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I'm writing this post a little early since I'll be in Halifax at the time this is posted, so yeah, how about that free agent frenzy? I'm sure it will be a quieter frenzy than we've had in the past few years, but none the less, the Leafs need to make some deals to get some of their larger contracts out (and probably to Arizona) so they can focus on getting more younger prospects and such in. I really think the Leafs need to pull a Sharks, and ship Bernier with a 7th round pick to any team and just say "don't let the door hit ya on the way out". He hasn't worked out for them, and unlike Reimer, he doesn't seem to want to work through the rebuilding process or be a positive influence on the locker room. I haven't liked him much.

Speaking of the Sharks, of all the draft deals to go down, their's was the most...rude frankly. I know Niemi hasn't been the same goalie that demolished their opposition in 2010, but the Sharks problems are a lot more than him. There must have been at least a year of bad blood brewing to make them ship his contract rights to the stars for nothing (or the next Zetterberg). Talbot & Lack have found good new homes, and while both teams still have work to do before I say they'll be competitive, both goalies have impressed me enough to say they've earned a chance to star in their new homes. The Rangers got a solid back-up in Raanta, who was a goalie without a home in Chicago and like Talbot, might be starting in 2016-17 for another team if he plays well. Robin Lehner is the goalie in all the draft day deals I think has the biggest chance to surprise, but don't expect him to really bloom into a true starter for a few years...remember, he's only 23 on a young team and will have to compete with Matt Hackett &...well maybe Chad Johnson if he improves from last year. Still, lots of goalie movement.

The Bakersfield Condors have unveiled their jerseys, and seeing as I won't be able to write my thoughts, I'll leave a response for both possibilities I see.

Oilers copies- UGH!
Original jerseys- Well done, lads!

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On to the concepts!


CHL-CFL Labour Day Games Concepts (By: MJFWerks)

+ Labour Day is the biggest day in the CFL, and in Western Canada, the CFL is huge, so this game, at least to me, would make sense
+ Nice crossover, both concepts are based on classic Saskatchewan RoughRiders and Winnipeg Blue Bombers jerseys, and are perfect copies while also being hockey jerseys
+ The logos on the sleeves and shoulders are perfect, it's also a small thing, but the hockey names under the collar like how they are on the football jerseys look great
+ Solid execution

- I get these jersey are based on football jerseys, but a hem stripe would make the Pats jerseys look fantastic, and would add more colour to the Wheat Kings jersey

Rating: 9/10 COTW Nom. from me! 

Buffalo Sabres Concept (By: Nathan N.)

+ Buffalo had a solid chance to make great jerseys after the Buffaslug but the piping ruins that pretty quickly
+ I dig the front numbers

- This is just a recoloured jersey from sports logos.net without the piping, which is very very VERY lazy, come on man! Show some effort on this, start from scratch make something that is yours, not just someone else's work with some changes 
- On top of that, this is a concept that has not only been done many times before but also isn't original to say the least. We can picture this in our minds, make something original! 

Rating: Not going to rate this, isn't enough different from the original and sportslogos.net to make it worth it 

Buffalo Sabres Concept (By: Aaron A.)

+ I'd love for the Sabres to do a fauxback to the 40's, something Bisons's style but also original, this would be a solid option
+ While it is the Buffalo Bills old logo, with the hockey font on top, it looks fantastic
+ Not usually in favour of brown/canvas pants and vintage white, but I really like it here

- The numbers are stripes are much too large, which presses the NOB right up against the yoke
- No tv numbers
- The arms would look better if it matched the arms with the second yellow stripe on top of the first
- Stripes on the socks are much too high up

Rating: 6.75/10

Ryerson Rams CIS/OUA Concepts (By: Adam J.)

+ Ryerson currently wears Sabres copies, and plays out of Maple Leaf Gardens...near a grocery store too, and these are more classic hockey and less amateur hockey
+ Using Ryerson's nice primary logo and decent R shoulder patch is a lot better than the script
+ Striping looks great, simple but it works
+ I like the font Adam chose

- The blue on the logo doesn't match the jersey, which would be fine if you were going for a double blue, but it doesn't look like Adam is going for that
- Reebok vector logo shoulder be the CCM or Reebok script logo, and make them blue on the yellow yoke and yellow on the blue yoke
- These jersey are Oilers copies, add something more original, like double blue or grey to it, I get it's the OUA/CIS so a lot of teams copy NHL teams, but something original would help, ditching the yellow cuffs would help
- The colours would be better balanced if the white jersey had a blue yoke

Rating: 6.5/10

Tampa Bay Lightning Concept (By: Adam G.)

+ I'm not fan of any of Tampa's current jerseys, but if they were to go for the simple/fauxback look, something less....Red Wings/Leafs would be more preferred
+ Love the chest stripe, the lighting logo looks fantastic in chest stripes, almost like a super hero uniform or something
+ The jersey is well executed

- Not a huge fan of the yoke, it works and keeps me from noticing the stripes are the Leafs exact pattern, but a grey outline or a double outline would look solid
- NOB is too small, not bad, but would look better if they were larger
- It's minor, but Tampa Bay is only 20ish years old, and shouldn't have tiedowns

Rating: 7.5/10- nothing really jumps out a me, but it is well done for what it is

Tampa Bay Lightning Concept (By: Christian L.)

+ Lots of Tampa Bay identifiers, like victory stripes and lightning yoke stripe, it makes the team still look like they are from the 90's without being over the top
+ It's nice that Christian is able to take a jersey that is bland and boring and add life to it with 2 changes, that's it! The jersey is still the same at its core, but adds a lot of life that wasn't there before
+ Christian keeps the good Tampa has, like the unique numbers, the script over the logo, the shoulder patch, and in this case, yes even the monochromatic colour scheme, since Tampa has now had playoff success in these colours
+ Great execution

- Captain's C is much too small, but is squished by the lightning bolt
- The stitching is visible on the blue jersey below the hem and on the back on the front of the jersey cuffs

Rating: 9/10

Toronto Towers Expansion Team Concepts (By: Lucas D.)

+ I dig the name Towers, I figured that would be the Raptors new name if they were to ever update out of 1995, but the CN tower is a major identifier of Toronto and TT has a nice ring to it
+ Toronto also has an identifiable skyline, and looks great on the stripes, further adding to the Towers theme
+ Always great when people make their own logos and concept teams, shows a lot of effort

- The Colour scheme doesn't scream CN tower or Toronto, more so Brooklyn, Red, Grey & Black would look more CN Towery
- The primary logo is much too skinny, as are the numbers, it works on the wordmark, but not on the jersey or numbers

Rating: 6.5/10


That's the post, thanks for reading!
Don't forget to vote for COTW & HJC OPEN!
Continue to enjoy the Free Agent Frenzy and further roster moves
Go Jets Go! 
Have a great 4th of July all you American readers, and a great weekend to all of youz! 
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