Friday: Don't Worry About the 13th!


I would be talking about how excited I am about the playoffs, but the Jets appear to be blowing it...horray, my favourite feeling. I'm not saying they won't make it, but they need to win these games against teams like the Panthers, Blues and such, and not just the easy games.

News out of the AHL, another set of relocations, this one I really like, at least on the travel side. St. John's Icecaps are to become the affiliate of the Montreal Canadiens, and the Hamilton Bulldogs are moving to Manitoba, sort of. The Bulldogs will become an OHL team, and which team gets the ax....the Bellville Bulls. Not my favourite choice, considering the history, but seeing as the Saginaw Spirit weren't in line for relocation, it sort of makes sense.

Do the Moose come back....probably. Do the Ice Caps remain...probably with a less template jersey.
Do the Bulldogs change their logo, probably, at least their jerseys.

The Stockton Heat also unveiled their new logo set, and I am split on.

Photo from : thehockeynews.com 

Honestly, the logo isn't that bad, the colours seem a little muted, but the logo itself has a nice minimalist approach that I can get behind. I do think it looks more like an internet start up logo than a hockey logo, and the S would be good enough on its own. The problem stems from the fact the Flames went all template and just put the logo on a Flames jersey making it look really out of place. Something a long the lines of Dallas's jerseys would have looked much more fitting.

Logo: 7.5/10 (8 for the S on its own) Jerseys: 4/10

So far the AHL Pacific division is very set in copying their parent clubs, let's hope for something more original with the Gulls, Condors and San Jose whatevers!

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On to the concepts!!!


Stadium Series Concept (By: Ryan C.)

+ This game would have been fantastic 10/15 years ago, and jerseys similar to that era would be perfect
+ The Leafs could really pull off the chest stripe look
+ Sens, take note, unless you wanna fully promote your 3rd jersey, this is the way to go

- The chest stripe and arms would look more uniform if they were the same thickness
- As much as I like the Sens jersey, it would be nice to see something more "based on" the Sens early 2000's aways, rather than just a copy with update logos
- The jerseys have a Winter/Heritage Classic throwback feel to them, rather than the modernness of a Stadium Series game


Detroit Red Wings Concepts (By: Ben M.)

+ If Nike did take over, this would be the ONLY acceptable way to transfer the Red Wings 
+ The subtle changes to the arms look great
+ Using the D crest on an alternate 
+ Solid execution 

- The way that the numbers are displayed look like they say 404 & 040
- The black on the alternate doesn't fit in with the Wings at all, it looks good, but I can't see that Wings ever wearing black on any jersey


Team USA Concepts (By: Mario A.)

+ This template looks really good and could work, it feels like it's from the late 70's CHL
+ It's nice to try and get away from the USA look they've have for the better part of the past 20 years

- The logo does not work at all, it looks like a made in the USA thingy you'd find on a dollar store product and is far too large
- The colours from the logo are not found anywhere on the jersey and don't match America's colours 
- The WCoH logo is on the underarms rather than the chest
- The NOB is too small and numbers are too low

4/10- This could work, but does not feel like a Team USA jersey at all

Team Canada Concepts (By: Mario A.)

+ I love the 2010 logo, would be nice to have it come back

-No tv numbers
- Logos are too small 
- NOB needs an outline
- Jerseys are very template and don't feel like a team Canada jersey, more like what Team Canada would wear if they were the 1995 Penguins 
- The white outline on the red jersey shouldn't be there
- The concept doesn't feel like there was much effort put into it


Carolina Hurricanes Concepts (By: Mike S.)

+ Glad to see a simple redo of the Hurricanes last simplification
+ A good job balancing the black and white
+ The arm stripes look fantastic
+ Good job keeping the Hurricane stripes off the arms

- The one thing the Hurricanes current look does better is the font, would have been nice to see it on here
- Leaving off the flag on the stick logo would be a shame
- Pants and helmet are black


Calgary Flames Concept (By: Thomas H.)

+ Horse logo + Current shoulder patch= amazing
+ Keeping the good parts of the current alternate is the way to go
+ Nice touch keeping the script on the helmet
+  Good execution

- The blank arms are the killer for the jersey, especially with the helm and sock stripes looking so good
- TV numbers and NOB are too small
- Blank pants are boring

8/10- so close to a COTW nomination 

San Jose Sharks Concepts (By: Taylor R.)

+ This is one of the best mergers of 90's and current Sharks looks I've seen in a while
+ The fin logo is the perfect secondary logo for the Sharks
+ Excellent execution
+ Great colour balancing, and use of orange 

- One minor thing the NOB doesn't look centred with the 48
-Maybe there are one too many shark fins, especially considering San Jose has other secondary logos that could be used for variety 

9.75/10- COTW Nom from me!!


That's the post!
Don't forget to vote and have your say in the next contest after the Pairs Comp
Go Jets Go!
Have an awesome weekend! 
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Unknown said...

I'll second Taylor R.'s Sharks concept for COTW.

I hope the Sharks see this.

Unknown said...

I'll third Taylor's sharks concept for COTW.

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