Tuesday: O'Really?

Well news about hockey should have been dying down until training camp but here in Buffalo we always need something to spoil the fun. First it was the Buffalo Bills' offensive line coach getting in some trouble. Arrested for what I believe was punching a kid because he thought he was stealing his beach chairs? I don't know. Then actually pretty hilariously Bills cornerback Duke Williams was called out on twitter by an adult actress for DM'ing her on twitter non stop. Then of course Ryan O'Reilly charged for impaired driving.

Last year at this time I believe we had 3 Buffalo sports figures announce something cancer related, so I'll take crime issues over something life threatening, but there is never a dull moment in Buffalo sports. Always something happening. There's never a dull moment on HJC though either. So we should get directly to the concepts. While you are here for the day take a moment and vote for the COTY and COTW on the right of the page. Then tomorrow you can come back and vote for the HJC Open concepts!

HJC Quarter Final entries (due Tuesday by 11:59pm Eastern)
2nd Quarter Vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW July 5-11 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Washington Capitals Concept - Chase C.
 Chase tries to make an alternate for Washington? A modern away jersey for Washington? Whatever it is supposed to be for I agree 100% with the blue used. That vibrant blue is so eye catching and I think should be used by Washington. For the most part I like the simplistic look of the jersey. I think you could have more though. Maybe something with the yoke or adding stars. You have a lot of stars on the pants (maybe a little too much) so I would try and get those going. Maybe on the arm striping you can have red stars in place of the red stripe? Execution note, no reebok name on the back, and the hem stitching is cutting through the blue when it shouldn't be.

Rating: 7.8/10

 Grand Rapids Griffins Concept - Connor L.
 Man this takes me back. That contest was pretty exciting. A lot of disappointed people but they chose, and if they got what they wanted then by all means. The logo is a nice choice, I'm a fan of that. What I'm not a fan of though is the use of different blue for the jersey. As for the design, obviously the execution needs work. You can see all the spots going outside the jersey lines probably from a pencil tool but getting past that the design is actually something I'm interested in. Maybe done with a different color scheme and executed right a design like that could look pretty decent. It's good that it wasn't something so simple, and actually fits their brand nicely. To the bad parts, the name and number font don't mesh well with a hockey jersey. The Detroit logo on the back is where the AHL and Reebok logo should be. Reebok logo on the back not their. No TV numbers. Like I said, execution wasn't big on this concept but I do like the idea you had!

Rating: 6.7/10

Arizona Coyotes Concept - 
 At first glance I could already tell this was nice. It's modern, it's new, it's simple. One thing I would say instantly would be to add the sand color. It's in the logo and used as an accent between white and black would look really nice. In Between the stripes and the yoke pattern having just that small amount would be good enough. Then around the numbers and what not. I think that change would make this go over the top. Also, third concept in a row without the Reebok logo on the back. Or at the very least the CCM logo. Something I just noticed now too is the huge TV numbers. I don't know if that was just a sizing mistake or if it was meant. Regardless, I say make them the normal size. The big TV numbers looked very mad in my opinion for the Stadium Series jerseys.

Rating: 8.2/10

Powell River Kings Concept - Vaughn R.
Vaughn continues his BCHL series. Moving on to the Powell River Kings. Very interesting design choice here. I do have a problem with the the way it's executed. For instance on all three jerseys the striping from hem to cuff are all different. You have a very slim stripe between the colors on the hem but on the arm cuff it becomes thicker. That's how it should be for the hem. I think it should match in size all the way around. For the home jersey there is a decent amount of yellow but on the road the yellow is back to just a trim color. I think yellow should be in place of the white and then have white as that trim accent color. I like the yellow as a third but instead of making it brighter with a yellow yoke have a black or green yoke to balance out the colors. I think these jerseys need a little bit more time in the design process. Looking at color balance and consistency is huge. When making a jersey make sure your design goes well together. From the colors, yoke, arm striping, hem, numbering, letters and logos. If you look and notice you have different striping styles then maybe it's not going in the right direction. Just my two cents. Let me know if you agree.

Home and Road: 6.9/10
Alternate: 6.8/10

If you have not been following Christians thread on CCSL Forums then I suggest you don't. Not because it's bad but if you haven't seen it, it's worth the wait to have it unveiled here. Just wait and see because he's done a very great job.

Rating: Excited.

This Tuesday is down the drain. Did you agree with my opinions? Do you think I should stop voicing my opinion because you think it's stupid? Let the public know in the comments! Have a nice Tuesday everyone! I'll be back next week!
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I Nominate Ryan C's Arizona Coyotes concept

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