Wednesday: Riverkings Rebrand

Howdy Howdy, we're a little late so let's get right to it.

The latest rebrand/redesign in this offseason belongs to the SPHL's Mississippi RiverKings.
Studio 1344 / Mississippi RiverKings
Personally, I think the new marks are beautiful. The new colors are bold and pop out at you, where as the last color scheme was kind of dull, yet still unique.

Of course this is the logo that is being replaced.
I'm sure some will be sad to see the turtle leave, especially HJC reader and former writer Caz, who had designed their latest primary jerseys.

Studio 1344 did a great job making something old new again as the club's new logos reference the team's original look back when they were known as the Memphis Riverkings.

The new jerseys aren't too flashy. Pretty tame design for the new logos. I've seen worse, but I would have hoped for something better. But, again, this is an SPHL team so maybe after these fancy new logos there wasn't any money in the budget for fancy jerseys. Maybe in a season or two we'll see a new set of jerseys that go better with the new logos.

Studio 1344 / Mississippi RiverKings
 Maybe someone will come up with some new RiverKings threads for the HJC Open... Of course, it would have to be in the next round as the voting for the Quarterfinals is currently underway.

HJC Open Quarter Semi-Final entries (due Tuesday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTY-June vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW June 28-July 4 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Now to the concepts!

Utica Comets Alternate Jersey Concept - Chase C.
Chase wants to see the 'Nucks' farm team in green. The diagonal wordmark is a timeless hockey look but it looks off when paired with such a modern jersey design. I think you'd benefit from making the hem striping brighter and having the diagonal arm striping match. Get rid of the gray on the sleeves, or at least the gray above the striping. Tame the jersey a bit and the wordmark could work, otherwise, use their primary logo.

Rating: 5/10

Utica Comets Alternate Jersey Concept - Phil B.
Phil's entry into the "Get Your Own" competition. Phil, no joke, when I was playing around with the Comets for my entries, I was trying to work in that same wordmark/chest stripe design. Ultimately I decided it didn't work as well as I wanted it to. It's definitely interesting, but it's probably best on a T Shirt. Definitely ditch the "UTICA" in the green stripe. The green and silver don't have a lot of contrast so it looks odd, plus there's nothing in the bottom stripe to balance it out. The rest of the jersey is looking pretty good though, I'm not even against the white yoke here, though I'd make the green outline a little thicker.

Rating: 7/10

Texas Stars Alternate Jersey Concept - Coby S.
We haven't seen the Baby Stars' new jerseys, but one would assume they'll be pretty close to what Dallas wears. Then again, they never wore Dallas clones so who knows. Maybe we'll see them wear a black jersey, which would be nice. Something their parent club doesn't wear. Pretty straightforward design. Looks very nice with the new logos and colors. I'm not a huge fan of the black and green touching, perhaps add some thin white stripes to separate them.

Rating: 7.5/10

CFL Labour Day Game Concept - Ottawa RoughRiders vs Univ. Toronto Varsity Blues - MJFWerks
I know very little about the CFL and their traditions so I won't judge your idea, though I'm sure it's a good one. Although, pitting a team from the 70's vs a team from 1909 seems like a mismatch.

As for the unis, the Ottawa 67's.... erm... RoughRiders jerseys stays true to their actual football jerseys. Although, I'd adapt them to the hockey uniform more. Meaning, black socks with matching striping, and black pants would be nice, although this is interesting.

As for Toronto, I can't find any good pictures of their 1909 uniforms, but I'm willing to bet that what you've got is pretty close. The jerseys are pretty dull, but you are pulling design cues from football jerseys so... kinda stuck there. The tan equipment makes the uniform as a whole more interesting. I'd ditch the white in the Toronto logo since the jersey is full of vintage white.

This goes for both teams, I'd rather see logos on the front of the uniform, although the numbers are more realistic.

Rating: 7.75/10

Philadelphia Flyers Concept - Simple Series - Mike S.
Mike's simple series gets rid of Philly's arm swoops and replaces them with classic striping resembling their Winter Classic threads. Not a bad look, but I've always had a thing for their classic arm swoops that they wear now. I think if you got rid of orange and used the arm swoops, you'd have a pretty good "Simple Series" concept. But if these were to become the new primaries, I'd want to see more orange on the white jersey, but that's just me.

Rating: 8/10

Philippines Jersey Concept - Viktor B.
The flag jersey is basically a Czech Republic jersey with a new logo and gold numbers. I like the fold numbers, the really stand out on the jersey, and it's not really your fault that the Czech Republic and the Phillipines have the same flag design, just with the colors swapped. The light jersey is more unique than any of the other Sochi jerseys were. I really like the design between the stripes and the gradient in the yoke. The better of the two jerseys.

Definitely save your files bigger as this one is pretty blurry, also, change the color of your ID to a light color since it's on a black background. It was kind of hard to see your name.

Rating: 8.5/10

And there it is! A great day of new logos and concept jerseys!
Wednesday: Riverkings Rebrand Reviewed by DBro Alexander on July 08, 2015 Rating: 5


Caz said...

Good write up on the RiverKings re-brand. I was hoping it would be covered this week. I think their new colors and logos are a huge improvement, and the font is so unique! The hardest part of designing their jersey set last year was working with their colors and logo. The new stuff is much easier to work with.

I was actually involved with the jersey designs this year as well. I sent in several designs back in May, but ultimately the team's ownership went with a basic template. I've been considering sending the rejected designs in now that the logo changes have been revealed.

Ultimately, the jerseys' striping is too bland for me to consider purchasing one, but I'll have to get a hat with the new primary logo on it. They do new jersey designs almost every year, so here's hoping they go with something more bold next year.

Last thing: the RiverKings play in the SPHL, not the ECHL.

DBro Alexander said...

Damn! Nice info Caz! That's awesome you got to be involved in that.

Also, I corrected my SP/ECHL mistake. The worst part is that I know they're in the SP...

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