slew of ideas that could be great if they saw the drafting table again. (6.75/10)

Jamie R. - Philadelphia Flyers


Execution: Looks all clean to me! (1/1)
Striping: Wow! I love this striping. These crazy patterns are some of my favorites, as you can tell by the Hawks concept I submitted a few weeks ago. This is very much like the barbershop pole jersey and that is very much a good thing in my eyes. (2/2)
Effectiveness: For a fauxback Winter Classic, I think this could work. (1/1)
I can't complain about creativity because this works so well for Philadelphia and has never really been done before. (2/2)
Other: There is one complaint that I have. The numbers on the back do not pop enough, it's just tan on tan. I would suggest using black to really help it pop. (3/4)

Overall: A little biased here, but I think this jersey looks great. (9/10) and a COTW nom

Lucas D. - Quebec Nordiques

Execution: The Reebok logo is a little too large, and I don't know what's up with this template. It shouldn't be this pixelated. (.25/1)
Striping: Not much to talk about. I've seen the fleur de lis thing before. They do seem a little too low though. (.5/2)
Effectiveness: If the Nordiques return to Quebec, they'd wear something similar, but I don't think that it would exactly be this. (0/1)
This is way too similar to the old jersey, it only really switched out the logo. (.5/2)
Other: I just have this feeling that this jersey falls short on all fronts. It isn't doing much too creative but include a new logo, which the fleur de lis is already a little redundant as is. (1/4)

Overall: This jersey just doesn't do enough that's new to warrant a great score. (3.25/10)

Taylor R. - LA Kings

Execution: It's missing the Reebok and NHL logos. (.5/1)
Striping: It's very simple, but a great take on the current LA striping. (1.5/2)
Effectiveness: The Kings need more color. (1/1)
Not too creative. I feel it holds too much similarity to the current set, but the addition of these colors really pulls it together. (1/2)
Other: Your numbers look a little too big on the back, and the numbers on the arms too close to the stripes. I also never liked two color sets that have pants that make the set look just like a onesie. I know making the pants yellow is a little crazy, but it's what I got for an idea. (2.5/4)

Overall: I really like the pure simplicity of this jersey, it just lacks in the categories I look most for. (6.5/10)

Mike S. - Vancouver Canucks

Execution: Caught that CCM logo. Is this jersey from an alternate universe? (1/1)
Striping: A little too thin, but I love the V in the arms. (1/2)
Effectiveness: I think Vancouver likes to be too much of a rebel to really follow something like this. (0/1)
It's simple, which does fit the bill for the series. I just think, simple or not, you could've added a bit more. (1.5/2)
Other: I can't see any more issues. Maybe just working on getting those stripes, especially on the tail, to be a little crisper and cleaner. That, and the numbers do look a little strange with this set. (3/4)

Overall: It sure is simple. (6.5/10)

Well folks, that's it for today's post. I hope you enjoy the rest of your weeks. May the great lords of hockey be upon us and show us something cool to talk about next week. 
Remember to get your entries (Yes, entries plural. That means you can submit two per person) for the Colorado competition in ASAP!

If you don't agree with anything I said today, let me know! Leave a comment!
-Jack G.
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Anonymous said...

I would nominate Jamie's except for the fact that it's one stripe short of identical to his St. Louis Blues concept yesterday. Come on dude, get creative!

Anonymous said...

No Avs redesign entries???

Anonymous said...

Apparently not. And it's ok. There are people putting time and effort into their artwork. Patience anonymous. Because clearly I didn't see yours either.

Unknown said...

Phil B. I didnt realize that it was so similar until i saw what you posted and took a closer look at both of them.

Unknown said...

Taylor's Kings concept is amazing! COTW nomination.

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