Thursday: Stadium Series Galore

Hello again guys and welcome back to another Thursday post.

So as most if not all of you know round 2 of the playoffs start today. I was actually quite surprised to see an alert that there was a game today since round one just ended yesterday. Unfortunately the Penguins are out, but I guess it was expected. Hopefully next year will be better for them, and with guys like Letang, Maatta and Pouliot coming back that will definitely help out the back end. Anyways let's just get on with the concepts now but first the usual voting reminder for COTW. So go vote, you can always read this after.

COTW vote April 12-18 (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Griffin B. - Philadelphia Flyers

Today we start out our post with a Flyers concept from Griffin. First off I see a Flyers logo on it, which makes sense seeing as though it's a Flyers concept, but also gives it a rating of (-5/10)

Ben B. - Chicago Blackhawks
So none of you guys know this...well I hope you don't because that would be kind of creepy... but I've been reviewing some of Ben's concepts for a while now, even before I started writing here, and helping him improve. I think it has been working because this, in my opinion, looks like your best concept so far. A classic look like this looks good on the Hawks, and it looks similar at first to their 2009 Winter Classic jerseys. I like the yoke stripes, although I normally wouldn't think they'd work on a jersey with a chest stripe they seem to work here. I also don't mind their shoulder patch on the front either, but I would put their logo on the shoulders. Execution brings this concept down though; the chest stripe is a bit low, the back numbers and name and the TV numbers all look small, and a tan/vintage white nameplate isn't needed. I would also lower the hem striping so it doesn't become too busy and the inside hem and inside collar need filled in to the right colors (vint. white and black, respectively)
Overall: Could look really good with a few tweaks (7.5/10)

Dylan T. - Minnesota Wild vs. Chicago Blackhawks
The first thing I really noticed about these jerseys is that they have a stadium series look to them while also having a classic look, which would look really good and fit well for a game like this. I like the addition of yellow into Minnesota's jersey, it gives it less of a "traditional Wild" look and more of a "Stadium series" look, and still looks good. That applies for the Hawk's jersey as well, it makes it look less like their traditional look and more like a stadium series jersey. Only a few execution errors with this one. On the Wild jersey the preset stitching overlaps the arm striping, and on the Hawks jersey the numbers are too low and look too spread apart. Also on both jerseys, the vertical stitching should stop at the hem striping.
Overall: More traditional than all of the other ones, but it works (8/10)

Griffin B. - Philadelphia Flyers
So hopefully you guys realized my other "review" of this concept was just a joke. Of course I have a dislike of the Flyers being a Penguins fan, but all concepts still deserve a fair review.  However this concept still doesn't really do it for me. I like the heavier use of black, and I think the Flyers would look good in a black alternate. I also like keeping their nameplates to at least have some of their identity in the jerseys, even though I don't really like the nameplates themselves. But I don't think this template works well for the Flyers. The orange and black on the dark jersey contrast too much and will become and eyesore, similar to the way the Sharks' jersey from this year did. The same issue is on the white jersey, plus from the front, the black and white fight for dominance and can make the jersey look like a dark jersey. The TV numbers also look small and the black on the jerseys is different from the black in the logo. It also loses creativity points for being a recolor of the past year's stadium series jersey, and I'm also not too sure why the R in the Reebok branding on the back is lowercase, but that doesn't matter all that much.
Overall: Still just doesn't do it for me and isn't creative enough (5/10)

Nathan N. - LA Kings
Without anything to tell us, this concept looks like a fix of the Kings' stadium series jersey seeing as there is a patch on the shoulder. Overall I think this fixes a lot of what the original designs had wrong with them, namely the part where it doesn't continue on the back. I like the use of the burger king logo for a one off and I like the return of purple and yellow. I still think though that the yellow and white will be fighting for dominance to whether or not this is a dark or light jersey, however much less than the last concept. The back numbers also blend too much with the stripe, I would (at least try) making them gray like you have the outline.
Overall: Better than the original but still has it's faults (7.5/10)

Well that's it for today's post. I'm going to give my COTW nomination to Dylan's Stadium Series concept. I also realized while taking a look at this post that I say however a lot. Anyways, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the post, I'll see you guys next week.

Thursday: Stadium Series Galore Reviewed by Bpoe on April 30, 2015 Rating: 5

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