Tuesday: It's Been Crazy

Well, this week has been mighty crazy. Crazy might not be a great word to use, but it's been a week full of work and running around. Finally I found time to just relax and review some uniforms you viewers created! Not really much for me to talk about. Nothing jersey related at least. I guess I'll just get right down to business and show you guys the voting deadlines for this week. 


COTY-February vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW March 1-7 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)


Also send in your ideas for our next competition! 
Hint Hint, we will be having a pairs competition in the upcoming future, so sift 
through other ideas for now!

Onto the concepts!

New Jersey Devils Concept - Mario A.

We start off today with a concept from Mario. He has progressed a lot hasn't he? Mario takes the green from New Jerseys early days and incorporates it into a new solid set. At first glance this is a striking design with the colors and how they are used. Overall it feels very very empty with no shoulder patches - yoke - or sleeve numbers. Should patches aren't necessary with New Jersey, but it doesn't help the blank feeling. One thing that catches my eye here is the very similar striping pattern to the Chicago Blackhawks - no, scratch that, the Hartford Whalers. It is the same design as Hartford had in their '89-'92 seasons. I'm not going to say be more original because there have been plenty of jerseys on this site that are just tweaks of current and past jerseys but maybe change something about it. I will say though, the colors with this striping does look very nice.

All in all it's a pretty decent look. Kind of plain but it's good.

Rating: 7.9/10

Tampa Bay vs. Florida Stadium Series Concept - Mike S.

Stadium Series jerseys are my favorite to critique because most of the time it's something that we don't see often. The artists really test out the limits with them. These two jerseys keep some traditional elements but tweak them in subtle ways to give it a modern feel. The Tampa jersey has a nice bolt stripe that keeps it simple. Man, I think a missed opportunity with out it on the hem. I know you were probably going for a light and faster design but I think it would look really cool on the hem. 

For the Panthers I think the idea is there but it I would recommend some slight changes. I would make the gold trim thicker everywhere. The yoke, stripes, and side panels. Maybe even have that outlined in white too. The slim outlines give the jerseys a dull feel and there's not much contrast right now. With those changes I think the jerseys in this game would be a pleasant viewing. 

Rating in all: 7.5/10 , some of those changes could go a long way.

Toledo Walleye Concept - Ryan C.

Can't say I know much about this team and their current and past designs but I do know that I like the color scheme. Double blue is always something I love. I know a lot of teams are doing it but I don't mind. To me, there's never too much double blue. Anyways, the striping is nice. It's classic. It's simple. It's effective. I really wish you utilized the gold in the logo though. Even just as a trim I think it could pull the whole uniform in nicely. That's really my only complaint. However, I don't really like the logo much but that's not really your fault. 

Rating: 8.4/10

San Diego Gulls Concept - Jarrett T.

Pretty cool to see this done. Haven't really seen a big use of orange for the Gulls yet. I'm pretty sure a junior hockey team has this base design. It fits the Gulls more than them though, which is nice to see. A cool tweak on the Ducks old jerseys for their affiliate. Love how you used the colors too. The balance is done well. Going in this direction, I don't really have much to complain about. Execution wise I would reduce the size of the shoulder patch. Now that I see the pants, one nit pick. I would like to see a different design on the pants or just have them blank. The straight line is almost unnecessary. 

Rating: 8/10

Team World Stars Concept - Daniel L.

WORLD STARS! There is a lot going on here. Caution for seizures. In all seriousness though, some designs with a lot of stripes can work but I don't believe this is one. It almost seems like there are two different jersey designs pushed into one and I don't think they flow well together. I like the idea you have with the yoke. Simple striping matching that could go a long way. Also the Dallas Stars old logo doesn't really help with it being a realistic look. I don't know, I think the green and blue scheme looks good but I would incorporate it how you did with the yoke. Matching the way you've done that. I really like the idea with the flags on the shoulders. I would be surprised if they didn't do that in real life. For some reason I have a feeling we'll be seeing some major chrome and neon for the young star teams. 

Rating: 6.9/10, Keep it simple

New Jersey Devils Concept - Taylor R.

The Devils. This one is a striking design. Pushes together both eras of Devils hockey into one jersey. We've seen this done before many times but this looks really nice. I like how the logo is changed around in color. I also like the look of more green. Only downfall on the home is that it might look too candy cane like but whatever, I can get past that. Only real problem I have is on the away the green and red is touching and creates a vibration on my eyes. Everywhere else on the jerseys green doesn't really touch red (aside from the home yoke) but I think the logo would look better if you kept it the same as the home logo. I think having that green being a circle broken up might look cool. It might not though, just a suggestion. Very nice. Maybe the shoulder patches aren't necessary.

Rating: 8.7/10

Los Angeles Kings Concept - Jamie R.

Wow, I like this. It's striking the second you look at it. I was always a fan of their old purple alternate. It all just looks really cool together. The vintage crown pulls it all together too. I feel like I'm looking at a jersey that was suggested but may have been turned down in the final stages. I would really like to see this on the ice somewhere. Plain and simple I think it works well as an alternate jersey.

Rating: 9.2/10

That being said my COTW nomination goes to 
Jamie's Kings concept. 

Will B. our Thursday writer gave a great explanation on a post awhile back about why he gives a COTW nomination everyday, even on some where the best concept might not be amazing. It gives a shot for someone to win. 

I'll close out today like I do every week. Do you agree with me? Disagree? Let me know. Let the artists know what you like about their work, what you dislike, but keep it civil please. And as always I hope the best for everyone that stopped by the site. Let's get HJC more popular than Facebook! It's doable. Kind of...not really, but let's not hurt Ryan's feelings because obviously when he made this blog he was expecting it to be like Facebook. I kid, obviously. I should stop rambling. Bye. For now. 
Tuesday: It's Been Crazy Reviewed by Unknown on March 10, 2015 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

Surprised Taylor R didn't get COTW, so COTW nom for Taylor!

Unknown said...

I'll second Jamie R

Unknown said...

'Vibration on my eyes". As long as it's a good vibration lol.
When you told me before about the logo I wasn't entirely sure what to do so I just left it, but that would look great.
COTW to Ryan C. Lots of good concepts today.

And BTW so far my Sunday and Monday concepts have been nominated in for this week's COTW vote. This will be the first time I will have two concepts in the COTW vote. So thank you guys!

Ryan C said...

Taylor, you just gave me my very FIRST cotw nomination. Thank You. And really your a huge reason i have improved off that AK jersey creator thing... so thanks for that too :)

Unknown said...

Yew a lot of good concepts today. Sometimes I want to nominate concepts based off the fact they just need a change or two... In my eyes. Glad to see other nominations on this post.

Unknown said...

I'll second Taylor's NJD for COTW. Everyone here knows I like the bright, cheery concepts and this one looks like Christmas exploded all over St Patricks Day.

Unknown said...

No problem Ryan. It was deserved. Happy with your progress so far.

And now that's three. wow.

winnipegjets96 said...

I'll 2nd Ryan C. for COTW! Really improving and rising up the ranks!

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