Wednesday: New Stuff Today!

Hello Hey Hi and Welcome to another HJC Wednesday post! On time and on schedule.

Couple cool things happened in the past day so let's take a look shall we?

First, the San Diego Gulls jerseys were leaked in an NHL 16 trailer yesterday. I've been more excited for the EASHL trailers than this jersey and this just shows why. I wasn't expecting anything great from San Diego but I wasn't expecting anything this ugly either. It's like a weird Ducks/Flames hybrid template with so much of that electric blue color.
NHL 16 Screenshot
Rating: Bleh/Blah

Sticking with the AHL, the St. John's IceCaps showed off their new duds. They went from Jets clones to Canadiens clones. This team just can't cut the cord. Not saying it's a bad design, it's not, it looks good. It's just not very interesting. Was really hoping for a unique jersey or two.
Photos from St John's IceCaps
Rating: Canadiens/Hockey

And now something else involving the Canadiens. The 2016 Winter Classic logo was unveiled today, along with the logos that we can assume will grace the front of the teams' jerseys on New Years Day.

The Winter Classic logo is nice. People calling it boring but it's been growing on me since it got leaked this morning. I really like the top of it and the details under the Bridgestone logo are nice. I really like the old school Habs logo. The multicolored C and H is neat. And the Bruins logo is a Bruins logo. I've never liked black and brown together so meh. A lot of people are guessing we'll see jerseys from the early 20's which could give us a beautiful matchup with a lot of stripes... at least on Boston.

Well that's enough cool news. But we have something cooler for you anyway. Voting for the HJC Open Final!!! I think this is going to be a close one. Both Colin and Christian sent in strong entries for the final. I just voted while typing this sentence, so there's no excuse for you not to vote. It's that easy.

You know while you're voting for the Open you can vote for the COTW as well? It's just as easy! Poll's on the side of the page!

HJC Open Final entries (due Tuesday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW July 19-25 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Enough of my nonsense! Concept Time!

Tulsa Oilers Concept - Brooks F.
Brooks ignores the temptation to design cues from Edmonton's jerseys. The result is a classic/modern hybrid. The striping pattern is a classic hockey look, but it's beefed up with modern decorations for the team name and TV numbers. I'm ok with the TV numbers, but I think the team name is overboard. Not a big fan of the yoke. The end of it seems awkward. I do like the pants striping. Logo could me moved up a tad and maybe slightly smaller.

Rating: 8/10

Grand Rapids Griffins Alternate Jersey Concept - Ryan C.
I don't remember if this was an entry in last year's Griffin's contest, but since it's now July I'm assuming not. It would have been a good one though. I like the logo choice. It looks good on this primarily dark jersey. The pants don't exactly fit in but that's not Ryan's fault, it's just what they wear. I think a blue helmet would look a lot better as well.

Rating: 8/10

2017 Winter Classic Concept - Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Vancouver Canucks - Vaughn R - Willian B.
First off, the matchup probably wouldn't happen in a Winter Classic. Heritage Classic for sure. If you think that for the League's 100th anniversary the matchup won't be 2 Original 6 teams then you are probably wrong. Odds are it will be the Blackhawks and someone honestly. Everything the league do will be a spectacle that year and they'll want the most eyes on it so they'll go after 2 of the biggest draws and Vancouver doesn't fit that bill. Toronto is realistic though.

Jerseys - Toronto's jersey is a remake of the Toronto Arenas' 1918-19 jersey and it looks great. It's a shame there's no leaf on the shoulders or anything but I'm sure they could go on the epuipment...that we can't see... Vancouver's jersey is just a color swap of their Millionaires jersey with TV numbers and a shoulder patch. Ditch the TV Numbers and the Patch and it's pretty great.

Rating: 8.5/10

R&R Connection Concept - Achievement Hunter - BPoe96
I'm somewhat familiar with RoosterTeeth And Achievement Hunter. The jersey itself is great. I love the double stripe design. The logos look great and the connections to RoosterTeeth and AH are fantastic. This would make a top notch piece of merch. Execution is top notch as well. I'd like to see some more black on the socks and the hem of the jersey.

Rating: 9/10

There you go. Small but good group of concepts today! Don't forget to go vote for the COTW and Open Finals! And leave some comments or COTW Noms!
Wednesday: New Stuff Today! Reviewed by DBro Alexander on July 29, 2015 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

The Canadiens still have one of the worst jerseys in all of hockey.

COTW to BPoe

Unknown said...

I second BPoe for COTW. And I think the Canadiens set would be much better if they matched.

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