Monday: March 9

Hey everyone. It's early Monday afternoon here and I just got home from a dentist appointment. As I type I'm still coming down from the gas so this should make for some interesting critiques.

Hey, while you're just reading this post and not doing anything else, send in your votes for this week, which includes February's COTY and the first COTW of March. If you don't vote, you have to wear one of these hats.

COTY-February vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
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Alright, enough of that, let's get some concepts goin' up in here.

Pittsburgh Penguins Concept - Mario A.
Mario gives us the Robo Penguin back, but keeps the Vegas gold. Basically what we have here is a mid 90's Penguins jersey with Vegas Gold, and a St. Louis Blues yoke. Also The CCM white jersey and Koho black jersey leads me to believe this may be just a paint bucket job. The numbers could use some trim and should be moved up on the back a little.

Rating: 6/10

Holy Trinity Tornadoes - George G.
George shares a concept jersey for his High School team and it's a pretty straightforward throwback/fauxback. The color scheme here looks really nice... Everything but the black. After a quick search on the Google machine, it looks like the school's colors are blue and green so definitely ditch the black piping and T. Normally, a jersey featuring a chest stripe doesn't need hem stripes and right here I'd say that applies. Especially since the chest striping pattern and hem striping pattern don't match. The NHL shield obviously shouldn't be there. Also, the collar laces are white and they should ideally be one of the colors featured on the jersey.

Also, there's a little mockup on the image of the jersey with the numbering but the arm striping is inconsistent with the large image of the jersey.

Rating: 6.5/10

George also sends in an image of a jersey that the team actually wears which looks like it was spun off of the above concept. The striping is still a bit messy and inconsistent, but this jersey looks better than above so it's nice that he stuck with it and made some tweaks.
Great work George, always nice to see something you worked on being used.

Stadium Series Concept - Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Philadelphia Flyers - David P.
David pairs the two Pennsylvania teams against each other outdoors and I'm surprised this hasn't happened yet. You want an interesting outdoor game? Get these two teams on the ice. Nice to see two dark/color jerseys go head to head, but with black being a prominent color on both jerseys I don't know if it'd be a great match. I like to see both jerseys going with a similar style, I think the Flyers sleeves are better, but I like the Penguins hem better. The keystone logos are a nice touch to these teams and their state. The socks are very bleh. Angled/curved stripes don't look good on socks.

Rating: 7/10

Boston Bruins Concept - Completely Different Series - Caz W.
Caz's interesting Something Completely Different series is back today with a waaaaaay out there design for the Bruins. Good call on keeping the sleeves simple, but it might not hurt to have the stripes start closer to the elbow. I'd like to know if there's a certain pattern to the torso stripes. The Captains' patch on the yoke is interesting, I'm not a huge fan of it, but with the way the jersey is set up there really aren't too many options. Obviously as a game jersey, this wouldn't fly, especially for an original 6 team like the B's. But as a fashion jersey for the fans, I'm all for it. Better than those all black and gray jerseys the NHL thinks look good enough to sell.

Rating: 8/10

Team Sweden World Cup Concept - Daniel L.
Daniel swaps the brighter shade of blue for a darker Navy in this Swedish concept. I think it works pretty well, especially on the dark jersey. The yellow really POPS and I love it. I don't think the numbers need the white outline as nothing else  on the jersey has it. The flag pattern on the dark jersey seems to be the norm for international concepts lately, but the sublimated wordmark is a nice touch. It might be a good thing to have a white jersey instead of a yellow one since the yellow used is so bright, but who knows maybe it wouldn't be bad. And lastly, it'd probably look nicer and be more realistic if there was only one pair of pants.

Rating: 8/10

Stadium Series Concept - Minnesota Wild vs. Winnipeg Jets - Taylor R.
Taylor has the Wild and Jets facing off, but he'll have to at least wait a year to see this matchup go outdoors. First thing that comes to mind here is it's nice to see a color vs. color matchup, but I feel like these two colors don't contrast enough to be used against each other. I think it'd be nice to see light versions of both of these, and then pick which team wears what from there. Also, I can see that the logos have some sort of pattern or texture, as the Stadium Series crests tend to have, but I can't tell what this one is.

The Wild jersey is interesting, the tree pattern in the striping is neat, but it kind of bothers me that the colors don't match up with the logo... Meaning the have the red be green, and the yellow red, then outline/stroke the whole thing in yellow/white. Just a thought. Still nice.

The Jets' jersey is a nice nod to the RCAF. The shoulder patch is nice, the letters should be white though, so they pop off the shoulders instead of blending in to the red. The striping is interesting and I'm a fan, although I'd like to see the striping all be the same thickness. I'm not a huge fan of the font. The jersey looks like a mish mash between a vintage and modern style. A small amount of white in the striping would be nice as well. The NHL shield is missing from the collar.

I know this kind of goes against what I talked about last week regarding Stadium Series concepts, but I like the designs of these jerseys enough to give it my COTW Nom!

Rating: 8.5/10

There you have it everyone! Monday's done. Now time to coast through the rest of the week to get to next Monday!
Monday: March 9 Reviewed by DBro Alexander on March 09, 2015 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

Lowry, maybe for that Sweden concept you could do a little more to smooth out the LA Galaxy logo outline used for the Sweden Crest on the white jersey, or maybe put some blue around it.

Unknown said...

Gonna nominate Daniel L's Sweden concept for COTW. Out of all the Sweden concepts from the World Cup competition I liked this one a lot.

Daniel L. said...

Yeah. Thanks Phil. That was ultimately the hardest part of the process for each of the world cup jerseys. I originally had the new triple crown logo centered in the shield which helped draw th. Eye towards the center of the logo.

richard lewis said...

Taylor r's wild/jets jerseys for COTW.

My personal vote for COTY so far

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