Saturday: Pick The Next Competition

The winner of the COTW vote for February 22-28 was Dylan A. with his Flint Tropics concept set!

Full Results
Dylan A. (FLINT) - 4
Jake88 (ONT) - 3
John E. (NYR) - 2
Justin C. (SS) - 1
Dylan A. (CAN) - 0

Dylan's Tropics concepts now move into the COTY-February vote. The entrants are listed on the side of the page in the red banner. Click that banner to see the concepts or go to the COTY 2015 page. Email in your vote before Friday at 11:59pm Eastern time. For those who are already on the COTW Mailing List, you have already received your voting email. Simply reply to the email to vote. If you want to get on the COTW Mailing List send us an email with your request and "COTW Mailing List" in the subject line.

There is also a black banner on the side of the page. Those are the new COTW nominees for March 1-7. Just two properly nominated concepts this week making it a head-to-head vote! Voting ends on Friday at 11:59pm Eastern. Click the banner to see the concepts or go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab.


The winner of the Stadium Series Competition was Scott G!

Full Results

Well done Scott! Although Scott won by 9 points, the voting was spread out pretty well. There was no clear cut winner during the whole week. This is a sign that there were a lot of very good entries. Keep it up everyone and always try to be better with every concept.


I did not prepare a competition this week. A couple of months ago I got a really great promotion at work which takes away even more of my time. Now I have very limited time to devote to the blog. Which will require bringing on an assistant in the future (be ready in the summer).

Anyways, this is your chance to influence the next competition. You lay it out for me. Tell me what we should do next. My mind is blank so lets hear your ideas. Be as simple or as specific as you would like. I may use one idea or I may use a combination of many ideas. This is a great opportunity to do something fun.


How mad would everyone be if the Leafs continued to lose like they are, win the Draft Lottery, and Connor McDavid becomes a Leaf? Discuss...and vote...

COTY-February vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW March 1-7 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Saturday: Pick The Next Competition Reviewed by Ryan on March 07, 2015 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

Video Game competition FTW!

Unknown said...

- Amateur's Competition for those who have never won a Contest or COTW

- BCHL Competition

- Battle of the Brands

- Videi Games


Anonymous said...

"Galactic Cup" Star Wars competition.

Ryan G said...

A WWE competition, pick a wrestler and make a set for him (or her) or a AHL re-design.

Unknown said...

Pairs competition Like last year? I missed out on the fun! We could have two divisions (1 being novice )
But this time it could be a bit more restricted. We all pitch in ideas for cities, and team names and then they'll be "random" via a website like random.org

Mical Concepts said...

Video/Mobile game competition. Such as Angry birds or candy crush

Alan John Herbert said...

Reebok Cookie Cutter Combo Contest (put 2 Reebok cookie cutter templates together)

@Ryan G: I like that idea, and with Wrestlemania around the corner it makes sense!

Ted said...

"Classic Expansion" contest. In the original days, it wasn't uncommon for some cities to have second and even third teams (Montreal Maroons and Wanderers for example). So take that idea snd run with it. What would the new expansion Chicago franchise look like? Boston? St. Louis? Los Angeles?

Unknown said...

I remember J3's submission into the last HJC Open and David Parkinson's Battle of the Brands series and I feel this would be an interesting time to do a competition around that criteria considering how well they were received.

Concerning the video game idea, I don't feel that that sort of competition would include everyone since not everyone knows or even like video games and I feel like the jerseys would be too gimmicky.

I wouldn't mind having another pairs competition like Christian suggested.

And the with the WWE, I feel like it's the same issue with video games but worse.

Unknown said...

I think you're missing a "concept" for the COTW vote ;)

I really like video game and/or WWE themed competitions. A BCHL or KIJHL competition would be cool from a personal level.

Unknown said...

Roller Hockey jersey competition. Every NHL team is going to start a roller hockey youth program. As you can see with a quick google search, roller hockey has a style completely different than ice hockey. Lets see something different than the usual here.

Unknown said...

To further my last comment, here is the San Jose Inline Sharks jerseys for this year.


Unknown said...

I think it's time for another pairs competition, this time I think it should be either:

A: AHL to NHL upgrade
B: Complete rebrand of an NHL team

Mario Ardais said...

I have a few ideas:

- Another Video Game competition
- NCAA Competition
- XFL Competition
- Battle of the Brands
- Defunct Team competition

Unknown said...

Yay me! Thanks to everyone who voted.

-NHL or AHL complete re-design.

-NHL new 3rd jersey for any team.

-Hometown hockey team
(either an existing team from your hometown; AHL, NHL, Juniors, etc. or make one up.)

Unknown said...

Some people might also find this an interesting read, and... concept?


Unknown said...

- UEFA Champions League / Europa League & other European leagues;
- Mexican, Central & South American Expansion teams;
- Superbike, Gran Turismo, Formula 1, Le Mans teams;
- Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame;

Unknown said...

How about a crossover contest, from other sports.

Anonymous said...

I like Zach's crossover idea. I am currently working on a Premier League crossover series so stay tuned for that. I wouldn't mind saving the best of those for the competition.

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