Monday: Old School...Or Whatever the Thrashers Are

Hello everyone, welcome to the last day of August and another Monday post!

We got some jersey news, this time out of the WHL. The Tri-City Americans have ditched their Thrashers template jerseys for new jerseys...or are they really new? They are more of a "new to them" vibe. Don't believe me? Let's take a look:

(Photo from: amhockey.com)

Yes they are Columbus Blue Jackets jerseys with new logos and shoulder patches. There are stars about 2/3rds down the arms, which is slightly higher than on the Jackets jerseys. Honestly, this look works a lot better for the Amerks than the Jackets imo. Call me crazy but they really look good with the primary logo. If it were the Eagle logo I'd disagree, however, the Star logo matches nicely. Maybe with a larger hem stripe these jerseys could be unique, but this is not the worst case of templating by far.

Rating: 7.25/10

No contest this week, so there's no excuse for not voting for COTW....not that their was any before hand but now there's less than 0...which is like Less Than Jake, only not a 2000's pop/punk band that had a song in NHL 2004. And you wondered how I could connect NHL 2004 & COTW voting.

COTW Aug 23-29 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

On to today's 5 concepts:


Stockton Heat Concepts (By: Alan H.)

+ Breaking the S out of its roundel looks much better than the contained one
+ I'm always in favour of the Flames...or...Heat in this case use more yellow and red but don't go full 1980's with black, I dig it
+ I'd expect a crazier design from Alan, but with such a simple logo, it makes sense why not to
+ Good execution, minus one thing

- Helmet logos, never forget them
- One problem the mid 90's Flames jerseys had was the black helmets stood out like a sore thumb, red helmets would look much better

Rating: 8/10

Atlanta Thrashers Concepts (By: Taylor R.)

+ We don't see a lot of Thrashers concepts, so it's good someone is trying to tackle what is not an easy team to design for
+ While I liked the baby blue on the jerseys, going with navy and the varying shades of yellow to maroon
+ Taylors edits to the logo make it more manageable to work with
+ Like the original Thrashers, the way navy and white go together on the cuffs look awesome
+ Great execution

- The shoulder patch look better with baby blue, it's not bad but it's a small step down

Rating: 9.25/10 COTW Nom from me

Stadium Series Concept (By: Adam R.)

+ I really like what I've seen so far from this year's Stadium Series, and Adam does a good job visualizing what has been all but confirmed at this point
+ The Blue Jackets alternate numbers look great on these jerseys, they stand out, but they don't affect either of the team's classic looks
+ The chest sash is nice, but the logos actually look decent on them
+ Great execution

- I'm indifferent on the namebars, and it's the least offensive thing the SS jerseys could have, but a solid single stripe on the arms would connect it to the name bars
- Don't forget the helmet logos

Rating: 9.25/10

Boston Bruins Concept (Jack S.)

*Welcome to HJC, Jack! It's always great to get designs from new artists
+ The idea here is one I've seen in different forms, but never like this, the B logo on a chest stripe would look good
+ Glad to see you've already gotten putting numbers on the back of the jersey and arms down already

- The jersey is a fill job, which does make it look a bit like a bee jersey, but practicing arm striping will fix that, start simple and then work towards something that matches the feel you're going for
- The NOB (name on back) is off centre and a little too high
- The inside edge of the jersey and inside the collar should be yellow to match the otherside
- The white spots inside the logo should be black to match what would be underneath it

Rating: 4.5/10- this number will quickly rise with practice. Keep the concepts coming, Jack, I wanna see more!

Nashville Predators Fauxback Concept (By: Brian B.)

+ By now it's kinda decently well known Nashville has a minor league hockey history, and it'd be nice to do something to honour that, whether a Dixie Flyers throwback or something like this
+ While yellow and white doesn't usually go together, on a fauxback it can blend decently, and Brian uses a lot of blue to add more colour
+ The hem striping matches the logo and gear perfectly
+ Good execution

- The gold helmet I'm indifferent on, but a blue one would look better
- The arm stripes are kind a mess, they use the original Manchester Monarchs crown like things, which I get are supposed to be fangs, but then they go a white cuff, which isn't on the hem and it looks out of place, getting rid of the cuffs and making them like the hem stripe would fix that
- Missing helmet logo and shoulder patches

Rating: 7.5/10


That's the post
Don't forget to Vote!
Go Jets, Moosehead & Moose!
Have a great Monday/Week!
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Unknown said...

I'll second Taylor's Thrasers' set for COTW

Unknown said...

Third for Taylor's Thrashers concept. Kinda has an 80s Houston Astros feel to it with the multicolored orange striping which I like.

Avi said...

David's stadium series concept is legitimately a refill/recolor of my CBJ concepts found here....



This is ridiculous

Unknown said...

I got the striping idea from their 10th anniversary logo http://content.sportslogos.net/logos/1/2/full/8e0tc8rnbkhqgfbi0jh9toykp.gif

winnipegjets96 said...

@ Taylor, that makes sense, I can see what you mean, minus the double blue of course

Unknown said...

If the stadium series jersey's actually look like that, I don't think I'll even watch the game. They look so damn awful.

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