Thursday: Time for a Redesign...for Real This Time

Hello guys and welcome back to another Thursday post!

Yesterday Dylan covered all of the logos and uniform news that happened so I'm just going to give my thoughts. For the pictures (aside from a few extra screenshots of the Gulls' uniforms) then go scroll down to his post!
Screenshots from EASHL trailer
As you can see the uniforms are Flames/Ducks hybrid uniforms. As much as I dislike copycat AHL teams, these would have been much better if they were just Ducks copies instead of these hybrids.

St John's: Classic uniforms but again unoriginal copies. I think going with last years version as opposed to the more classic version they're using this year (adding laces and using one color collar) was the better option for their AHL affiliate.

Winter Classic: The logos look great and I'm really looking forward to what we get uniform wise. My prediction for at least the Habs is their regular unis (possibly a different collar) with that logo on it, and hopefully they'll use canvas pants as well for accuracy.

So this week we have the final round of the HJC open with Colin and Christian and both giving us some great concepts for this final round, so go leave your vote for that, it'll be a tough one to pick. And while you're at it just move your mouse to the side of the page and vote for COTW as well. It's that simple!

HJC Open Final entries (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW July 19-25 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

So as the title says I have finished my thing about the NHL teams who need a redesign...sort of. I did numbers 5-10 and the top 5 teams will be up next week. The order has changed slightly but none of teams themselves have, so my listing from last week is somewhat accurate. Anyways enough rambling, here it is! (contained in a spoiler tag since I now know how to do two in one post)

Onto the concepts!

Brooks F. - Reading Royals
Idea: Holy purple!(1/1)
Creativity: Definitely (1/1)
Execution: -Vertical stitching needs to stop at the chest stripe and then continue afterwards. 
-Inside of the collar should be black on both jerseys
-Otherwise solid (1.25/2)
Realism: Definitely, especially for the ECHL with all the diamonds in the stripes(1/1)
Pizazz: I can't say no but I can't completely say yes either (0.5/1)
Other areas: 
+ I love how the logo blends right into the chest stripe. It wouldn't have exactly the same effect in real life but still it would look cool 
+Good logo choice all around
-Diamond overload. Waaaay too many. Either lose some or sublimate them
-The purple jersey may be too purple. I would make the pants black, but leave them purple for the white, or use shells since an ECHL team may not be able to have 2 sets of pants.

Overall: (7.75/10)

Brooks F. - Utah Grizzlies
Idea: This is a crazy jersey for an ECHL team. Fits well (1/1)
Creativity: Oh definitely (1/1)
Execution: Vertical stitching needs to stop at the hem stripes and the inside hem on the front should be green. Otherwise solid (1/2)
Realism: For anywhere above the ECHL probably not, but this is the ECHL (1/1)
Pizazz: For sure (1/1)
Other areas: 
+This color scheme looks great
+The logo choice is great again as well
+Good choice leaving the pants blank
-I would flip the hand around so the nails are on the claw marks. To me right now it almost just looks like a decapitated hand

Overall: (8/10)

Ryan C. - Grand Rapids Griffins
Idea: Simple design and classic looking alternate (1/1)
Creativity: Creative concept (1/1)
Execution: There are a few loose white pixels near the armpit of each jersey. Otherwise solid (1.75/2)
Realism: Definitely (1/1)
Pizazz: Nope (0/1)
Other areas: 
+Good, simple design that actually reminds me somewhat of the Red Wings
+The striping pops in a good way
+The font looks great
-Nothing really

Overall: (8.75/10)

William B. - Las Vegas Fighting Saints (NHL Expansion)
Idea: If the NHL expands to Vegas they definitely need some jerseys(1/1)
Creativity: Creating a team is definitely creative(1/1)
Execution: TV numbers look too small, otherwise solid (1.5/2)
Realism: For a Vegas team I'm pretty sure they're sold on Black Knights, but this is definitely a realistic look regardless (1/1)
Pizazz: I think so (1/1)
Other areas:
+The custom logos look great
+I like the use of the Minnesota Fighting Saints logo
+Saints of Sin City sounds contradictory but it works really well
+Great touch adding a T-shirt design
+The wordmark on the third jersey fits well
-The arm striping should be widened to match the hem striping
-I'm not sure that logo is really enough for primary status. It looks more like a shoulder patch to me. I have no idea about your knowledge and skill of designing logos, but it's hard to do without experience.

Overall: (8.5/10)
Quick note on presentation: I like the presentation layout and it's pretty much the same thing I did when I used this template but the back needs to be more visible, it's very hard to see the numbers and the font from the way it's laid out now, and in my opinion the TV numbers don't really show you how it would look on the back of the jersey.

And that wraps up this post. It's hard to pick one but I'm going to nominate William B.'s Fighting Saints concept for COTW since it can be hard to create an expansion franchise and he did a pretty good job of it. Do you want to leave your opinion on redesigning, or a concept on today's post, or nominate a concept? Then leave a comment! I hope you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you again next Thursday.
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Unknown said...

I'll second Willaim B. for COTW.

Unknown said...

It's a close one, but I have to give my vote to Ryan C. That is such a pretty jersey.

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