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Jumping right into the jersey/logo news, we got a new logo out of the WHL. The Kamloops Blazers unveiled an updated version of them same logo they've had since 8-tracks were useful as more than paperweights, along with a new shoulder patch. It's not entirely original, but like the Texas Stars shoulder patch, it's a great example of what to do if you're going to copy a popular logo.

Photo from: Kamloops Blazers Official Twitter

What we have here is the BC version of what the Calgary Flames shoulder patch would look like. It combines the BC Flag and the Flames patch. The waves and sun from the flag are a very nice touch and the hills are round, unlike the Flames jagged mountains. The only downgrade is the colours, and that more so has to do with red, yellow and black looking so good together. 

Rating: 8/10


I came across this on twitter yesterday and love to give shoutouts to HJC artists when their concepts are made into reality.

Brooks F.'s New York Riveters concept will be used by the team after winning the NWHL fan vote

Read the article here

Screenshot from NWHL official website

Incase you missed it the Colorado Avalanche jersey & logo redesign contest has started today instead of tomorrow. Go check out the contest page and read all the rules.

Before you enter the contest, please take time tomorrow to read the new & improved HJC logo policy 

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On to the concepts!


Ottawa Senators Concepts (By: Phil B.)

+ I've always liked the Side profile Sens logo on a chest stripe, it looks like the perfect combination of the two eras in Ottawa 
+ The hem stripe put together with the stripe makes a nice pattern, a simpler barber pole 
+ Good execution 
+ I like that there's no O logo and this a completely Modern Sens look

- The Expansion logo was unique in its own way, and maybe would have worked in 1992, but unless it were a special event game, this would not be my first choicee for a throwback 
- The white numbers on the red jersey are hard to read

Rating: 8.5/10

Ottawa Senators Concepts (By: Jamie R.)

+ Once again the side profile logo looks great on a chest stripe, and I like this one more because of the small touch of gold across it 
+ The laurels and small black hem look excellent 
+ Overall, these are both very appealing jerseys and ones that would look excellent on the ice
+ Colours are very well balanced on the jerseys 
+ Good execution 

- The shoulder patch and pants would look better with more white 

Rating: 8.75/10 

Ottawa Senatores Concept (By: Jamie R.)

+ While I'm kind of bored with the O logo, the addition of the shield makes it look excellent
+ I think it's time for a creme Sens alternate, but this doesn't look tacked on, it's a solid concept that just happens to be creme 
+ The barber pole is noticeable, but not overpowering on the jersey 
+ Good execution

- The socks have 2 sets of stripes too many
- The yoke would would look better with a shoulder patch instead of stripes 

Rating: 8.5/10

Providence Bruins Concepts (By: Taylor R.)

+ One thing a good P Bruins jersey should do is not look like a relogoed Bruins jersey, which this does, not just because of the increased yellow but the striping and yoke under stripes look solid 
+ I dig the Pruins going for yellow as their dark jersey instead of white, it suits them well and increases the AHL's colour palette 
+ Taylor's execution is great as usual, and I really like his layout 

- While the striping looks good, it does look familiar to Leafs fans who remember the last time they won the cup 
- I would like to see a shoulder patch of some sorts

Rating: 9/10 

Columbus Blue Jackets Concepts (By: Chris W.)

+ The Blue Jacks only need minor changes to their jerseys to look great, and this proves it
+ The sleeve detail looks excellent, and adds more to the Blue Jackets Military theme they have sort of been going for their entire existence 
+ The original logos look excellent
+ Good execution, and I really like that pants template
+ The addition of light blue is a good one

- Swap the C and the primary crossed cannons and this would look even better!

Rating: 9.5/10- COTW Nom from me!

That's the post!
Don't forget to vote and get working on your contest entries! 
Have an awesome weekend
Go Jets Go! 

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Unknown said...

Wow what a great day for concepts! There wasn't a single design I didn't like here. I'm gonna have to give my COTW nom to Jamie R's Ottawa set.

Unknown said...

I'll second Jamie's main ottawa set

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