Sunday: Relocation

Hello everyone, welcome to another Sunday post from your favourite current Sunday writer, William!

So while today's post could refer to NHL team relocation, sadly there's no news to pass on that subject.  But instead, I'm the one relocating to a new home.  I'm moving out at the end of the month with my girlfriend.  Not far, just across town, but because of our busy schedules, the next few weeks are going to be brutally hectic, but hopefully that won't stop me from bringing some awesome posts to you guys.

But anyways, back to hockey.  While there's no new relocations, we do have a new jersey set from the AHL's Milwaukee Admirals, and wow are they gorgeous! Finally a design that doesn't copy a parent club.  An awesome set of logos (10/10) to go with some modern but interesting and anything but plain jerseys (9/10). As a whole, the set gets a 9.5/10 from me, a refreshing surprise from the AHL after a slew of missed opportunities.

So we're down to the final four of the HJC Open. The four artists remaining are big fish in HJC's talent pond, so we should expect some fantastic concepts in the remaining two rounds! Good luck to everyone who is left!

And don't forget to vote for the COTW vote, where two fantastic sets go head to head!

HJC Open Semi-Finals entries (due Tuesday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW July 12-18 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Alright, time for today's concepts!

Seattle Sasquatch - Christian L.

First up is the next set in Christian's absolutely stunning expansion set.  The next stop on his expansion journey takes us to Seattle.

I'm not sure if any artist on HJC right now is better at designing and executing original logos than Christian.  This logo is no exception.  The subtle tree design on the forehead is masterful work.  That being said, I'm not sure if Sasquatch is the right name for this logo. Maybe it's Yeti, maybe it's Beast, maybe it's Cavemen, maybe it's Maybelline.
The colour scheme is different than pretty much any Seattle-based design shown on this site, and yet still looks fantastic.
The arm and hem design is unique, and the little trees are a perfect shot in the arm for some team identity.

The dark jersey could use some white, and I'm not sure if the numbers are light enough to really stand out.

Overall:  While recent news of Seattles' expansion bidding process leaving their NHL hopes out in the wilderness, this design really shines in the spotlight.  9.8/10

Grateful Dead -  Dylan T.

I might be too sober to properly review this next concept, but I'll try my best.  Here's a concept for a legendary band and their legendary fanbase: The Grateful Dead!

Using their main logo as the jersey logo is a good choice, and it actually looks good on a hockey jersey.
The rounded skeleton logo is also a good choice for their shoulder.
Very good use of an anniversary logo.
Interesting but effective hem stripe design.

I get the tie-dye thing, but the hem has a really awesome thing going for it, and the arms kind of kill it.  Do something red/white/blue on the arms instead and you could have a legitimate design that could look awesome in a game, not just a fun but cheesy fan jersey.
No name, number or TV numbers.  Even if this is a fan jersey of sorts, we should still see that stuff.
The colours are alright, but it could use a Touch of Grey.

Overall:  In their current form, no one would be seen Truckin' in these.  But I guess if they were free, they would make a great Alabama Giveaway. (Okay I'll stop).  Cool, but needs a lot of work.  6.5/10

St. Louis Blues - Mike S.

Next is Mike's "simple" St. Louis Blues design.  I usually say simple is always better, but does this design follow that trend?

Not a ton has changes, which is great considering that these are solid uniforms to begin with.
The back number is now white, and I wouldn't say that it's better than yellow, but it works just the same. 
I like their colours now, but using the darker shades helps them get away from the Predators colours a little bit more, so that's not a bad choice by any means.
I've got nothing to pick at execution wise.

It's not a change for the better, or a change for the worse, it's just a change.  A very small, unecessary change.

Overall: Well executed, but too simple and nothing new to write home about.  8/10

Boston Bruins - Taylor S.

Last up is Taylor's Under Armour takeover design for the Bruins. This is a total overhaul of their look that goes back to their classic roots.

Taking a new-ish logo and making it look like it belongs pre-1950 is impressive.
Bringing back the old "B" logo should be a no-brainer idea for the Bruins.
I really don't think we have enough yellow home jerseys in the NHL, and the Bruins are team #1 that could fix that.
The stripes are simple enough, but have a bit of a modern twist that helps them look unique.

Not really liking the look of the wordmark and logo being separate colours.
Black and brown isn't a great colour combination.  You could easily just use dark brown as your darkest colour, and stick with white, yellow, and maybe tan if needed.
An alternate with the same striping as the main jersey is never good, unless it's related to a classic jersey.
There's a reason most people send square images as concepts, it gives the jerseys more room and it's easier to zoom in on the jerseys and see more of them.  Having long and narrow images like these aren't a great idea for a site like this.

Overall:  It's a neat idea, but pretty flawed at this stage. 6.9/10

My COTW nominee today needs no explanation.  In a post full of interesting, fun but unpolished concepts, Christian L's Seattle Sasquatch concept reigns supreme and wins my COTW nomination.

That's all for me today.  Don't forget to vote for COTW, send in your HJC Open entries (if you're still involved), and have an awesome week! 

Thanks for reading, see you next weekend!
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I second Christian L.'s nomination.

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