Friday: From Steelheads to Steeltown

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The big news this week in the NHL was expansion. There were only two locations that actually entered into the formal expansion process, Las Vegas & Quebec City, two of the locations that most people expected would be on the expansion bandwagon, but there were many cities that didn't apply that I would how would have. Kansas City, Portland, Seattle, Milwaukee all could have hosted NHL teams, and made the Western & Eastern conference even. now we may be seeing a 17/15 split baring a relocation like Florida. Some people were surprised Toronto didn't enter a bid...I'm very glad that didn't happen. Toronto has one crappy team, doesn't need a second. As for Seattle, they will eventually get a team once the arena situation is sorted out and Bettman leaves and stops this Arizona mess.

Speaking of the Arizona mess, looks like the City of Glendale and the Coyotes are making a deal, though I don't see Arizona making it to 2020 with the current tensions and the eventual emergence of a viable relocation to Seattle or another Western city.

Quebec City is already using the name Nordiques in their bid, completely expected, however that doesn't mean the classic...well whatever their logo is will be used, though that is what I'd expect given the popularity of it and the merchandise that already exist.

As for Las Vegas...eh Black Knights...??? I can't say I'm a fan of it. I really liked the idea of a team named after the gambling sort of city (Las Vegas & Paradise are a complex area to map out and describe). Aces, Neon, Gamblers, Wranglers would all be better, but Black Knights isn't a bad name. Hopefully their identity looks solid enough to make the name work.

With NHL expansion, that means AHL expansion (I think), so where will the eventual new NHL teams put their minor league teams? Las Vegas will probably put their team on the West Coast in another city in Nevada or New Mexico, or maybe a city that would have a solid fan base like Saskatoon. Quebec City would probably put their team in New Brunswick, Fredricton comes to mind.

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On to the concepts!


Mississauga Steelheads Concepts (By: Alex H.)

+ The Steelheads have a good logo set, but they don't take advantage of the gray in their colour scheme and wear Leafs copies, these would be more original off the bat
+ The striping is solid, like a mix between Minnesota's red jersey with a hem stripe.
+ The St. Mikes Majors alternate would be a perfect fauxback, and the silver looks better that the double blue and brown
+ Good execution

- The single colour numbers would well on the alternate, but not on the home and road, the numbers would look better if they matched the script on the logo
- The tv numbers are too small

Rating: 8.25/10

Pittsburgh Penguins Concepts (By: Matt G.)

+ I really like the look of the RoboPen on the 1990's away jersey,  and this is a perfect way to redo it, without the triangular yoke
+ A yellow alternate would be perfect, and with that solid angular striping, it looks excellent
+ It more so has to do with the jersey this concept is based on, but the colour balancing is excellent on the home and alternate
- Solid execution, baring a few minor gripes

- Again, it has to to with the original, but the white jersey would match the black jersey more if the yellow and black switched placed on the striping
- The numbers could use an outline
- The striping on the socks looks exactly like the Bruins 80s jersey and current alternate
- Finally, the shoulder would look less empty with a shoulder patch

Rating: 8.5 /10

Binghamton Senators Concepts (By: Ryan H.)

+ Since the Big Sens are going the vintage 1920s route, the Baby Sens should take this opportunity to go inaugural expansion Sens, since their logo matches the dark colours of that era
+ The set has minimal changes, aside from the hem stripe on the black jersey, using the easier to read white numbers, and the addition of gold to the colour scheme, which makes the jerseys look more full
+ I'm not sure if they currently use that shoulder patch, but the B two colour patch looks solid
+ This set does what every AHL team should try to do, replete their parent team, but be original in some ways

- I would prefer the hems were matching, but after trying a similar idea in my NHL redesign, it's hard to do with the white jersey and still balance the colours without making the hem look crowded

Rating: 9.25/10 COTW Nom from me!

2017 All Star Game Concepts (By: William B. & Vaughan R.)

+ In terms of All Star Game colour schemes, bright Red & Blue from 2012 is my favourite in recent memory, and this would be an excellent way to bring it back, by making the jerseys pop
+ The stars on the hem remind of the European leagues their bright, eye popping jerseys, and this would be perfect for bringing back the NA Vs. W format
+ No damn neon green
+ The layout of the flags and logos and such look solid

- The primary logo is much too small and would look better if they overtook the stars
- The stars on the arms and numbers should match the stars on the hem
- Compared to the jerseys, the yokes are pretty tame and don't match the over the top theme

Rating: 7.5/10

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Go Jets & Mooseheads!
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Unknown said...

I'll nominate Alex H for COTW

richard lewis said...


Unknown said...

Matt G and the Pens for COTW. No need to resurrect the robo penguin but can we all agree that they need a yellow third jersey one day?

Anonymous said...

Ryan Haslett, the website administrater of HJC gets the COTW Nom for his own website??

Unknown said...

I second Matt G.'s COTW nom.

Ryan said...

@Anon: Yup. The writer chose to nominate my concept. I like making concepts just like everyone else.

@Dylan G: COTW nominating ends every Friday at 11:59pm Eastern

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