WATCHU TALKIN' BOUT PLAYOFFS? Hey everyone, I'm really excited as the team i've endured all season long (sens) is in a playoff spot! Hopefully they can keep it. *Knock on wood*. It seems like everyone took out their sens jersey yesterday, which in a way bothers me. I wore mine all year but people are only starting to wear theirs now... hmm. It's not really a pet peeve just an observation. For the past few years Calgary was also one of my favourite teams, and it was really tough to see them struggle so I'm really glad they're playing some good hockey as well. The Hudler-Monohan-Gaudreau line is Fire!

Are you HJC playoffs?... in which I mean voting for COTY. It's technically the playoffs since your chasing the holy grail. Well Vote! Also don't forget to announce your HJC pairs team! I'll be pairing up with Scott Garland in the logo division!

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If you already have a team, please email me with your team members and what division you will be entering. This does not obligate you to finish the project, but I am trying to get an idea of how many teams there will be so I can create a presentation schedule.

If you don't have a teammate yet, but you would like to join the competition then please email me and let me know. Also let me know what division you would like to compete in. I'll then pair you up with someone that has also expressed interest in competing. By emailing me for this purpose you are granting me permission to share said email address with other people.

If you check out the HJC Design Blog you should be able to find the rules posted there.


COTW Mar 15-21 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Video Game Comp vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Now for some concepts! 

Brandon C - LA Kings

Brandon takes blasts to the past with these Purple and Gold uniforms. I really like these, they're unique in terms of colour. No one in the NHL is using something close to this. The jerseys themselves are very similar to the ones the Kings wore so I would've liked to see more creativity. Overall: I prefer the kings using something like the purple jersey as a throwback alternate. Its the ideal jersey for them. (7.8/10)

 Chase C - University of New Hampshire
I love the Bold grey stripes, the logo is heavy with grey so it's only right. The blue cuffs are magnificent, it balances out the uniform. I only see one issue here, the logo is huge making the hem stripe to low. Reduce the logo and move the hem stripe up and you're set! Also a minor nitpick but move the shoulder patch up a bit. I wouldn't mind seeing the dark coloured jersey to complete the set. Overall Very Clean: (8.1/10)

Phil B - Team Finland
Phil gets creative and goes all out for Finland. I actually really like the arms striping, I know it's a cliché to have the team flag but Phil pulled it off right. In my opinion the Yoke is an overkill. You already have it 4 times on the jersey. Another personal critique would be the the dark uniform, for some reason I prefer baby blue as the base colour of the dark jersey, It just goes better with the flag. I also don't mind the diagonal text with the lion logo, but its not my favourite. Overall: (7.6/10)

Christian L - New Jersey Devils

I decided to start an alternate series, so you'll be seeing more alternate jerseys to come. This was the most hated one, I wanted to try a "no white jersey" I thought it looked cool but people seemed to disagree. What are your thoughts? SHARE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW. 

Scott G - Montreal Vs. Boston

Scott designs jerseys for two original six teams, and let me tell you these look like they belong to original six teams. He also shows us his inspiration with the two jerseys. A few things I like: Montreal's arms.. I love how the red arms go with the darker blue, very clean. I also Like the Boston Jersey, yes the vintage white is overused, but Scott used enough stripes to make it look nice. If I'm not sure about something it would be the logos, its not my favourite, but they do look old so I'll give him that.
Although I don't think you need the "B" logo under the bruins script, it makes it look busy and you already have it on the shoulders. Overall: I'd be happy with these being used in the WC. (8.6/10)

Well thats the post folks... NOT! lets keep it rolling!

Vaughn R - BC CHiefs 
Vaughn continues to educate me on minor teams in BC! This time the chiefs are featured. I quite like the logo, very minor-league-ish. I don't mind the absence of a hem stripe, but these jersey look bland, give me something exciting, it's a minor league team so don't be afraid of creativity. For the Black jersey the bottom inside should be coloured black. The numbers and crest could be a tad bigger.  Overall:  Keep working' at it! You've got the basics down, now let your imagination flow. (6.1/10)

Ok now it's actually the end of the post, I hope you enjoyed it as much as i enjoyed typing it. If you disagree with my comments please don't threaten to kill me, just leave a comment it's easier. Don't forget to got, announce your teams, maybe trash talk a little and have a good week. 

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Unknown said...

@Ryan whendo you think approximately, the pairs contest entries will be due, just so me and my partner know if we`re on a good pace.

Ryan said...

Rules will be officially unveiled on Friday night. However if you explore the HJC Design Blog you should be able to find them.

richard lewis said...

Scott g's Habs v Bruins concept for COTW

Unknown said...

@Christian Thanks for the feedback. This concept was made in November so I have improved, thanks. One thing you messed up was that they are the "Coquitlam Chiefs" not BC. But that's ok! Thx. - Vaughn

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