Friday: Beast of the Mountains

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If you thought there couldn't be anymore AHL re-designs, the Admirals topped everyone with one of the best redesigns in recent memory, up there with Dallas/Texas and the Adirondack Flames.

However, it would be simple enough to talk about the design, but BPoe did a great job last post and I mirror what he and Dbro have said on the Ads new look. However, what makes a good redesign? The answer is different for everyone but there seem to be some objective qualities that makes the Admirals/Preds work and not something like the San Jose Barracudas?

5. It has to be original, to an extent

That isn't to say that bringing back old designs doesn't work, but the problems of the original should be fixed. If the Hurricanes were to go back to their original jerseys, you'd hope there'd be less clutter and more hurricane flags. You can't just rehash designs or recolour them and call it new. A blue and yellow Bruins jersey, is still a Bruins jersey.

4. There has to be a reason for it

The Admirals had the same look for over a decade, and while it was original and decent, the jerseys needed a huge update and it was time for a fresh look. The Rangers John Ferguson jerseys are the best example of a jersey that didn't need to be made, the classic jerseys were fine, maybe using the New York script but not a complete overhaul that looked....tacky. The Rochester Americans did the same thing in 1972, the redesign should bring a fresh face to the organization, not to just sell new merchandise (cough, cough, 1995 Islanders)

3.  Effort, Effort, Effort

Some re-designs are just lazy, and not just the ones that are carbon copies of previous jerseys, what about other "original" jerseys? When 3 teams wore the same template from 2007 to 2011, the Lightning/Sens/Pens looked like...well...the same team in 3 different colour schemes. Sure the logos and numbers were different, but when they played each other,  they looked like a house league. The AHL is having a massive problem with teams copying their NHL team, but it hurts teams that have really original and cool logos (Bakersfield) pasted on to NHL jerseys, like a beer league team.

2.  It won't last long if it's a product of the times

Why don't the Flames still wear their 90's jerseys? Because they looked like they were from 1998 and dated....in 1999.....which does not work at all since almost nothing changed between 1998 & 1999. If your jersey could be pasted on the cover of a fashion magazine from that year but not 3 years down the road, you might not have a good redesign. This is why you don't see much of the AHL 90's..or anything 90s around much anymore in hockey, but classic designs like Chicago/Detroit/Toronto/Montreal are seen year after year, somethings stand the test of time while others are like mullets, they go away until they are arbitrarily cool again and people make money off them.

1. It has to be good

Sometimes, a team just doesn't makes a bad redesign, the San Jose Barracuda followed most these rules (aside from the jerseys) but they just don't look good....or decent (I can't believe I gave them a 6 when they first came out). Same with Carolina, they just missed the mark. Certain things like complimentary colours and balancing/symmetry look better than clashing colours and unevenness. Using the Barracudas as an example, the silver clashes with everything, the logo is uneven and off centred, the shoulder patch is bland and worst of all....Barracudas are ugly if they aren't stylized in a minimalist way....this redesign, looked like if Nashville's original logo were an ugly fish.

That's my short little count down, got any other reasons? Say so in the comments!

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On to the concepts, we got 2 multiple part concepts today!

Colorado Avalanche Concepts (By: Dylan T.)

+ The Mountain hems look really great, very subtle and a solid update, not taking up much room, but being noticeable 
+ Colours are balanced well, good call on the yoke on the white jersey not making it blue 
+ I'm surprised how well the C logo looks as a primary logo 
+ Hey, the Rockies logo and Avs logo kinda compliment each other

- The NOB and numbers need an outline and are much too small
- In the future, putting the home and road on the same image makes reviewing it easier 
- The Hurricanes style yoke usually has the NOB in the yoke other wise the font is too low when sized properly 
- The burgundy on the logo is different from the jersey

Rating: 7.75/10

Colorado Avalanche Concept (By: Dylan T.)

+ I may be in the minority, but I dig the Avs in a blue jersey with diagonal script
+ Like the black in small does, and since this jersey appears to be based on the WHA Nords jerseys, it works well
+ Unlike the home and road, this jersey looks good without the outline on the numbers
+ Good execution on this one

- The flaw with the numbers being to low still exists 
- A shoulder patch would looks great, especially the C 

Rating: 8.5/10

Hamilton Beast Logo Concept (By: Christian L.)

+ I dig that a team called the Beast isn't one specific cat, but rather 2 or 3, making it look like a beast, rather than just a renamed lion
+ The colours are pretty fitting, double brown/orange can work well together like this
+ Those teeth look nice a fierce 
+ Great execution

- The area around the eye looks like a tumour, more so that a ridge, and smushes the eye/eyebrows
- The ears also look way to high up for the angle the cat seems to be on

Rating: 8.75/10

Hamilton Beast Jersey Concepts (By: Christian L.)

+ Nice and simple, exactly how I'd expect an expansion team to look, sort of like the the Arizona Coyotes previous jerseys weren't template
+ I really dig the font chosen on the back
+ Nice shoulder stripes, and they match the arms
+ Everything connects very nicely
+ Great execution 

- The black cuffs aren't bad, but a hem stripe would look better and match the home  jersey 

Rating: 9/10 COTW nom. from me

That's the post
Remember to vote for COTW and the Open!
Have a great weekend
Go Jets GO!
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I second Christian's Hamilton set!

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