Thursday - Free agent frenzy

Hello again everybody and welcome back to HJC on this (hopefully) fine Thursday for another post! As Dylan said yesterday everybody has already talked about the new jersey updates so here's my quick rundown of my opinions as well:

Anaheim: Laces change from black to white on the home jersey. Pretty lateral move. Not really better or worse. I preferred the black though or maybe orange.
Arizona: I think it's an improvement but also a mish mash of ideas, and like the black was thrown on after the rest of the design had been completed.
Colorado: For whatever reason they decide to ignore the bad parts of their jersey and change a pretty good part. The replacement isn't bad though either.
Columbus: I like this a lot better. It's just my personal opinion but I like that logo much better than the cap logo.
Edmonton: Everyone wanted an orange jersey and they got it. Orange is the New Blue. Beauty.
Montreal: Making classic even classic-er, and a really nice touch with the French LNH patch. Another beauty.
Washington: Another fairly lateral move. Only real difference and benefit is that they can wear it at home now.

Free agency has also been pretty crazy. Vermette and Michalek, both getting traded away at the deadline decide to go back and sign with Arizona again. Maybe it was their plan all along. But one of the most talked about things wasn't even a signing.
I am aware I didn't add the TV numbers
Phil Kessel traded to the Penguins. Love this trade. They didn't have to give up any of their young defenseman like Maatta or Pouliot and the biggest giveaway was Kasperi Kapanen. Imagine a line of Hornqvist - Crosby - Kessel. I'm really excited for next season now and am anxious to see if GMJR makes any other moves.

This week we have our usual COTW vote, but this week Ryan is trying out another poll on the sidebar. I think this one may actually work though so that's good news. Also the HJC Open vote is going on! Click the banner at the top of the page and go vote for your top 10 concepts! The top 16 will move on to the next round.

HJC Open Round Robin Voting (Ends Friday July 3 @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW June 21-27 poll (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Now onto the concepts. Here's the usual guidelines of my rating system, with one new category:
Idea: Even if the concept is bad is there still a good, creative idea at the core? 1 point
Creativity: 1 point
Execution: 2 points
Realism: Would this jersey be believable to be seen on the ice? 1 point
Pizazz, wow factor, just something that makes the concept really stand out. It's hard to do but I don't think you can have a perfect concept without it: 1 point
Other areas of the concept, or just the overall look, regardless of the other categories: 4-6 points
If I feel that one of the categories doesn't need reviewed as much as the other ones I will exclude it from being reviewed and move the points to another one. Other areas will always be reviewed, and logically the final score will just be the individual scores added up.

And now the reviews:

Christian C. - USA
Idea: Looks new to me but reminds me of old jerseys. I like it. (1/1)
Creativity: N/A (0/0)
Execution: The outline on the numbers and script on the white jersey blend into each other a bit, otherwise solid (1.5/2)
Realism: Definitely (1/1)
Pizazz: It's so simple but I'm torn so it gets a (0.5/1)
Other areas: This is just a really solid concept. It reminds me of both 2010 and 1980, while bringing new things to the table. The script looks great and the stars on the shoulders look great as well. I really just don't have a complaint. (5/5)

Overall: I really like this concept, even though it's quite simple (9/10)

Christian L. - Edmonton Oilers
Idea: N/A (0/0)
Creativity: Something new to the Oilers, especially the script(1/1)
Execution: Surprisingly there are a lot of small errors. The sleeve stripes on the right side of each template layout are a bit too high and not meeting the bottom of the sleeve. Around the yoke it also does not look like the 2 colors meet directly and there is a gap between them. I'm not sure how else to explain that so I'll attach a photo. Also, I see in my preview app on my mac that you have ID on your concept. However it doesn't show up when it is on the blog here. Not sure why. Overall these errors don't detract from the overall look of the concept unless you're very observant. (1/2)
It's very small, but there is a gap between the yoke color and collar/outline
Realism: I could easily imagine this being the jersey McJesus wore on the stage when he got drafted (1/1)
Pizazz: (1/1)
Other areas: This jersey is beautiful. It has a fauxback vibe while looking modern at the same time. I didn't like the script at first but it's growing on me, and the oil drop in the O is a nice touch. I usually like the hem and arms to match more than this, but it works here, having the hem filled all the way down instead of a stripe like the arms. This is just a great looking jersey (5/5)

Overall: Those small execution errors aside this is a 10 (9/10)

Lucas D. - Boston Bruins
Idea: I'll give you this, the Bruins in brown and yellow would look great (1/1)
Creativity: This is virtually a direct copy of the current jerseys (0/1)
Execution: A few things that need to be fixed here. The stitching should stop at the hem striping, the front logo is too small, the left shoulder patch on each jersey is facing inwards instead of out, and the area where the outline meets the jersey looks pixelated. Also the area inside the collar should be colored yellow and brown, or depending on what the yoke color may be. A few key errors here, these can really change the look of the concept. (0.5/2)
Realism: I guess since this is virtually what they wear now it has to get the point (1/1)
Pizazz: (0/1)

Other areas: The Bruins have a good looking set overall. Changing the black to brown doesn't really change that. I mean I guess this is a good looking concept but I can't give you many points since this is a direct copy of their current jerseys, minus a few small changes. Speaking of small changes, the numbers would look better with an outline like they are now. I do like adding the alternate logo as a shoulder patch though. (1/4)

Overall: Even though it looks good, the only reason this is so low is because it's virtually just a direct copy of the current set. Use your brain, man! I know you can come up with more original ideas, I've seen them from you and reviewed some myself. (3.5/10)

Matt G. - Ottawa Senators
Idea: With the limited color palette, this was a good idea. (1/1)
Creativity: It's hard to argue taking a team down to 2 colors isn't creative...even though it wasn't his idea it was Ryan's...from the competition...I'll give you the benefit of the doubt though (1/1)
Execution: Inside of the jersey and collar needs to be filled in red. Otherwise solid. (1.5/2)
Realism: I hate to bust you on this since I don't think the Senators becoming 2 colors is realistic, but this was for the competition, so (N/A)
Pizazz: (0/1)
Other areas: I like where this concept is going but overall I think it's too busy. Tone down the striping a bit. I really like the logo though, a great way to take advantage of the 2 colors. The font could be improved though. I don't mind it but I don't like it either (4/5)

Overall: Decent look if the Senators became 2 colored, but needs a little work (7.5/10)

Vaughn R. - Merritt Centennials
Idea: (0/0)
Creativity: According to a Google, this team has worn a large selection of jerseys, including a Senators/Penguins Reebok template, Blackhawks copies, and Habs jerseys with black instead of blue. This concept seems original.(1/1)
Execution: The logo looks too big and where are the names??? (1.5/2)
Realism: I could see this on the ice (1/1)
Pizazz: (0/1)
Other areas: A solid concept. It reminds me somewhat of the Blackhawks still, while it isn't screaming it in my face like a direct copy would, just maybe whispering it in my ear or something. The white really pops on the red jersey. As I'll mention in the next review (I actually did that one before this one), I like the idea of having the numbers in the crest and applaud the creativity, but I don't think it works out. (4/5)

Overall: Pretty good and unique look (7.5/10)

Idea: I love it honestly, this could work great for a minor team and ties in with the logo perfectly (1/1)
Creativity: Unique concept (1/1)
Execution: Looks good (2/2)
Realism: For a league like the BCHL, definitely believable (1/1)
Pizazz: I think so (1/1)
Other areas: I don't really have anything else positive to say that hasn't been said already, but there aren't many negatives. The logo could do without the number inside of it but I like the idea, and the top also looks bare, mainly from the back. A simple fix would most likely be to just make the collar red or black. The black in the numbers looks out of place but there really wasn't much else to do with the pattern coming into them like that (2.5/4)

Overall: Really like this concept and this idea. Just a few touch ups to make. (8.5/10)

William B. - Pittsburgh Penguins
Looks like we're saving the best team to be reviewed last.
Idea: See "Matt G. - Ottawa Senators" (1/1)
Creativity: Again, see "Matt G. - Ottawa Senators" (1/1)
Execution: Solid (2/2)
Realism: Again, again, see "Matt G. - Ottawa Senators (N/A)
Pizazz: (0/1)
Other areas: I think this would look great if the Penguins were to switch to double blue and only double blue. The home/road set looks classic and reminds me of the current alternates as well. The alternate is a bit different but definitely looks good, and I think the robo penguin really benefits from removing the left side, albeit it does look a little off balance for lack of better words. The Winter Classic is exactly what it should be - it pays tribute to the design the Pens originally wore when they started playing hockey. I would change the shade of light blue though, it looks borderline teal to me and I think it would be better if it looked closer to the light blue used on the original Winter Classic jerseys (4/5)

Overall: Good look for being limited to 2 colors (8/10)

And that's the post! Pretty good set of concepts today, and my possibly-maybe somewhat biased (2nd favorite team) COTW nomination goes to Christian L.'s Oilers concept. Did you disagree with my reviews? Did you like a different concept and want to nominate it? Did you just want to start a random discussion about food or somethin? Then leave a comment! I hope you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you guys next Thursday.
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Unknown said...

My best rating ever! 8.5! Yaaaay

Unknown said...

I will second Christian's Oilers concept. And on a side note, the way you highlighted your COTW nom is a little hard on the eyes.

richard lewis said...

Matt G'a Ottawa concept for COTW

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