Wednesday: Me Again

Hey guys, Dylan A. here. Wednesday's post was a no show, and Ryan posted the concepts for you all to see, but he said today's artists deserve some critique, and he's right. So here I am.

Blah blah vote, blah blah Pairs Competition ends tonight.

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99 All Stars Concept - Christian C.
During the 94 lockout, Gretzky and some other big names went around the world and played some exhibitions. Here's what they wore. This new jersey plays off of that original look. The diagonal hem stripe paired with the wordmark looks great. The arm stripes are almost exactly what I did for my All Star game concepts a couple months ago. I don't mean to compare it to mine, but I've never seen it done anywhere else, so I like these. Except, I'd make the pattern on the arms match the hem exactly.

Rating: 7.9/10 Fix those arm stripes!

2016 Stadium Series Concept - Red Wings vs. Avalanche - Chase C.
Pretty good looking set. Pretty tame compared to past Stadium Series jerseys, but it works. The Wings jersey is as classy as anything they've ever worn, but I'm not sold on the Hockeytown shoulder patches. The Avs' jersey is pretty basic, but that mountain on the back of the jersey is pretty genius. The silver on the socks seems out of place though since the jersey has black and white in the piping, no silver.

Rating: 8/10

Premier League Crossover Series - Queens Park Rangers Concept - Phil B.
Everything I've seen so far during my Gewgle search for the Ranger's uniforms shows mostly a white and blue barberpole kit, and a black and red kit. Phil suggests a uniform set with only one of those schemes, which works as a uniform, but I've come to like how some soccer teams have two different kits. So, it would be neat to AT LEAST see a black/red alternate. Classy logo goes well with the classy simple striping. Only thing I don't like is the red outline on the yoke.

Rating: 8/10

Iowa Hawkeyes Concept (NCAA) - David P.
The home and away in David's Iowa set are pretty basic. But pretty good looking. The only change that should be made is getting rid of the white trim on the black jerseys logo. They tend not to use a trim so it should remain that way. Like this. The yellow jersey is intriguing. Can't say I'm a fan of the arm striping, or diamond...thing... The white wordmark on the yellow jersey looks good so maybe ditch the arm diamond for some mostly white striping.

Rating: 8/10

Los Angeles Kings Stadium Series Fix - David K.
Yes, a million times yes. The purples back, the yellow's back, the cool ass little lion dude. All I would suggest is ditching the pants stripe and swapping the purple and yellow. That way the jersey would make the player look like one giant barber pole, much like the actual jerseys did. Yellow up top, then white, then purple hem/pants/socks, followed by white then yellow. Great look either way.

Edit - As I keep looking at this, the two crowns on the hem are a neat idea carried over from the actual SS jerseys, but the placement is odd, and i don't think the black really fits in with the rest of the jersey. In fact, there's a bit of black being used as trim in the logo and numbers, but I'd rather the black be replaced with purple or add more black elsewhere. My COTW Nom will remain because it's not a huge issue.

Rating: 9/10 and a COTW Nom!

There you have it. Sorry for the wacky Wednesday everyone, We're hoping to get this all worked out and get back to regularly scheduled posts every day.

Wednesday: Me Again Reviewed by DBro Alexander on April 15, 2015 Rating: 5

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