Tuesday: Almost There

We are almost to the regular season....kind of. Development camps I believe have started league wide this week. Slowly inching toward to another season. Granted we are still a ways away. Now it's the part of the off-season that's slow and annoying. Just annoying because it's all just anticipation for the new season. Luckily for me Buffalo is also a huge football city so we have another season to look forward to. In the meantime with my vacation over the rest of summer is just working and preparing for school. Would love to get some more concept and logo work in this summer to make myself better at that. It's been awhile so I need to get in the mood soon.

How's everyone else's summer so far? Sports wise, life wise? This summer for me is probably going to be pretty eventless as I'll just be waiting for things to come...and whenever I do that the days actually go by really fast and before I know it I'm back in the work/school rotation with almost no free time. Shucks. Growing up is overrated.


HJC Open Quarter Semi-Final entries (due Tuesday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

COTY-June vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

COTW June 28-July 4 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)


Philadelphia Flyers Concept - Chase C.
 Chase makes an alternate jersey for the Flyers. I believe they need a black jersey. I love orange as their primary but a black jersey to me is necessary. It's simple, it's effective. I'd like to see something that reflects off of their primaries but going in this direction is fine too. I would like to see the hem striping match the arm striping with the orange covering the bottom. Name in orange might be difficult to see. Make that white with orange outline or maybe an orange nameplate and white name? Just to try and fit it to their style. I actually don't like nameplate colors but on the Flyers I'm fine with it. I think since they made it a 'thing' they should keep that look.

Rating: 8.2/10

Ottawa Senators Concept - Mike S.
 This Ottawa concept in Mike's simple series is pretty simple but also gives a little character to it. The striping is what I'd like to see Ottawa wear. That and maybe a different logo choice, but that's another story. Mike adds in the famous Ottawa Senators pattern that I want to return to their jerseys. I'm just not so sure that's the way it should be made. Maybe because it's small and almost doesn't make a real impact on the design. If you had it larger over the striping or having it as the yoke pattern in the center of the jersey that could be something to think about. It would keep it simple but it would give that design element more of a reason to be apparent.

Rating: 8.4/10 Nice, just would like to see more of that gold.

Kelowna Rockets/ Quebec Remparts Labour Day Concept - MJFWerks
 I've been a fan of this series so far. It's different but M has done a good job making everything look nice. One day I actually hope we see something like this in a higher league. Not so much based off a football team but an NHL team using big numbers as the crest. I know Chicago did back in the day and maybe a few others but as a third jersey I think it might be a cool thing to see. The Alouettes jersey for Quebec looks so nice. I mean, hell, if the Rangers came out in something like that for a night I wouldn't mind. Okay, maybe not the Rangers but that's a nice looking hockey jersey. The Kelowna one I'm less interested in just because it's a traditional basic style (Not that the Alouettes one isn't) but something about it is just alright. Though it still is executed very nicely.

Rating: 8.5/10

San Jose Barracuda Concept - Phil B.
 Phil gives the ..IMO the most atrociously looking team in the AHL a different jersey. To be honest, nothing is going to make their logos look good to me on a jersey. The jersey is pretty good. I don't think orange touching gray looks good to me though. The brightness of the orange and the neutral gray interact in a way that just doesn't have a good effect on my eyes. Maybe if you switched the striping around so it goes orange-white-black-gray or just eliminating gray or orange. I think the teal black gray and white color combo is a lot better than with the orange. Switching the colors I think could go along way.

Rating: 7.5/10

Penticton Vees Alternate - Vaughn R.

Penticton Vees - Vaughn R.
 When it comes to unpopular teams that don't get a lot of media attention it's hard for me to find the actual jerseys the team wears. Either because Google images shows a lot of different jerseys for them or their website doesn't show much. As for this whole set I'd have to say it goes south of what they wear. In a nutshell these are recolored LA jerseys. I like the color scheme and I think it could be executed better. For instance I think that blue is beautiful. It's more prominent on the logo and I think should be the primary color in this set. Black to that powder/light blue is a perfect accent color to make the difference between the blue and white very nice looking. The jerseys are fine though as it is. Just would like to see something different. And the third logo has a purple color in it. To me atleast that's just a detail that I think should be fixed to match the set. It would just match better. Just a note to make -  I think the name and number are riding up too close to each other and the piping. Giving them some more space would look better. 

Rating: 7.1/10

A Tuesday is wrapped up and I'm so sorry that it has to end. How great would it be if I rated 100 concepts per post? Actually that would be terrible. No offence. Just a quick question. If we had 100 concepts per post, how many concepts do you think would be similar or maybe almost exactly the same? I think you could possible match up 20 or so with each other. I mean, some days with just 6-7 we have a match. Challenge for all! Take a couple days ...weeks and try to make jerseys that really explore different ideas. Even if it's terrible. Send them in! Get your mind flowing and trying to give hockey a new modern/classic look. To me, that's what I've been going for lately. A modern classic. Go go go!!!!!!



Tuesday: Almost There Reviewed by Unknown on July 07, 2015 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

It should be the Giants vs Remparts, the Lions play in Vancouver, not Kelowna

Unknown said...

"Challenge for all! Take a couple days ...weeks and try to make jerseys that really explore different ideas. Even if it's terrible. Send them in! Get your mind flowing and trying to give hockey a new modern/classic look. To me, that's what I've been going for lately. A modern classic. "

Amen to that!

That is what I was going for with my Rochester Amerks concept I submitted to the "Open Cup".
I would love to get your feedback on that concept BTW.

Unknown said...

I can't get over that Alouettes' sweater, I want one...
The Armada would be a closer team than the Remparts to Montreal, and the "A" logo would have been easier to adapt into the Als' triangle.
Regardless, an outstanding unique hockey template!!!

Unknown said...

I'll nominate MJFWerks's Labour Day CFL concept for COTW, since it's getting so much discussion. As for getting the cities wrong, he probably chose Kelowna over Vancouver because Kelowna is awesome. Although another option might have been Kamloops because the BC Lions hold their training camp there.

M said...

Thanks Colin. Actually you are part right there. In addition to the popularity of both teams, they also faced off in the recent Memorial Cup tournament.
So I guess I kind of took a bit of real world promotional tactics into organizing my hypothetical event.

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