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Hello fellow jersey enthusiasts and welcome back!

Quick note: I've created my own blog on blogger here to post my own concepts and photo edits, along with some other things every once in a while, so go check it out if you'd like. Here's the link, and I will also have a post or area on the blog with my jersey collection, once I can figure it out. The design is also very rough for now but I'll be working on that soon.

Today we only have four concepts to review (technically five but two are just different versions of the same concept), but I also have added something extra that you guys can read.

First off here are the votes that are going on this week. First off we have our usual COTW vote, nothing different. We also have the 2nd quarter vote for COTY, it's hard to believe this year is over half over already. Last but not least we have the HJC Open vote for the quarterfinals. I sadly didn't make it past last round, and by the time I voted I had given up and just voted for my opponent. Oh well. I'll be ready for next year and good luck to everyone who remains, it'll be tough to win.
HJC Quarter Final Vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
2nd Quarter Vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW July 5-11 Vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

So the first thing we have for today is some logo news:

The AHL's Milwaukee Admirals have unveiled their new logos and uniforms yesterday
All photos from Nashville Predators
I love this rebrand and the new jersey design as well. They no longer look like a cartoon and draw from their past for the logo. The jersey design is new and unique and still looks great. Only thing I don't really like is the shoulder patch, I like the idea but it just looks too busy to me.

The next thing here is a small article type thing that compares fake jerseys to legitimate ones from my own personal experience. It is pretty long for an introduction to a post so I decided to put it inside a spoiler tag type of thing, hopefully it's working, and if not here's a link to the same exact article posted on my personal blog.

Here's the article (hopefully):

And now on to the concepts!

As usual here's my scoring guidelines. I tried using the spoiler tag again but that appears to have not worked because of the other one so here they are:
Idea: Even if the concept is bad is there still a good, creative idea at the core? 1 point
Creativity: 1 point
Execution: 2 points
Realism: Would this jersey be believable to be seen on the ice? 1 point
Pizazz, wow factor, just something that makes the concept really stand out. It's hard to do but I don't think you can have a perfect concept without it: 1 point
Other areas of the concept, or just the overall look, regardless of the other categories: 5/6 points
If I feel that one of the categories doesn't need reviewed as much as the other ones I will exclude it from being reviewed and move the points to another one. Other areas will always be reviewed, and logically the final score will just be the individual scores added up. 

Christian L. - Portland Mountaineers (NHL Expansion)
Idea: Given all of the recent expansion talk this is definitely a good idea (1/1)
Creativity: Coming up with your own teams and logos for an expansion is definitely creative (1/1)
-"Portland" at the top looks a tad off center to me (1.75/2)
Realism: Especially with the roundel fad thing over the past 15 or so years I could definitely see this being used (1/1)
Pizazz: Stands out to me (1/1)
Other areas: 
+Solid logo
+Mountains in the M are a great touch
- The logo inside the roundel looks top heavy
-At the top of the M it would look better if the stroke of the M and the pickaxes flowed into each other rather than being separate like they are

Overall: Great logo in my opinion (8.75/10)

Idea: Refer to what I said about the logo (1/1)
Creativity: Again, refer to what I said about the logo (1/1)
-Vertical stitching should stop at the hem stripe on the road jersey like it does on the home (1.5/2)
Realism: Simple, definitely realistic design (1/1)
Pizazz: Still stands out to me (1/1)
Other areas: 
+Simple, solid, classy design
+Fits the brand well, in my opinion
+I like the choice of the laces collar
-Add some white to the home jersey, and gray to the road
-Just replacing the gray on the home jersey with white might be a better option
-The gray on the home blends in with the green and yellow, again replacing it with white or adding some white would make it pop more 

Overall: (8.5/10) and a COTW nomination

Mike S. - San Jose Sharks
Idea: Simple usually looks the best, so a lot of good concepts have been coming from this series (1/1)
Creativity: Plays off the current set but makes additions and improvements (1/1)
Execution: Solid (2/2)
Realism: Not too sure... (0.5/1)
Pizazz: I think this concept stands out (1/1)
Other areas: 
+Plays off of and improves the current set well
+the NorCal patch is a great choice
+the gradient striping is pulled off pretty well
-however I'm not too sure how well It would work for the Sharks, or an NHL team in general
-gradient stripes' sizes are inconsistent

Overall: (8.5/10)

Zach E. - Buffalo Sabres
Idea: A lot of people want to see the Sabres in yellow... well completely yellow and not half yellow and half blue...(1/1)
Creativity: Simple overall but pretty creative (1/1)
-Numbers are way too big
-That includes TV numbers
-The TV numbers should be displayed differently; the 5 should partially cut off and show on the other side since it would not be centered the way it is now, this only applies for numbers with a 1 in it
-White fill from yoke outlines bleeds into stitching, and also the some of the stitching is white on the back hemline
-Shoulder patches are also too big
-The name is a tad small and looks off center
-Shades of blue look inconsistent throughout the concept
A lot of smaller, not incredibly noticeable, yet essential things (0.5/2)
Realism: Definitely(1/1)
Pizazz: Close but not quite (0.5/1)
Other areas: 
+Again, yellow alternate
+The custom B/sword logo looks great
+That logo also works really well with the wordmark
+Striping resembles current and past Sabres jerseys
-When I first saw these they reminded me of the Oilers' jerseys, I would make the white stripe just a little thicker 
-I would also avoid the colored namebar

Overall: I prefer the wordmark version, the B logo seems more fit as a shoulder patch but meshes well with the wordmark as I mentioned (7/10)

Well that's another post finished. A lot of good concepts in todays small batch, and for those of you who read it I hope you enjoyed the article thing on fake jerseys. Do you guys have something else to say about the concepts today, the Admirals, fake jerseys, or anything else? Then leave a comment! I hope you guys enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you guys again next Thursday.
Thursday: Fake Jerseys Reviewed by Bpoe on July 16, 2015 Rating: 5

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE everything the Admirals did in the rebrand except for one thing. I love the double blue, I love that the black is gone, I love the new logo and the lack of cartoons. The jerseys are sharp. But they really screwed up on one thing: the socks. Vertical striping like that, and only on the sides, it terrible. Yes the Ads are known for that but they shouldn't be.

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