Tuesday: Sinkhole De Mayo

The terrible Sinkhole De Mayo has arrived. They call it that because sink holes happen all the time in the summer.

Also the Manitoba Moose are officially back in full swing. In full swing without their awesome antler font. Are you kidding me? How do you not bring that back? The Winnipeg jersey, sure, I don't really care but NO ANTLERS, come on. I would totally look into purchasing one if they had those. Non the less it's good to see them back. I really do like the new colors on the logo. Though the green and brown had a better fit in my opinion with Moose, I really like that double blue. Sexy.

So the competition is underway too. I'm thinking of making one or two concepts for it on Friday when I'm done with school work. This has by far been the hardest semester in my program. I killed myself with four studio classes. And that might not sound like a lot but with four different projects going on at once it can get very stressful especially when you dislike drawing and painting like I do. Procrastination did not come in handy. That being said I'm going to get this post done before it's late again.

COTW April 26 - May 2 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern

Get Your Own Jersey Comp (ends Sunday @ 11:59pm Eastern) 

Bridgeport SoundTigers - Phil B.
 Phil takes his Islanders farm club and tries to give them I'm assuming an alternate to fit their own bill. I think the striping design is very unique and works well with the name I believe. I just don't think a round yoke fits everything else. Making it more sleek and edgy I think would make it seem more fitting with everything. Colors work really well together too. Also, nice touch with the fish sticks font. I like that move. Very nice job here Phil!

Rating: 8.1/10

Albany Devils - CPM
 Nice to see CPM back. And he gives us a very very different look to the devils. At first glance I like everything besides the font. I think the font just seems too medieval and less devilish if that makes sense. I don't know if I like the pitchfork staying all black or if I'd like to see it red. I think red would make a better look to the overall jersey though. Striping is simple but it works. Fix that font and to me this is an awesome jersey.

Rating: 7.8/10

San Jose Barracuda - CPM
The logo that I believe should win worst logo of the year gets a new jersey. Which it should and this design is something I would love the Sharks to wear in real life. Though if it had to settle to their farm club that's okay too. Honestly the one thing that I dislike on this concept are the two things CPM didn't make himself, the logos. Man, I just hate them. I really like the Sharks logo, but the man who did that logo also did this one and I can't get around to liking it. Oh well, maybe next time.

Rating: 8.4/10

Iowa Wild - Vaughn R. 
 Iowa Wild are a team that rightfully takes notes from Minnesota. Though I love Minnesota's jerseys I really feel Iowa should have their own. However in my opinion I don't think it should be this. It's so plain and boring It's just basically big blocks of green, at least that's what I see. Then small red stripes. I would take this one back to the drawing board. Explore more patterns and try to balance out the uniform. Possibly making the red stripe thicker and adding a gap between it and the green so you can see it better. Font choice could be better but I like how the number is full green and the name is full red. Matching that to the rest of the jersey could look awesome!

Rating: 5.7/10

Bridgeport SoundTigers- DT Concepts
 For the next four concepts I will incorporate all into this one. Firstly for this jersey, I really like the base design. I actually do I think it's simple but it's very sharp. The negatives come in with the execution. No numbers, name, shoulder logos going off the jersey and the primary logo being a little too low all make up to make a presentation that doesn't look too appealing. My biggest advice when designing is to not be lazy. I mean, if you can do things in shorter quicker steps by all means, but don't leave out things that are crucial to presentation. Number and name font are just as much part of the design as the hem color or yoke design. To me, this is incomplete but you have a really nice base design.

Rating: 6.0/10

San Jose Barracuda - DT Concepts
Again, the logo really bites me the wrong way. Especially with the Barracuda company logo behind the Barracuda. The design itself is fine but I just don't think it fits the logo. (Is that a good thing). Something more crazy and less traditional I think would fit it more. And with the logo being mostly teal, black, and gray I think the jersey should reflect off of that. Or change the logo so more orange is used. Also, when you give a jersey a hem stripe I would really revert away from making the bottom hem piping colored in. It really doesn't look good to me. It's almost like two conflicting hem designs that don't mesh well together.

Rating: 4/10

Stockton Heat - DT Concepts
 With this one I have again, two conflicting designs. One is the round traditional style yoke but then a crazy hem and sleeve pattern. I say when you do an out of the box look, stay away from traditional elements. To me, those types of flame looks should stay with roller hockey. I think it's too gimmicky when brought into a professional team. It doesn't look professional. I made a Calgary flames one in the past with flames like that and I hate it now. I say if you're going to do something like that perhaps make it sublimated behind a pattern or in the jersey somewhere so it's not the first design we see. 

Rating: 4.3/10

Utica Comets - DT Concepts
This concept, from logo, to striping to little design elements looks great. The way you used your colors is done well too. The laziness of the concept is where it goes wrong. That's my only complaint with this one though, so that's good!

Rating: 8.5/10 If it was completed. Complete them! Don't rush!

Sorry for last weeks blunder guys. I was called in early to work and once that happened I completely forgot about telling someone that I wouldn't be able to do it. It slipped my mind in the scenario that came up. My mistake. I'm unreliable. I'm terrible. Hopefully some can forgive me. 

Go Jack!

Tuesday: Sinkhole De Mayo Reviewed by Unknown on May 05, 2015 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

Il nominate cpm barracudas for cotw

Anonymous said...

I was trying to have my concept's shoulder yoke emulate the Coyotes' throwback jersey where it's round, yet comes to a distinct point. Maybe next time I'll rework the template and give it a smaller Andre between the yoke and the top of the jersey.

John E. said...

I really like the look and creativity of Colin's Devils jersey

Caz said...

I really like both of CPM's concepts today. I'm nominating his Albany Devils concept for COTW, though. It's got a wonderful simplicity about it, but it's very memorable.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the comments guys. Dylan's right though; nothing can save the Barracuda. I tried simplifying the logo by isolating the fish from all the extra crap and giving them a decent jersey, but jeez that is one unfortunate logo package... If that doesn't win worst logo of the year at Creamer's site then I don't know what will.

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