Sunday: Where There's A Will

HJC has a problem.  Caden isn't here, and today's post is without a writer.

But never fear, for I, your Thursday writer, is here to save the day.

I might be on the road right now, writing this on my iPad while sitting in my friend's car.

I might be taking time away from my birthday.

I might only have 2 hours to write this.

I might even be slightly hungover.

But I'll be darned if we go through a Sunday without a post, so I'll do my best to get you guys the post you deserve! So here it is!

St Louis vs Nashville Stadium Series - Andrew W.

We start today with a very intriguing but plausible Stadium Series game. What's good about this concept is that we have two teams with similar colour palettes contrasting perfectly, while colour balance isn't compromised.  I'm not really a fan of the Cape style jerseys, but it doesn't look too bad here, especially for the Blues. The thin stripes on the Preds jersey are too thin and busy for me, thickening them up and removing a stripe or two will fix that.  8.1/10

Team Russia - Daniel L.

Next is Daniel's Team Russia concept for the World Cup competition.  We have our usual suspects here, Russian flag stripes, red and white jerseys, and a fairly traditional look. The logo works well with these jerseys, and the equipment is well designed, although I'd use the blue pants on both sets. I usually don't like contacting shoulders, but it doesn't look too bad in this case as it helps the arm stripes stand out better. Solid set, but nothing drastically new here. 7.9/10

Edmonton Oilers - Jaime R.

First off, it's about time we see an orange 3rd for Edmonton. Actually, it's about time we see any 3rd for Edmonton. Jaime's design takes us back to the Oil Cog jerseys, but with a lot more orange. I like how the colours work on this design. The logo seems very pixelated, and the arm stripe doesn't match up well with the hem. Overall it's not a bad design, and I'd love to see Edmonton have an orange 3rd and also bring back the cog, but as is, this concept is a little rough around the edges yet. 7.6/10

Buffalo Sabres - Mike S.

Next is Mike's newest "simplified" jersey for the Buffalo Sabres. Basically these are the classic jerseys, with the blue cuff removed, more white on the blue jersey, and an updated font. As I said last time with his concepts, all changes here improve the design greatly, without costing them their identity. That said, I don't think the number font helps with the traditional look of the jersey, and I don't really like how the TV numbers are on the yoke. But this is a very nice concept and definitely would be an improvement to their current set. 8.3/10

Colorado Avalanche - Pat W.

Here we have a new set for the Avalanche. This can't be over said: they need a jersey overhaul. This new set by Pat definitely looks the part of an Avs jersey, but the new stripe patterns are traditional, fresh, and look much better than their current set. The colours are extremely well balanced, the traditional look works so well with the team's identity, and the chest stripe is executed very well on this design. My only major problem is the arced text, that's something I've never liked on a design and this is no exception. The back number, logo and chest stripe seems a little high on the jersey as well. But still, I'd take this set over their current one any day. 8.5/10

Grand Rapids Griffins - Ryan C.

Next is Ryan's new Griffins set. I love this logo that he uses, and it suits the jersey well. The colours are fairly well balanced and the classic style stripes are a decent choice, although with a logo like this, I'd rather see a more exciting design. I don't like the contrasting arms on the white jersey, and how the hem stripe design doesn't match between the two jerseys. The logo on the white jersey seems really big compared to the logo on the red jersey. The collar on the red jersey should be white. It's not bad, but it's kinda boring and a little rough on execution. 6.8/10

Ottawa Senators - Taylor R.

Speaking of teams in need of an overhaul, here we have a shiny new Senators concept by Taylor to close out our post. The stripe pattern is straight up beautiful, the font is perfect, the logo is a really nice change, the colours are perfect, the equipment is great, etc etc. This is by far the best Sens concept I've seen, and I'm really having difficulty finding reasons not to like it. The only thing I'd change is making the maple leaf logo on the shoulder a different colour so it stands out better against the red yoke. Other than that, flawless. 9.5/10 and my COTW nomination.

Well hopefully we get our Sundays figured out soon, and I apologize if this post seemed a little rushed, but I'm happy to share my birthday with you guys by being able to write for your today, and I hope you enjoyed today's post. 

Do you want to help decide the next competition? Then make sure you leave a bunch of comments telling us what kind of competitions you'd like to see here on the blog.  FYI, we WILL be having a Pairs competition soon, so don't worry about suggesting that, unless you have any new ideas to add to it. 

Alright that's about it for me, thank you for reading and enjoy the rest of your weekend! Also don't forget to check out this week's COTW and COTY February vote!
Sunday: Where There's A Will Reviewed by Unknown on March 08, 2015 Rating: 5


Ryan said...

Sens suck but I'll still 2nd Taylor's Ottawa concept for COTW!

Unknown said...

Pat W Avs for COTW. I don't normally approve of chest stripes unless it's for throwback purposes but it looks good here dude.

Unknown said...

Will are you from BC?

Unknown said...

Nice concepts! I was planning to make a Sabres jersey with the same idea, too.

Unknown said...

@KaminoClone1 born and raised in Fernie, BC. Now I live in Lethbridge though.

EnsErmac said...

2nd for Paw W's Avs concept. There isn't a team in the NHL that needs a redesign more than the Avs and this is a fantastic one.

Anonymous said...

@Colin the chest stripe is a modern take on the Colorado Rockies with the purpose of being homage to the jerseys worn by Colorado hockey teams in the 50's and 60's which featured a single chest stripe.

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