Good Dylan To The Rescue

Hey there HJCers, right when we think things are getting back to normal around here, the evil Dylan ruins everything. But have no fear! The Good Dylan is here!

Right to business, this is late and you want it now. But vote, COTW AND Pairs Competition votes are due Friday! Reward these artists for their hard work and creativity.

COTW April 19-25 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Pairs Competition voting (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Ok, now onto the jersey concepts!

Long Island Edge - Daryl D.
The Edge appears to be a youth hockey program in Long Island. This is their color scheme, except with some vintage white replacing white. I'm assuming that makes this an alternate jersey concept. Some info on that would be nice, as would an ID on the image. Basic hockey look here. Nothing bad about it, but nothing great either. The number on the back is small and too high, and the TV numbers are small too. I think the beige/cream/vintage white color should be lightened up a bit. I don't know what's up with the white stitching on the namebar or the black around the collar insert.

Execution note, position the actual concept in the middle of the image or fill the blank space with some info about the jersey, team info, or maybe an ID.

Rating: 5/10

Florida Panthers Alternate Jersey Concept - Patrick E.

In Patricks attempt at creating an alternate for the Cats, the blue and yellow swap roles as secondary team color and trim color. The primarily red and yellow look doesn't look bad, but at first glance I would immediately think of the Flames since the blue is so dark. I have no problem with yellow getting a bigger role in the Panther's color scheme, even if it's only on one jersey, but I'd still keep blue as a major color in the jersey, especially since the pants/gloves/helmet are blue. Striping is ok but I'd make the pants striping either match the jersey striping better or disappear.

Rating: 6/10

Carolina Hurricanes Stadium Series Concept - Alan H.
Alan suggests the Canes bring back the flag pattern hardcore for a potential Stadium Series jersey. I think there's too much of the pattern. If you ditch the striping/pattern on the pants and shoulders you'd be golden. I'd like to see some more white in the striping though...Very heavy on the red, which I know they do now, and I'm not a fan.

Rating: 6.5/10

2016 Winter Classic Concept - Boston Bruins vs Montreal Canadiens - David P.
I expect more and more of these concepts to come in over the summer months as anticipation for the next season and outdoor games grows.

The Bruins jersey, while historically accurate to their 1940's jerseys, bug me. The mismatch in the striping between the sleeves, hem, and socks is too much for me to handle.

The Canadiens jerseys is a recreation of the team's very first white jersey. They first wore it in 1935, but with BROWN pants...before eventually switching to blue pants. I think with the teams wearing brown gloves, why not let the Canadiens wear the retro pants? This may be the first time I've seen this particular Habs jersey being suggested for the game.

Since these are both recreations of former jerseys, it's hard to give creativity points, but the execution is good and this is probably a pretty good bet.... well maybe, I don't like that particular B's jerseys...

Rating: 7/10

There you have it, check back tomorrow for my first post as Wednesday writer.....oh wait...I think I've done that before....maybe.....what day haven't I written?..... Check back for my first post back as Wednesday writer....or ......something....COME BACK
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Unknown said...

I give my COTW nomination to David P. for his 2016 Winter Classic concept! Also, I can't wait to see my Penguins concept up. I'm working on the Team USA right now!

Unknown said...

I second David P.s nom.

Unknown said...


I would have to agree.

Anonymous said...

I for one LOVE that Hurricanes concept. you can never have flag overload. Well maybe you can, but this concept isn't the case.

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