Sunday: May the 10th Be With You

Hello everyone, hope you're having an awesome Sunday.

We're back to our regularly submitted concepts this week, and we'll be getting the COTW vote, competition vote, and COTY April vote straightened out in the next few days.  Ryan will also be sending out a survey soon to discuss changes to the blog. What does that mean? I have no idea, but when the time comes, your input will be extremely important!

You may have heard (many times by now), but the Manitoba Moose are officially back. That's awesome. The recoloured logo? Also awesome. But using the Jets' jerseys unaltered? Gah, it's a trend that is really starting to bother me in the AHL. It'll be interesting to see what will happen with the Ice Caps look, now that they're Montreal's team. Their logos aren't meant for red and blue together.

Alright, let's get this show on the road.

Team USA - David P.

Before we get to the first concept, we need some context. The 2015 Women's World Cup is happening in Canada this year, and of course with any big international event comes some new international kits. This is what Nike decided to design for Team USA. Yes, that's right, no red, no blue, just green.  As a Canadian, it's hard for me to like anything America does, but they always have good international jerseys in all sports. They're good because they're overly patriotic. But this... it's just lazy, misguided, and really, really dull. Nike, I give you a 3/10

Yay: That brings us to David's concept. Since he's trying to match that look, my complaints above won't apply. This set stands out a lot more than the soccer kit because this has more black. Green and white is a very passive combo, but this is bold. The gradients are subtle but really look nice. Its edgy, and new, and while it doesn't really belong with other American jerseys, I could really see this happening on a hockey jersey...like at an NHL All-Star Game perhaps?

Nay: Aside from the fact that I think the original is ugly, and I like this set only a little more, there's not a lot I can really criticize for this set.  I'd make the TV numbers a bit bigger if possible, and maybe go with a green USA logo on the black jersey. If green is what Nike wants, green is what they should get.

Overall: I really don't know what to think of this concept. I don't like it, but at the same time I think it's awesome. So I think it deserves an 8/10...maybe.

San Jose Barracuda - Brooks F.

Yay: Next up is Brooks' San Jose Barracuda concept. I really like how you used the SJ logo rather than their main one with the corporate logo background. I still really dislike this logo, but the SJ makes it better. The arms are really interesting, and that is refreshing since all teams do nowadays is copy the parent club's jerseys.

Nay: What's up with the font? It would be a pretty cool font if the team was called the San Jose Calculators, but if only we were so lucky. Also, the hem design is kind of...weird. Why not do diagonal side panels, that will better match the arms. Or do straight stripes, that would work too.

Overall: This concept is made for the western pools... silly silly fools. 7.7/10

Winnipeg Jets vs Edmonton Oilers - Jaime R.

Yay:  Didn't I review a Jets/Oilers concept lately? And didn't it win COTW? Will this concept by Jamie do just as well? This set is meant for the Heritage Classic, and fits the look perfectly. Both are old-school fauxbacks, with the Jets using their old WHA alternate logo and Edmonton (FINALLY) going with an orange jersey. Also McDavid...nice.

Nay:  The Winnipeg jersey has blue cuffs, but the hem doesn't match that.  It's not a big mistake, but it looks a little inconsistent to me. The TV numbers on the Oilers jersey should be on the arms, not the yoke. I think it looks silly trying to fit a TV number on the yoke like that.

Overall:  Not as good as the aforementioned concept, but still an awesome fauxback matchup. 7.8/10

Florida Everblades - Ryan C.

Yay: Last up today is a Florida Everblades concept from Ryan. We don't see this team come up often on the blog, which is a shame because they have such a cool team identity. Their current jersey (teeth included) is a fun but busy design. This is a classic set, which fits the team since they're one of the "classic" ECHL franchises. The colours are well balanced, and everything looks sharp and well executed.

Nay: It's a little dull. Yes, they're a classic ECHL team, kind of, but they have such a unique look and they already flaunt it on their jerseys. A traditional jersey just seems like a step backwards unless you really sold the old look, like have vintage white or a circle logo or wordmark.

Overall: Dull, yes. But I still really like this concept. 8.5/10

Ryan C's Florida Concept gets my COTW nomination.

What's your favourite concept this week? Let us know in the comments!

That's it for me this week. Once the votes are all organized, make sure you participate and get your votes in!

Thanks for reading, and see you next Sunday.

Sunday: May the 10th Be With You Reviewed by Unknown on May 10, 2015 Rating: 5


winnipegjets96 said...

Jamie R. for COTW! Love the WHA inspired jerseys

Justin said...

Jaimie for COTW!

Unknown said...

I second Jamie R.'s Concept for COTW.

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