Monday: Summertime Saadness

Hello everyone! It's Monday!

After a week of celebration and patriotism for both Canada and the good ol' United States of A, it's time to settle down and remember the most important thing that we have: hockey. 

I wish I could spend more time talking about the trades going on right now, but it seems like the usual fare. The two biggest surprises to me so far were the trades done by the Blackhawks and by the Leafs. Not only the strange and unexpected trade of Brandon Saad, but also names such as Richards, Raanta, and Vermette. I had come to love Richards during the playoffs last season and was questioning buying a Rangers jersey with his name. Luckily he moved to my hometown next season and I held off on that decision. This season the name I wanted was Vermette, a solid player that I would've expected the Hawks to keep for at least one more season, especially after his great performance in the playoffs. DBro, I know you love Raanta, but I think it was for two reasons. The first being that Darling stepped up and outperformed towards the end of the season, and second, the Blackhawks don't need three amazing goalies, especially when this high to salary cap. The Kessel trade was a little strange, it's really hard to believe Phil Kessel is going to be wearing the same jersey as Sidney Crosby. 
I'd like to say thank you for those of you who voted for me for the HJC Open. I sadly did not move on to the next round, although I came just short. Maybe next year. Even though you might not be in the Open doesn't mean you can't participate! Check the voting schedule to see when it's your time to vote and decide the HJC Open champ of 2015! Also, as always, there are Concept of the X votes going on RIGHT NOW, so you don't even have to wait til the end of the week to get your voting fix in!

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It's concept time!

Justin Cox - Colorado Avalanche

Execution: Solid execution. There is one thing I'd like to say though, is that when people use the Iceborn template, they usually don't include the NHL and Reebok patches. It's simply my preference to have it there, but since you did use this specific template, I'll give you the full point. (1/1) 
Striping: Beautiful as always. These mountain designs for the Avalanche are always killer. I prefer these arm stripes to the full yoke. (2/2)
Effectiveness: I wish this is the alternate logo that Colorado gave us. (1/1)
Creativity: These Avalanche jerseys with the mountain design are a dime a dozen, but it's the original logo that sells me on this concept. (1.5/2)
Other: I don't think that blue pants were the best choice for this set. I would've added some stripes. The logos look amazing. (3/4)

Overall: A great jersey, as good as any Avalanche jersey will get. (8.5/10)

Mike Sweezey - Vancouver Canucks

Execution: No problems here. (1/1) 
Striping: One simple complaint, I feel the hem should have that third stripe on the arms. (1.5/2)
Effectiveness: For a throwback or an alternate, I could see this working for years. (1/1)
Creativity: Most jerseys I see like this have either vintage white or mock the striped arms of the original Millionaires jersey. Good changes made here. (1.75/2)
Other: The numbers probably weren't the best choice for a more vintage concept. Also, this would look stellar with either a new shoulder patch or moving that V onto the helmets. (2.5/4)

Overall: I like this concept a lot, and it's undeniably beautiful, but sadly there are just a few things that in my eyes fall a little short. (7.75/10)

MJFWerks - CHL Labour Day

Execution: Killed it. (1/1) 
Striping: WOW. Just... the striping on that Edmonton jersey is gorgeous. The Hitmen jersey is no short of beautiful either. I have no complaints here. Maybe just a hem stripe to make it feel a little less football and a little more hockey, but I understand completely why you wouldn't want to do this. (2/2)
Effectiveness: I would buy that Oil Kings jersey. (1/1)
Creativity: The most creative thing I've seen here. (2/2)
Other: These jerseys and patterns look much, much better on sweaters. Having the numbers on the front and back while having the logo on the arm in the stripes is genius. The color identities for both teams look and feel great, better than their current. I would, however, love to see the logo on the front a la Sharks. (3.5/4)

Overall: This is possibly one of the coolest series I've ever seen. The only complaint I have echoes that of Will. Put the logo somewhere on the front! (9.5/10) and a COTW Nom from me
 Vaughn Roberts - Nanaimo Clippers

Execution: Yeah, it seems like you hit the necessary parts. (1/1) 
Striping: Original on the front, which is always good, but the alt looks a little too empty. (1/2)
Effectiveness: I could see the home working more as an alternate, but could still see something similar on the ice. (.5/1)
Creativity: Definitely creative on the home set, but the alternate isn't too much. (1.5/2)
Other: One big issue I have is the name on the front. Have something a little more dynamic! Second, the stuff you did with the numbers could be improved. Put a stroke on the TV numbers on the alternate. Maybe add more black to it. On the home and away, try to center the TV numbers a little more. On the front, copy what you did on the back and try to make it more symmetrical with the patch. (2/4)

Overall: Original, but needs some work. (6/10)
 Phil Beck - Iowa Wild

Execution: Missing the AHL logo, but otherwise good. (.75/1) 
Striping: A little interesting for the Wild. Also, I would've tilted that wordmark to be parallel to the striping or vice a verse. (1/2)
Effectiveness: I don't know if this fits well with the Wild. (0/1)
Creativity: Very creative, that's for sure, but... (2/2)
Other: There's many elements I could see being improved. For instance, add more white or use cream on the numbers. There isn't any white anywhere else so the NOB looks awkward. I would maybe make the striping a little more complicated (see CPM's Blazers jersey in the COTW). Remove the stitching from the arms as it doesn't follow the striping pattern. But for some reason, I like this still. I guess it's just me being a Ducks fan that beckons me toward this. (3/4)

Overall: It's good. There are a lot of changes I would make personally, but overall, it's good. (6.75/10)
Well, that's it for Monday. Thanks for reading as always. Remember to always vote! Either vote for your favorite jersey of the day, of the week, or of last month! Don't agree with my choice? Leave a comment down below!

-Jack G.
Monday: Summertime Saadness Reviewed by Unknown on July 06, 2015 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

I second MFJWerks' COTW nom. I'm liking this series.

M said...

Thanks for liking the series guys. It's funny, but you're hitting on all the notes that I was debating with while making these.
Unfortunately I was unhappy with my initial results when trying to make them "more hockey", so I decided that "full football" was my preference for this instance anyway.
Of course stopping short of painting the ice green....although...

DBro Alexander said...

I know the Hawks don't NEEEEED 3 goalies but the last few seasons it's been a season saver once Crawford goes down.

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