Thursday: Already Out of Good Titles

Sorry about the slightly late post guys, my wifi went out for a little so I couldn't get the post up. Back to the regular post.

Hello once again fellow jersey enthusiasts, Bpoe back for another post of concept reviewing and probably a some rambling in the intro because I'm not really sure what to write here. Oh well. Anyways my first post seemed to be received really well by you guys, which is always a good thing. Good to know that a few of you guys did get my Kendrick reference also. Anyways like I mentioned before I'm just rambling so I'm just going to get on with this post.

COTW Mar 22-28 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Blake S. - Ottawa Senators
These jerseys give the Senators a more simple look and definitely better than the cookie cutter template they currently use. I like giving gold a more prominent spot in the color scheme of the jersey, something the Sens have never really done. There are some execution errors here though that bring down the concept. The name and number is much too small, same with the TV numbers. The logo is also a bit pixelated and the inside of the jersey inside the front collar should be filled in the color of the yoke, in this case gold on the black jersey and red on the white one. The socks are also very small on the final image and ideally should match the jersey striping. Also you should save your images as .png files rather than .JPG files because the final quality will be better on a png.

Overall: Not too shabby but work on the execution. (5/10)

Brandon C. - Calgary Flames
Another concept that improves on the team's current set for us today. The striping pattern here is similar or identical to the current set's pattern, and adding striping to the hem makes all the difference. The yoke also looks great and goes with the classy look of the concept well. The only downsides to this concept is that the pants should have some sort of logo and probably some sort of striping too. The collar should also be colored rather than the same color as the main part of the jersey. The names also look pixelated.

Overall: Good looking concept and an improvement on the current (8/10)

Dallas K. - Buffalo Sabres

The colors look really good on this one. I like the red/silver/black color scheme for the Sabres and that logo looks really good recolored with it. The only things I would really change about this concept is to add an outline to the numbers and to change the vintage white to silver or just plain white, I don't think it looks good with the vintage white.
Overall: Solid concept (8.5/10)

John E. - Miami Hurricanes

I'm not really sure if the "smoke" aspect of the jersey is just a name you gave it or if it has something to do with the college so I apologize if I missed something like that. That being said I like the use of double gray on this concept. I also like the arm striping mimicking, or replicating, their "U" logo, and the extra stripe below it makes it look even better. There should be some striping like that on the hem and the socks though, especially the socks because as of now they are very plain and look like practice socks. The name should also be brightened up because as of now it would be very hard to read from a distance.
Overall: This concept has potential and is unique, but needs a few changes (7/10)

Taylor R. - Dodgeball
As I mentioned with last concept I apologize if there is a reference that I miss here, I have never seen the movie that this is about. Based on the logos that I see these jerseys reflect them very well. The Average Joe's jersey has a classic, if not vintage look to it, and it looks great. After doing some research I see where the uniform style for the cobras comes from and I like the addition of white. I think the name on that jersey should be white so it is easier to see and the purple should be a bit brighter so it doesn't blend with the black.
Overall: Great looking concept that was adapted from the movie well (9/10)

Zach W. - Boston Bruins
Our last concept of the day comes from Zack. Boston hasn't used a chest stripe before and it looks good. I like that it keeps the same striping as the regular uniforms too. Only a few things to change. The numbers should be a bit wider because right now that font is very skinny. The yellow on the shoulder yoke looks like it might be a different shade as the striping, but that might just be me. The pants striping would also look better if it was the same as the jersey striping. Also, slight presentation note, the logo on the background is different than the one on the jersey. When edge came around in 2007 the Bruins added serifs to the logo, like the one on the jersey, and the one on the presentation is from right before.
Overall: New, classy look for a classy team (9/10)

Well thats all for today's post. I'm going to nominate Taylor's Dodgeball concept for COTW. Did you like another concept? Comment and nominate it! I hope you guys enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you next Thursday.

Thursday: Already Out of Good Titles Reviewed by Unknown on April 02, 2015 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

Don't quote me. Unless you want to but I believe the smoke jersey is in reference to the mascot logo used to have a pipe in it's mouth. I believe it was taken out for obvious reasons.

As I just wrote that comment down though I believe their football team added similar alternate jersey to that color so it could just be that.

I'd like to know the answer though.

Unknown said...

Miami and a few other teams in the ACC had a 'smoke' style alternate jersey this past year in college football. It was a dark grey jersey that had nothing to do with the school's color scheme at all.
Example: http://uniformcritics.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/2014-miami-hurricanes-gray-nike-football-uniform-675x380.jpg

John E. said...

@Dylan, yeah the Miami jersey is inspired by the alternates they wear in football. The team enters through a cloud of smoke, so that's where the idea originated. The fact that Sebastian (the mascot) is smoking is just a funny coincidence.

I'll nominate Brandon C's Flames concept for COTW.

Brandon Cockeram said...

I don't see why pants should always have some sort of striping... without looking I'd guess around half of NHL teams don't have pant stripes.

Unknown said...

As I mentioned, a virus won't let me download paint.net or photoshop because i'm not taking the risk to break it. Minute I started talking to my self abou the Senators jersey I saw this... Concidence? I think not.

Unknown said...

@ Brandon C
All pants definitely don't need stripes but I think these ones would benefit from it. At the very least a logo, because I'm pretty sure every NHL team has that.

Unknown said...

The yoke is the same shade as the striping. Thanks for the 9/10 though, new personal best

winnipegjets96 said...

COTW for Brandon C!

Mario Ardais said...

Brendan, the "smoke" is the alternate jersey style we wear for football. It's also a tradition we started, to run out of the tunnel, through the smoke, and onto the field.

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