Thursday: Time for a Redesign

Hello all and welcome back for another Thursday post!

Being a jersey enthusiast I have, like some of you as well, a decent collection of jerseys myself. Some of you may not be interested but I've made a page on my blog with my whole collection. I'll list them down below but if you want to see pictures as well click the right here, and leave a comment with your collection too, I want to see how your collections look as well. I know my collection wouldn't be half as big without my dad giving me some of these jerseys from his own collection or just as a gift, or just receiving them as gifts from both of my parents. My personal favorite jerseys in the collection will be in bold font.
-Pittsburgh Penguins alternate jersey (2014-present; also with socks)
Player: Olli Maatta
-Edmonton Oilers home jersey (alternate 2008-11, primary home 2011-present; also ordered socks)

Player: Ryan Nugent-Hopkins
-Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins road jersey (exact years unknown, assumed 2012-present)
Player: none

-Red Deer Rebels alternate jersey (2010-2014)
Player: none (want to get Nugent-Hopkins on the back)

-Pittsburgh Penguins home jersey (2007-present)
Player: Olli Maatta (this is the only fake jersey I still own)

-Pittsburgh Penguins home jersey (2007-present)
Player: Evgeni Malkin

-Pittsburgh Penguins road jersey (2007-present)
Player: Evgeni Malkin

-Pittsburgh Penguins alternate jersey (2008-11 & Winter Classic 2008; also with socks and shells)
Player: Sidney Crosby

-Pittsburgh Penguins home jersey (used as alternate 2000-02, primary home 2002-07)
Player: none

-Pittsburgh Penguins home jersey (1992-2002)
Player: none

-Pittsburgh Penguins road jersey (1992-97)
Player: none

-Buffalo Sabres road jersey (assumed to be 1983-96)
Player: none

-Buffalo Sabres Reebok Edge authentic home jersey (2007-08)
Player: none

-Atlanta Thrashers road jersey (2007-11)
Player: none

-Edmonton Oilers home jersey (2007-11, alternate for 2011-12 season)
Player: none

-Tampa Bay Lightning road/home jersey (1992-2007, home jersey starting in 2003-04 season)
Player: none

-New York Islanders alternate jersey (2002-07)
Player: Michael Peca (Captain)

-St. Louis Blues home jersey (1985-87)
Player: none

-St. Louis Blues home jersey (1998-2007)
Player: none

-Columbus Blue Jackets home jersey (2007-15)
Player: none

-New Jersey Devils home/road jersey (1992-2007, road jersey starting in 2003-04 season)
Player: none

-Chicago Blackhawks road jersey (1965-99)
Player: none

-Calgary Flames road jersey (1980-81)
Player: none

-Dallas Stars Reebok Edge authentic practice jersey (assumed 2007-13)
Player: none

So, about the title of this post, I've also been writing a thing on the top 10 NHL teams that need a redesign and why they do. I haven't had time to write it all before this post here, but I'm just going to list the 10 teams that I chose here:

10. Carolina Hurricanes
9. Buffalo Sabres
8. Arizona Coyotes
7. San Jose Sharks
6. Columbus Blue Jackets
5. Washington Capitals
4. Calgary Flames
3. Florida Panthers
2. Colorado Avalanche
And for number one...drumroll please (insert drumroll sound effect here)
1. Ottawa Senators AND Pittsburgh Penguins

So there's my list. Probably a lot of teams you were expecting and maybe a few you weren't. If you have a different opinion to add be sure to comment and maybe I'll change my mind by the time I get to write this.
So the HJC Open is in the final stretch. Only 2 more rounds to go. Another great batch of concepts were sent in and I still don't even know which one to pick for the one set. You should definitely go vote for that. And while you're at it go leave a vote for the regular COTW vote as well. They're just as important (or maybe even more important) to HJC as the Open vote is.

HJC Open Semi-Finals Voting (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW July 12-18 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
On to the concepts!

David P. - Rapaces de Gap
Idea: This team definitely needs a redesign (1/1)
Creativity: This set plays off the current jerseys well while also improving on it (1/1)
-Vertical stitching needs to stop at the hem stripe
-Otherwise solid (1.75/2)
Realism: For this to be realistic it would need to be covered in ads. But anywhere else this would be fine (1/1)
Pizazz: Doesn't have it (0/1)
Other areas: 
+Improves the current look
+Good unity in the set (same striping patterns everywhere on each uniform) 
-Helmet and pants logos should be added, but I'm also not sure if they're used in this league
-The blue numbers on the white jersey may be hard to read. I would go with black numbers or at least make the outline thicker

Overall: (7.75/10)

Matt G. - Colorado Avalanche vs Detroit Red Wings (Stadium Series 2016)
Idea: The different kind of mountain striping and the sublimated wings would work great in a stadium series (1/1)
Creativity: It’s nothing that blows your mind but it’s creative enough to earn the point (1/1)
Execution:  -Maybe it’s just me but the anniversary patch looks too small
-Iceborn branding on pants should be removed and replaced with the logo, as Dylan mentioned yesterday
-There should be a name on the Detroit jersey and the captains patch shouldn't be just an outline
Realism: It's a bit out there, but I don't think it's out there enough for a Stadium Series game (0/1)
Pizazz: Somewhat, but not entirely (0.5/1)
Other areas: 
+Everyone wants to see mountain striping return to Colorado, this is different but it's a start
+The wings on the shoulders would work well for the Red Wings
+While maybe not the most fit for a Stadium Series game, these aren't bad designs by any means
+Colorado's glove design is interesting and I like it
-Colorado's socks just look like a paint bucket fill

Overall: (6.5/10)

Matt M. - New York Riveters
As a few other writers have mentioned I'm pretty sure these concepts were for the NWHL's design competition. I'm a bit disappointed I didn't know about it until it was too late but oh well.
Idea: They obviously needed some jerseys so good idea to give them some (1/1)
Creativity: Nowhere to take this from so definitely (1/1)
Execution:  The number's may be a little hard to read on both jerseys. Not really sure what else to do though and otherwise solid (1.75/2)
Realism: I could see these on the ice for sure, even in the NHL with the Lady Liberty logo on it (1/1)
Pizazz: It's a good, pretty simple design, but nothing stands out to me too much (0/1)
Other areas: 
+Simple yet unique design
+Reminds me of the Rangers, which is good for a New York team
-I would make the hem striping a little smaller, the jersey looks pretty busy as is

Overall: (8.25/10)

Tristan M - University of Toronto Varsity Blues
Idea: So as I should have expected they currently wear Leafs copies, and Tristan goes and gives them a unique style (1/1)
Creativity: It still stays simple, but adds the red from the logo and gives a more unique design (1/1)
Execution: Solid (2/2)
Realism: This could easily be on the ice in any league. I could easily see the Jets in these even (1/1)
Pizazz: Nothing blows me away too much though (0/1)
Other areas: 
+I like the script on the helmet
+The yoke design looks beautiful
+Good unity overall
-A red outline on the numbers on the white jersey would look good

Overall: (8.5/10)

So that's today's post. I'm going to give my COTW nomination to Matt M's New York Riveters concept. Do you want to nominate another concept or leave your opinion on them? Then leave a comment! I hope you guys enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you next week.
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Matt G said...

The Wings sweaters are a throwback to the late 40's to early 60's sweaters that had white captains letters and no name on the back. I was thinking even for the stadium series that the Wings would go traditional. The shoulder wings are the added stadium series flair.

Modeled here by Terrible Ted:

richard lewis said...

Matt G's stadium series jerseys for COTW

Unknown said...

Matt M. for COTW.

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