Monday is the new Thursday

Hello guys and welcome back to another...Monday post! Jack couldn't write today's post, so it is I, Brendan, your Thursday writer, filling in for him today.

I still haven't had the chance to finish that article on the redesigns, hopefully I can get that finished for Thursday. But I did make (well edit the text of) this comic so..here!

So this week we have the usual COTW vote and we also have the HJC Open finals! The two artists who have made it this far are the best of the best and the best can only be decided by you guys. They have until tomorrow to submit their final concept and then you vote. This round is sure to be a good one.

HJC Open Final entries (due Tuesday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW July 19-25 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Now let's get on to the concepts!

Brooks F. - Quad City Mallards
Idea: N/A (0/0)
Creativity: Simple look that reminds me of their current set, but doesn't copy it (1/1)
Execution: Vertical stitching needs to stop at the striping, otherwise solid (1.75/2)
Realism: Definitely could see this on the ice (1/1)
Pizazz: Nope (0/1)
Other areas: 
+Mallards would look great in green
+The simple striping looks great
+The colors are balanced well
-Nothing negative really

Overall: (8.75/10)

Idea: N/A (0/0)
Creativity: Uses their current set as inspiration but gives it it's own features (1/1)
-Chest stripe should be above the stitching that is there, then the stitching should continue afterwards
-The back numbers are hard to read, especially at a distance. I would make them black 
+I would also make the name either green or black
Realism: Definitely realistic (1/1)
Pizazz: Again, nope (0/1)
Other areas: 
+The striping looks great
+The alternate logos look great on this jersey
-The black stripes could benefit from being just a little bolder

Overall: (7/10)

Chris W. - St. John's IceCaps
Idea: As far as I'm aware the IceCaps have not unveiled their new jerseys and this would be much better than a Habs copy (1/1)
Creativity: Uses elements from Montreal but also has a unique look (1/1)
Execution: Back numbers and the Captain and assistants patches look too big, otherwise solid (1.5/2)
Realism: Definitely (1/1)
Pizazz: I can't say yes but I can't say no either... (0.5/1)
Other areas: 
+The SJN logo looks great, and really uses the Habs identity well
+The arm length yoke looks great  as well especially with the striping in it
+The hem striping also has a Canadiens like look
+-Not sure if going with red socks on the blue jersey would look good or not, I guess it would be something I'd have to see on the ice to judge
-Based on what you currently have I would remove the small silver stripe on the hem on the white jersey and sock and make the socks on both jerseys identical to the Habs' socks. For a farm team this would be great so that way they can use the same socks.
-I would use the blue helmet on the alternate jersey as well, it reminds me of this jersey here and that would look better than a pure white helmet

Overall: (8/10) and a COTW nomination

William B. & Vaughn R. - Montreal Canadiens vs Ottawa Senators (Stadium Series)
Idea: Not a bad matchup for a Stadium Series, especially for the 100th anniversary (1/1)
Creativity: Unique concept for sure (1/1)
Execution: The numbers on the back look a little too large. The only other thing isn't detrimental to the look at all so I'm not even going to deduct points, but your title says "2017 NHL Stadium Series", but your logo has 2016. And either way wouldn't the NHL's 100th anniversary be in the 2017-18 season, because of when it was founded? (1.5/2)
Realism: The Senators look too conservative for a Stadium Series, while the Habs don't. Also they've always gone with the same template for both teams. That's not to say it can't change, especially for the 100th anniversary, but for now it doesn't seem realistic. (1/1)
Pizazz: Not sure.. (0.5/1)
Other areas: 
+Much better than the Sens current jerseys
+Using that pattern in the striping is also a great look
+The Habs jersey looks more reminiscent of a Stadium Series jersey while also having a classic "vibe" to it
-The name on the Ottawa jersey would look much better in gold, the white stands out in a bad way, and the same can be said about the Captain patch
-The hem stripes on the Senators jersey look very inexact

Overall: (8/10)

Well that's all for today's post. Small batch of concepts again, hopefully the numbers will go up again soon and we can see some more concepts each day. Do you want to leave your opinion on a concept or nominate it for COTW? Then leave a comment! I hope you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you again nex-... this Thursday.
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Anonymous said...

It's alternate captain, not assistant.

Unknown said...

I'll second Chris W's St. John's concept for COTW. It's honestly my favorite design I've seen all year. Everything about it is perfect. I don't even like Montreal or St. John's but I'd buy that 3rd jersey in a heartbeat. My only criticism is the SJN logo could be STJ like utilized by St. John's University. Typically the "ST." is included in abbreviations. I'm also sad it didn't win the competition..

Unknown said...

COTW NOM for Brooks F. That Mallards set is a beauty

Unknown said...

I'll third Chris W.'s COTW nom. That set was my favorite from the IceCaps comp

winnipegjets96 said...

I'll 2nd Brooks for COTW

Unknown said...

I made it SJN to state "we are from Newfoundland!" i thought about STJ but wanted to be different

Unknown said...

Thanks for doing the post for me, BPoe. It was really a massive help! My COTW vote is going towards Chris Weidler's Ice Caps jersey. That alternate is beautiful.

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