Friday: Now With More Dividers!

Hey everyone! I'm going to start something new and start off by carrying Jets' legacy, TGIF!

Oh yeah, if you didn't notice my overly specific review style and bad jokes this Monday, that's because that isn't my day to write anymore! I'm officially here on Friday, and I am quite happy to be. Due to things such as work study, drumline, and the college TV show all being on Mondays, I decided it would be best to switch. This also means that now I'll have much more time to review your concepts and put a lot more thought into each review!

Speaking of which, college! I'm over at Monmouth College in Monmouth, Illinois. It's tiny but incredibly nice. I have not started to hate the food yet. The only issue I have is that it comes sans hockey team. They don't even have a field hockey team. Hopefully I'll be able to get a field hockey team started and design the jerseys for it. Red, black, and white are pretty proven colors.


Two things to rap about today. All old news (thanks DBro). Greenville has renamed their team from the Road Warriors to the Swamp Rabbits. Of course, I wish the original design for the team fit its name better and had a total Mad Max vibe to it, but I still think the navy and gold looked beautiful together. The Swamp Rabbits idea is cute, and very... ECHL. I think we all know exactly what that means.

Speaking of ECHL, the Wichita Thunder have said they have a new logo on the way. So that's a thing.


Voting ends tonight for two contests! The usual COTW as well as the Colorado Avalanche contest that I sadly could not be a part of. Still, if you also weren't a part of the competition, you can... be a part of the competition... and vote.

Colorado Avalanche ReDesign Voting (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Aug 16-22 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)


Chase C. - Team USA

Execution: Two issues. One, make sure you include the Nike swoosh. Second, on the home and away jerseys, the stitching should end at the stripes. (.5/1)
Striping: I like this thick design a lot. It fits so well with the logo and concept of the US hockey jersey. The yoke seems a little strange, but I like how it does curve up. I don't know if it was intentional, but it seems like such a subtle touch that fits so well with this. On the away set, I would've made the navy on top of the red in the stripes. It would've pulled the set much closer to the yoke. (1/2)
Effectiveness: I like this a lot, especially for something team USA should wear. (1/1)
It's simple, but that isn't terrible. It does something that US jerseys haven't done before. Now, I guess it's time to address the elephant. The alternate jersey is an exact replica of the jersey worn by the Miracle team in 1980. (.5/2)
Other: But it works well. It's fit in with two jerseys that are simple yet fashion forward, as well as a great nostalgia piece to remind people of one of the greatest moments in all of sports history. The only issue I really have is the matching pants. They seem a little weak to me. That, and the navy pants would look much better if you did flip the stripes on the home. (3/4)

Overall: It's a very simple concept that, with some polishing, could be easily passed as the real deal. (6/10)

Lucas D. - Anaheim Ducks

Execution: Weak. Everything's super pixelated, blocky, and the Reebok logo is surrounded by white for some reason. Also, the eggplant and jerseys both have their own little spots that have gold in them, which I thought was a very interesting design choice at first until I realized it wasn't repeated on the back. (0/1)
Striping: It's the Ducks alternate we saw a few weeks ago. It's good. I like it. I have a bias towards the Ducks. (1/2)
Effectiveness: I don't think Anaheim would would mirror their jerseys in a past color set to make some sort of statement. They'd probably bring back the beloved jerseys from the 90s. (0/1)
I think this jersey doesn't do anything creative as a concept. It seems just a little too... backwards. (0/2)
Other: Why I'm fine with seeing the 80s jersey but not the alternate is simple. The last concept presented something not seen before. This concept just feels incredibly lazy, by creating one jersey that already exists and recoloring it to make three more. (0/4)

Overall: I think this jersey doesn't do anything. It is hard for me to review this when it is just a template that was recolored. It just seems too lazy to me. (1/10)


Phil B. - Winter Classic
Toronto Jersey
Execution: Very polished. (1/1)
Striping: I like this vintage style. It's very similar to what was done for the game against Detroit, but still manages to be different. How thin it is actually plays in well to that vintage idea. I don't know how I feel about the yoke though. It just seems a little too full for a jersey like this. If the stripes were thicker or there was more blue without, it would make a lot more sense to me. (1.5/2)
Effectiveness: I think that if Toronto returned to the Winter Classic, this isn't a far cry from what they would wear. (1/1)
This jersey, although simple, is original. It does draw elements from other areas of the team's history and presents them in a new way. (1/2)
Other: I don't really know if that cream works too well with these jerseys. The vintage white as I prefer to see it should be something that shows a sign of age and history, and it should be something used subtly and conservatively. Teams like the Blackhawks were fine with this back in 2009 because the jersey they replicated featured those colors. But when Detroit did it in 2014, it just seemed tacky. (2.5/4)

Overall: A jersey that, if it drew back on its already few elements, could see the ice. (7/10)

Montreal Jersey
Execution: Again, very solid. (1/1)
Striping: I'm gonna say it right now. I hate the box yoke. I cannot think of a time where I thought to myself that "hey, a team could wear this and it wouldn't look awkward." If I see a square yoke, I like them to be much more akin to the New York Rangers jerseys, where the shoulder doesn't have that weird looking stroke going overhead. In regards to the striping, heck yeah! The only issue I have is the fact that if the tail stripe reaches the bottom of the jersey, the sleeves should find a way to mirror that pattern. Mostly because it is such a crazy pattern. (1/2)
Effectiveness: We all saw Montreal's atrocious pinstripe clusterf*** from a few years ago. If that saw a release, then this would definitely make the ice. (1/1)
Creative for the Habs. It does have this great vintage vibe coming from the stripes. (1.5/2)
Other: There is one glaring issue that I noticed on the Montreal jersey. That C just looks so awkward on the jersey. I think a stroke on it would be good. Other than that, it's pretty great. (3/4)

Overall: Classic style that looks pretty nice. With a few changes I'd buy this. (7.5/10)

Overall: A decent series with a few things that I would change here and there, but I could definitely see something like this done. (7.25/10) 

Taylor R. - Houston Rockets
Execution: I noticed there wasn't an NBA logo, but since there are no rules for putting one on a fan jersey... I'll let it slide. Other than that, it looks great. (1/1)
Striping: Gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. It fits the brand. It looks beautiful. Yes. (2/2)
Effectiveness: Yes yes yes. (1/1)
I love this series so far and I have to say you've done some great and crazy stuff. This is one of them. (2/2)
Other: I cannot complain about this jersey. It's well thought out and perfectly encapsulates the brand so well. I love this a lot. (4/4)

Overall: A perfect. I love this, and would buy that red jersey if it ever hits stores. I hope it does too. (10/10) and a COTW NOM from me


That's it for today! This is an excellent way to start off what I'd consider a new legacy here on this site. Well, actually I retract that statement. Regardless, for an unknown period of time I will be writing for this website on Fridays and finishing off all of your, the great reader's, weeks.

Today had a wide spread. If you disagree and think that a jersey deserves a COTW nom, make sure your voice is heard!

If you have any other opinion or agree with me on anything else, let me know right down in them there comments! I love to hear from you guys!

Jack G.
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COTW Nom. to Taylor R.

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