Monday: Back Where I Began

3 years ago I began writing for HJC, for a year, I wrote on Fridays, but now, I'm back where I began!

I'm used to saying TGIF, but it's Monday, welcome to the Monday post!

With no new jersey news, let's move right onto site news.

The Colorado Avalanche 20th anniversary logo/jersey contestapolooza is entering its final two days of the entry phase. You have until TOMORROW @ 10PM EST to get your logo and jersey and entries in. The Logo field, as Ryan mentioned, is very small, so if you wanna take a shot at a logo, please do, even if you never have before.

Here are the entries that have come in since last post:



Also, COTW voting has reset for the week, it's one of the strongest votes in a while so have your say and get your vote in before Friday

Colorado Avalanche ReDesign entries (due Tuesday @ 10pm Eastern)
COTW Aug 16-22 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

On to the concepts

San Jose Sharks Concept (By: Daniel L.)

+ I am a big fan of the Sharks original jerseys and it'd be nice to bring them back 
+ It'd be nice to see the semi-popular So-Cal patch on an actual jersey 
+ The changes to the jersey from the original are minimal, but the logos are changed which is more than I can say Pittsburgh and Washington have done 
+ Good execution, minus one thing

- The one execution error is the stitching, it should stop at the hem striping
- I've always thought the jersey would look better with either no white on the hem/cuff, or on both

Rating: 8.75/10

San Jose Sharks Concepts (By: Jack H.)

+ Like the previous concept, I dig the jerseys these are based
+ The white cuffs and hem are how I'd want the teal jersey done if they were to be redone 
+ Good execution on the jerseys, but it isn't perfect

- The teal is much too dark, it bleeds in to the black on the white jersey striping and on the logo
- With the Sharks, shoulder patches are a must, as are striping/logo on the pants
- The white jersey would look good with teal cuffs/hem

Rating: 6.75/10

Calgary Flames Concepts (By: Matt G.)

+ I'm such a fan of this the original Flames away...well I guess they were home when they were used originally but the white jersey is one of my fav ever, and seeing it come back would be perfect 
+ The recoloured shoulder patch looks pretty solid, I thought the lack of black would hurt it but it works
+ An all black Flames alternate would not be a bad idea and for the most part I like it
+ Good execution

- The black jersey needs more colours in the logo and striping, or the number should match the logo and the jersey should just be all black and red, otherwise the numbers overtake the logo 

Rating: 9/10 COTW Nom from me.

Kansas City Scouts NHL Expansion Concepts (By: Christian L.)

+ The Scouts had decent jerseys, but with the increased blue on the white jersey, the jerseys become great
+ The updated logo looks amazing, as does the original shoulder patch
+ The colour balancing is perfect
+ The execution, as Christian is known for, it excellent, aside form one error

- The shoulder patch doesn't continue onto the back of the shoulders on the white jersey, it's something so easy to catch, but always remember to review your concepts two or 3 times before sending them in

Rating: 9/10


That's post!
Don't forget to vote for COTW 
Get your Colorado Avs 20th anniversary entries in by the deadline TOMORROW @ 10pm 
Go Jets Go!
Have a great weeke......start to your week! 
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richard lewis said...

Second Matt G for COTW

Unknown said...

I'll third Matt G's Flames set, I want a set in real life!

DLowry said...

I'll nominate Christian L.'s KC concept.

Ryan said...

I'll 2nd Christian's Scouts for COTW!

Joel said...

The Sharks have a NorCal patch, not SoCal.

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